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  PRMM144025 Page 1  of 4  Tender No. PRMM144025 INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED Panipat Refinery & Petrochemical Complex TENDER DOCUMENT NO.: PRMM144025 Supply of Siliconised Potassium Bi-Carbonate Dry Chemical Powder INVITED BY: CHIEF MATERIALS MANAGER INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LTD. (IOCL), PANIPAT REFINERY & PETROCHEMICAL COMPLED PO:- PANIPAT PIN:- 132140 HARYANA  PRMM144025 Page 2  of 4  Tender No. PRMM144025 INDEX DOCUMENT PAGE NO. 1.    NOTICE INVITING TENDER (NIT) 3 - 13 2.   PRE QUALIFICATION CRITERIA (PRC) 3.   INSTRUCTION TO BIDDERS 4.   PROFORMA FOR DETAILS OF PAST EXPERIENCE AS PER PQC 14 5.   PROFORMA OF EXCEPTIONS AND DEVIATIONS 14 6.   DECLARATION OF ACCEPTANCE OF TENDER TERMS 16 7.   TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS/DATA SHEET (if any) (Uploaded Separately) 8.   PRICE SHEDULE (BOQ)  –   PRICED AND UNPRICED (Uploaded Separately) 9.   GENERAL PURHCASE CONDITIONS (Uploaded Separately) 10.   AGREED TERMS AND CONDITIONS (INDIGENOUS) (Uploaded Separately) 11.   AGREED TERMS AND CONDITIONS (IMPORT) (if applicable) (Uploaded Separately) 12.   Tender Conditions for Benefits/Preference for Micro & Small Enterprises (Annexure-A) 17 - 18 13.   PROFORMA OF DECLARTATION OF BLACK/HOLIDAY LISTING 19-20 14.   E Payment Consent Letter 21-22 ALL ABOVE DOCUMENTS FORM PART OF THE TENDER DOCUMENTS. In the event of any irreconcilable conflicts, the hierarchy for the acceptance shall be - (i)   Technical Specification & Conditions (ii)   Agreed Terms & Conditions (Indigenous) / Agreed Terms & Conditions (Import) (iii)   General Purchase Conditions.  PRMM144025 Page 3  of 4   PRMM144025 Date: 06.08.2014 INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED (REFINERIES DIVISION) PANIPAT REFINERY AND PETROCHEMICAL COMPLEX, PANIPAT-132140 (INDIA) NOTICE INVITING TENDER(E-TENDER) Indian Oil Corporation Limited (Refineries Division), Panipat Refinery invites electronic Bids through its E-Tendering website in two-bid system for Procurement of Items as under. Vendor/Bidders can download the Tender documents(Non  – Transferable) from E-Tendering website   and the bids shall be submitted on line with Digital Signatures in the above E- Tendering Portal during the period , as specified under “Critical Dates”  and Produced hereunder. Tender Enquiry No. : PRMM144025 Item Description: Siliconised Potassium Bi-Carbonate Dry Chemical Powder Online Bid Downloading, Bid Preparation and Submission Date Electronic Bid Opening date Earnest Money Deposit (Rs.)   07.08.2014, 3.00 PM IST To 25.08.2014, 03:00 PM IST   07.08.2014, 3.00 PM IST To 25.08.2014, 03:00 PM IST 26.08.2014, 3.00 PM IST Rs. 7,110/-   Minimum Single Order Value (Rs.): a). One Similar Completed order costing not less than (FOR Despatch Point) Rs. 3,52,000/- OR b) Two similar completed orders each costing not less than (FOR Despatch Point) Rs. 2,81,600/- OR c) Three Similar completed orders each costing not less than (FOR Despatch Point) Rs.   2,11,200/-   1. The vendor to upload the following pre-qualification documents with their tender, failing which, the tender documents will not be considered for further evaluation: TECHNICAL : i) Manufacturer must have valid ISI certification of IS:4308-2003 (Latest Amendment) for manufacturing of Siliconised Potassium Bi-carbonate Dry Chemical Powder to be used in Fire Extinguishers and Fire Tenders for fighting Class B & Class C fires. Manufacturer/Vendor/Supplier must have supplied the tendered item in last 3 years, to be counted from bid due date. In support of above, Manufacturer/Vendor/Supplier to submit copies of valid ISI certificate (IS:4308-2003), and copies of purchase/work order containing the item description, ordered quantity and proof of supply of the item alongwith the