normal labor
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  1.  Antepartum screening 2. Intrapartum  4 stages 1. First Stage of Labor-true labor pain to full dilated cx 2. Second Stage of Labor-full dilated cx to delivery  3. Third Stage of Labor-delivery to placenta delivery  4. Fourth Stage of Labor-1 hr after delivery  3. Postpartum  6  weeks after delivery   Labor  Two phases  Latent: starting from onset of labor until reaching active phase   Active: when the slope of cervical dilation accelerates.  Three (plus one) stages  First: labor onset until full dilation  Second: full dilation until delivery of the baby   Third: delivery of the baby until delivery of the placenta  Diagnosing the onset of labor Labor = Clinical diagnosis from:  (1) Regularpainful uterine contractions  DDx from Braxton-Hicks contractions that ↑ frequency near term  (2) Resultant cervical effacement and dilation progressing over time  Unless pt. present with dilated cervix, (2) will not be fulfilled  labor is diagnosed presumptively by characters of the labor pain
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