North of Hwy 90 Nov 2014-No1-V2

North of Hwy 90 is a Printed Newspaper, based in the Florida Panhandle. After much research it has been determined that people who live North of Hwy 90 are most likely to live off the grid. They are independent and self-sufficient. Try to find printed material for those that prepare when things take a turn for the worst and you will find yourself out of luck. This will be a black & white publication, focused on surviving and living independently and on your own when it all collapses. Find resources about Food prep, weather, unemployment, protecting you and your family, alternative housing, as well as economic collapse, societal collapse, electromagnetic pulse, terrorist acts, nuclear incidents, fuel shortages, war, pandemics, geomagnetic reversal, etc. Distributed throughout Walton County, FL. Also available by mail, and online.
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  North of Hwy 90 INSIDE Disaster Dozen.......................CoverPrepper Quiz.................................0272-Hour Bug Out Bag..................05Home Made Weed killers............07Prepper Pyramid..........................096 Common Myths........................12Sleeping Warm.......................16, 17Ad Size Ino.............................18, 19 Napoleon Hill said, “Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.” Tis is rue. We all need to make a plan to store up food for the short term of 3 days, then build up to six weeks, and ultimately store food for 3 years. 07) 2 Liters  VOLUME 1 NUMBER 2 NOVEMBER 2014 PUBLISHED EVERY WEEK  Te “Disaster Dozen” op welve Myths of Disaster Preparedness by Paul Purcell  Hurricane Katrina and oth-er recent disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, have given us a long series o disaster preparedness wake-up calls. Why do we keep hitting the snooze button? Pushing past the debates over govern-ment reaction, we come to the bottom line con-clusion that, “Yes, more could have been done.” In other arti-cles we’ll get into some o those de-bates, but or now, let’s look at the most important part o a com-prehensive emergency readiness plan, and that is the preparedness levels o individuals and amilies. We find that the biggest obstacles to comprehensive amily emergency readiness education are the misconceptions surrounding the true nature o preparedness. So, to set the stage or better education, and ul-timately better public saety, let’s take a look at some o these myths. 1. “I something happens all I have to do is call 911.”Help can only go so ar, or be there so quickly. Security, like charity, begins at home and the re-sponsibility or your amily’s saety rests on your shoulders. Tis isn’t to say that you shouldn’t call or See DOZEN page 3 HE SAFE ZONE   Page 2 North of HWY 90 Cox MultimediaP.O. BOX 12FREEPORT, FLORIDA 32439coxmultimedia32435@gmail.comMailed Hard Copies $3.00 per issue All major credit cards accepted online via PaypalMake checks payable toCOX MULTIMEDIAWebsite: Marketing Manager northofhwy90@gmail.com850-520-0501There’s something about the feel of a newspaper. It’s comfortable. It’s tangible. The way you remem- ber getting your news. 01. What should the minimum dis-tance be (in eet) rom a water well to a septic tank to ensure the water does not get contaminated?02. Potatoes should be harvested beore ground temperatures drop below ___ degrees to minimize bruising.03. For the average male, age 19-50 years old, what is the recommended daily calcium intake in mg?04. When considering chickens or ood, about how long does it take a Heritage Chicken to reach marketweight?05. For a man between the ages o 19-50 perorming hard work/exer-cise daily, how many calories arerecommended? 06. FEMA recommends ___ drops o bleach per quart o water or treatment purposes.07. ypically what is the minimum amount o resh water a person should have or daily consumption?08. When re-constituting dehydrat-ed ood, you typically add ___ times the amount o water to the dry ruit, vegetable, meat.09. What medicinal plant is good or breaking a ever as well as stopping bleeding when applied rather thaningested?10. When considered or bartering, what is the most popular style o liquor? Prepper Quiz! (Answers are everywhere inside) ANSWERS annscountrycornerbobbiejeansdixiedandy anningsmehlhornsminimartmosseyheadpaxtonstatelinesmallenginetricountyhardwarewholenineyards WORD SEARCH - North of Hwy 90 - Oct 2014 v1n1  Page 3 October 2014 DOZEN from Cover  help when it’s truly needed, it’s to re-mind you that you may be on your own or while, especially i the situ-ation is an expansive or severe one. 2. “All I need is a 72-hour kit with a flashlight, first aid kit, some ood and water, and a radio.” We’re not sure where the “72 hour” figure came rom, but it’s an extremely min-imal amount o time and not very realistic. A more practical goal is to be sel-sufficient or a minimum o 2 weeks. Why 2 weeks? As bad as Katrina was, there are numerous disaster and terrorism scenarios that could see substantially more damage, and a disruption o local services or three weeks or more. Also, many bi-ological scenarios may see a 2-week quarantine. Regarding supplies and equipment, avoid the “one-size-fits-all simpleton lists” and customize your disaster kit to fit your amily’s unique threats, needs, and assets. 