offer. COMMERCIAL : ii)  Documentary proof for having executed a Minimum order Value of similar item as above during any of the last five years ending on the last date of month immediately previous to the month in which the last date of submission of bid falls. In support of above, Vendor/bidders to submit copies of any of the following documents: (a) Purchase Order copy along with Invoice(s) with certification that supplies against the invoices have been executed. (b) Purchase Order copy along with Bank Certificate indicating payment against the PO  PRMM144025 Page 4  of 4   (c) Purchase Order copy alongwith Execution certificate by client with order value (d) Any other document which fulfills the pre-qualification criteria 2. Submission of authentic documents is the prime responsibility of the bidder. Wherever IOCL has concern or apprehension regarding the authenticity /correctness of any document, IOCL reserves the right of getting the documents cross verified from the document issuing authority. 3. Bids shall have to be submitted only through on-line mode on above mentioned IOCL E-tendering website during the period , as specified above and also noted under “Critical Dates “ and the Bids shall be opened on the Date & time, as specified under “Critical Dates” and as above Electronically/online. 4. Bids in Physical form sent through fax/E  – Mail/Courier/Post will not be acceptable. Bidder(s) are advised to quote strictly as per Terms and conditions of The Tender Documents for E-Bidding and not to stipulate any deviations /Exceptions. EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT: 5. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) refundable as it is (without interest) should be submitted by Demand Draft / Banker's Cheque in favour of Accounts Officer, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Panipat Refinery., payable at Panipat preferably State Bank of India, Panipat Refinery Baholi (Branch Code - 8706). 6. The SCANNED COPY OF EMD (To be Submitted vide Demand Draft/Bankers Cheque should be submitted online along with un-Priced Bid. 7. Bidders must Ensure that EMD(DD/Bankers Cheque) are physically received by IOCL Office (Address as under) on or before the last date of bid submission as Indicated in NIT under “Critical dates” or Corrigendum(IF ANY) thereof. The Address of Submission is Chief Materials Manager (PURCHASE) Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (Refineries Division) Panipat Refinery & Petrochemical Complex, Post Office: Panipat Refinery Panipat 132 140 (Haryana), INDIA The Envelope must be super scribed with IOCL Tender Nos clearly indicating “OFF -LINE SUBMISSION OF EMD “ in Bold.  8. EMD should be submitted along with “Unpriced Bid” only vide Scan copy followed by their Physical receipt as above; otherwise the offer may be ignored. IOCL shall not be responsible for postal / courier delay, non receipt or loss in transit, due to any reason. EMD of successful Tenderer will be returned after receipt of Performance Bank Guarantee. EMD of unsuccessful Tenderer(s) will be returned after finalization of tender. EMD shall be forfeited in case: i) In CASE Bidder alters/Modifies/Increases his quoted Price Suo-moto/withdraws his bid Suo-moto after opening of Technical bids and that too within his offer validity period, his EMD shall be forfeited and his offer shall be liable to be rejected. Such a bidder may be debarred from participating in Future Tenders and may also be put on “Holiday List”  ii) EMD shall be forfeited in case the successful Bidder fails to deposit the Performance Bank Guarantee or to execute the contracts within the stipulated period. Such a Bidder may also be debarred from participating in Future Tenders and may a lso be put in “Holiday List”.   FOR COMPLETE TENDER DOCUMENTS, PL. VISIT

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