Notes for English 2013

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  Planning Listening Skills (MBI - Course) TOPIC/THEME:- HEROES NEAR AND FAR LEARNING OUTCOMES 2.0 Obtain information for different purposes by: a) Listening to spoken texts such as talks, speeches and viewing television documentaries 2.3 Present information to different audiences by:  b) writing recounts, descriptions, explanations, speeches, report and articles TIME:- 40 minutes (1 period) CLASS:- 3 C (LOWER-INTERMEDIATE) ACTIVITY:- · Guessing definitions · Cloze · Long gap filling · Stories (writing) PROCEDURES:- a. Pre-listening  b. While listening c. Post- listening Pre-listening (10 minutes)  · Teacher introduces the list of Malaysia Prime Minister (refer appendix 1) · List down the characteristics /qualities of a selected hero Eg: Tun Mahathir Mohamad (appendix 2) While listening (10minutes ) · Listen to the text and fill in the blanks (appendix 3) Post listening (20 minutes)  · Using the words learnt, write a short paragraph about your own hero (group work) · Present to the class TEACHE R’S REFLECTION  Please click on the appendix for bigger picture       Learning Outcomes 1.2 Take part in social interaction by a) carrying out a variety of language functions. Time 7.40  –  9.00 am Class 3 Bijaksana Resources Textbook, Internet Activity a) Group discussions b) Role-play c) Presentation Procedures a. Presentation i) Teacher shows a video clip “My school My Life” to students.  
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