3. “My insurance pol-icy will take care o everything.”SWA teams o insurance agents ar-en’t going to instantly rebuild your lie like on V. Insurance compa-nies will be ar more concerned about their own bottom line than yours. In act, many insurance companies are rewriting policies to redefine some rather common ter-rorism or disaster related incidents as being excluded and not cover-able. Check your policies closely! 4. “Good preparedness is too expensive and too complicated.”Nothing could be urther rom the truth. Te problem is, we haven’t made preparedness a part o our overall education. We get more pre-paredness ino on an airline flight than we get as citizens. Most o us aren’t taught that there are literally thousands o subtle, simple, and eco-nomical things we can do to drastically improve our emergency readi-ness. Te notion that it might be expensive or complicated has come rom companies that ag-gressively market high-priced unnecessary gear. 5. “We can only orm a Neigh-borhood Watch group through FEMA, the Red Cross, or local Law Enorcement.”Neighbor helping neighbor is one o our highest civic duties. No one regulates this and you don’t have to get anyone’s permission to co-ordinate your saety with others. Working with these groups is rath-er advantageous, but not required. 6. “In a ‘Weapons o Mass Destruction’ terror-ist attack, we’re all dead anyway.” “WMDs” might kill larger numbers o people, but that doesn’t mean widespread destruction is a guaran-teed thing. In act, or widespread destruction, a top-grade WMD must be expertly and precisely applied un-der ideal conditions. Tis does not mean that WMDs are to be ignored or that they’re nothing to ear, it’s  just that “Mass Destruction” does NO mean “otal Destruction” at all. 7. “Nothing like that could ever happen here.”Tough some areas are more prone to certain types o disasters, say earthquakes in Caliornia, or terror attacks in New York, no area on earth is completely immune. oo, with as much as people travel, you might travel somewhere and wind up in a disaster you never thought about. 8. “All I have to wor-ry about is my own amily.”echnically yes, but the more you’re able to care or your own amily, the more you can and should help others. 9. “I prepared-ness were really important it would be taught in school.”Preparedness really is that import-ant, but schools have only so much time and budget to teach the things they already do. Tis is one o the many things we’re trying to change, but or now, you’re going to have to not only realize the importance o thorough emergency readiness, but to teach your amily yoursel. 10. “I can get ree prepared-ness inormation on the Internet.”Many ree sources contain really good inormation. However, it takes time and experience to filter the trash rom the treasure. Worse, some o these ree sites have “inormation” that could actually cause more prob-lems than they cure. Tis is why we spent years in gathering the over 400 additional books and training manu-als on the CDs in “Disaster Prep 101.” 11. “Full prepared-ness means I have to get a lot o guns and be a ‘Survivalist.”While personal security and ami-ly saety are valid concerns, the vast majority o people around you will not be a threat. In act, though loot-ers gained a lot o media attention aer Katrina, there were ar more numerous stories o heroism. We suggest you balance your person- See DOZEN page 4  Page 4 North of HWY 90 01) 50 Feet    North of Hwy 90  is a Printed Newspaper, based in the Florida Panhandle. After much research it has been de-termined that people who live  North of Hwy 90 are most like-ly to live off the grid. They are independent and self-sufcient. Try to nd printed ma -terial for those that prepare when things take a turn for the worst and you will nd yourself out of luck.  North of Hwy 90 is also a safe zone in case of Hurri-canes or other inclement weather. Find resources about Food prep, weather, unemploy-ment, protecting you and your family, alternative housing, as well as economic collapse, so-cietal collapse, electromagnetic  pulse, terrorist acts, nuclear inci-dents, fuel shortages, war, pan-demics, geomagnetic reversal, etc. Distributed through-out Walton County, FL. Also available by mail, and online.Scribd.Com/northofhwy90 DOZEN from page 3 al security needs with your desire to help those around you and strive to reach the best o both worlds. 12. “I something real-ly bad happens, NO one will help.”Tere’s no such thing as “no one helping.” However, the best thing people can do to is to prepare their amilies so they need as little out-side help as possible. Tere’s always someone needier than you and the more prepared you are, the more you ree up assistance resources so they can help those less ortunate. []
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