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Nokia orgmangemt
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  Org Management1.Standard functionality of the Org Mgmt.Org MgmtNokia Org structureMarketing StructureSales StructureServices Structure Marketing organizationSales OrganizationService OrganizationMarketing Teams(emp with design!istri ution #hannelsService  Team!ivisionsSales $reas(com ination sorg%dc%divSales O&cesSales Team(sales emp with design'.ather the client re)uirement.Sample re)uirement*Nokia +nc(#ompany #ode,-oot Node$sia aci/c0urope and Middle 0ast$2N$$N3+ndiaMalasia Singapore4 ermany 5S$ !u ai 6S$ #anada Me7ico $ust NewzelMkt Org +ndiaSales Org +ndiaService Org +ndiaMkt 8ead98 $! ON :O(!ist #hannelService  Team Mo ile $shish Mo ile:M# (!ivision Service MgrMkt ;Sales $reas(Sorg india%98%Mo ile <ohn 9esley ;ikramSalo=8yderSo=Mum So&ce!elhiService TechnicianMkt MgrSalteam Mo ileSteam:M#ramod rasadSales 8eadMkt 0mployee Murthy ;inodSales ; ;ishal  -SM(-eg sales Mgrsrini>.#ustomize,#on/gure our Nokia #lient re)uirement(#-M SystemOrg Model has comes up with ? 0lements..a.Org 6nit@ This will e used to con/gure org speci/c data like #ompany code% eo% #ountries% Mkt %sales and service org including sales o&ce and team. .osition@ osition will e used to create various positions of the employees(!esignationsMkt Mgr%sales mgr%; etc..#. 0mployee@ 6sing this employee we can assign employee to positions. d. 6ser@ using this user element we will assign user names and passwords to employees.#on/gure Nokia Org structure step y step*+ntroduction@1.og into sap crm system.6ser@ sapuserwd@ asis1'>ress enter.. then you will enter into S$ 0asy access menu.+M(+mplementation uide@og into +M(tcode@S-O  ath@ 0asy access menu AB $rchitecture and technology AB #on/guration AB#on/guration.S$+!0S(training purposeroduction(-eal time version+n this version we will sample,demo for every area.Cou will not /nd any sample data.#on/gure Nokia org structure.(tcode@O#$D#-MNavigation ath@ +M(tcode@spro AB #ustomer -elationship Management ABMaster data AB Oranizational Management AB Organizational Model AB #reate Organizational Model.  a.#on/gure Marketing Structure(Marketing !epartment information#reate ? eo($$#%0M0$%$2N$%$N3Select #ompany code,-oot Node right click and click on create option..systemwill give a screen where you can choose either you wanted to create new Org6nit,ostions.? eos created..c.#reate > counties(+ndia%Malasia%Singapore under $sia aci/c*


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