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   NORSOK STANDARD PROCESS DESIGN P-001 Rev. 3, November 1997   Please note that whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the NORSOK standards neither OLF nor TBL or any of their members will assume liability for any use thereof.  Process Design P-001 Rev. 3, November 1997  NORSOK Standard Page 1 of 27 CONTENTS FOREWORD 2 INTRODUCTION 2 1   SCOPE 3   2   REFERENCES 3  2.1 Normative references 3 2.2 Informative references 4 3   DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS 4  3.1 Definitions 4 3.2 Abbreviations 6 4   DESIGN PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE 6  4.1 General 6 4.2 Design Pressure 6 4.3 Design Temperature 8 5   LINE SIZING CRITERIA 10  5.1 General 10 5.2 Design Basis 10 5.3 Sizing of Liquid Lines 11 5.4 Sizing of Gas Lines 14 5.5 Sizing of Gas Relief Lines 16 5.6 Maximum allowable velocities due to reaction forces 17 6   SYSTEM AND EQUIPMENT ISOLATION 17  6.1 System and Equipment Isolation 17 6.2 Connections to Vents and Drains 19 7   INSULATION AND HEAT TRACING OF PIPING AND EQUIPMENT 21  7.1 Insulation and Heat Tracing Requirements 21 ANNEX A: FIGURES (NORMATIVE) 24    Process Design P-001 Rev. 3, November 1997  NORSOK Standard Page 2 of 27 FOREWORD  NORSOK (The competitive standing of the Norwegian offshore sector) is the industry initiative to add value, reduce cost and lead time and remove unnecessary activities in offshore field developments and operations. The NORSOK standards are developed by the Norwegian petroleum industry as a part of the  NORSOK initiative and are jointly issued by OLF (The Norwegian Oil Industry Association) and TBL (Federation of Norwegian Engineering Industries). NORSOK standards are administered by  NTS (Norwegian Technology Standards Institution). The purpose of this industry standard is to replace the individual oil company specifications for use in existing and future petroleum industry developments, subject to the individual company's review and application. The NORSOK standards make extensive references to international standards. Where relevant, the contents of this standard will be used to provide input to the international standardization process. Subject to implementation into international standards, this NORSOK standard will be withdrawn. Annex A is normative. INTRODUCTION This standard replaces P-CR-001, rev. 2, September 1996 and includes some revisions marked with a vertical line in the margin. The following changes has been made in revision 3: - Chapter 4 and 5 have been renumbered due to relocation of some of the clauses. - HIPPS have been added to the definition and design pressure section - Minor revision to the clause 4.2 Design pressure - Inclusion of LCC for pipe size selection in chapter 5 - Major changes to clause 5.5 Sizing of gas/liquid two or multiphase lines - Minor changes to clause 5.6 Sizing of gas relief lines - Clarification and restructuring of isolation requirements in chapter 6
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