Notes on Ball Bearings

Ball Bearing
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  6/23/2014 Notes on Ball Bearings 1/10 Notes on Ball Bearings Bearing Nomenclature You can learn a lot about a bearing just from its part number.A typical bearing is the 6203ZZ bearing. This part number can be divided into it's components: 6203ZZ which means:Type CodeSeriesBoreSuffixThe type code indicates the type of bearing. While each manufacturer uses their own numbers, thereare a few numbers that could be considered standard in the industry.1 Self-AligningBall Bearing This kind of ball bearing has aspherical outer race, allowing theaxis of the bearingto wander around . This isimportant becausemisalignment isone of the bigcauses of bearingfailure.2 Spherical RollerBearing  6/23/2014 Notes on Ball Bearings 2/10 3 Double-RowAngular ContactBall Bearing Designed to takeaxial as well asradial loads.4 Double-RowBall Bearing Designed for heavy radial loads.5 Thrust BallBearing Intended for exclusively axialloads.6 Single-RowDeep GrooveBall Bearing Typical ball bearing. Handleslight axial loads aswell as radialloads.7 Single-RowAngular ContactBearing For axial (onedirection only!) aswell as radialloads. Felt Seal  6/23/2014 Notes on Ball Bearings 3/10 8To assure that theentire inside edgeof the seal touchesthe inner ring, theinner ring isenlarged. If a bearing of morenormal proportions isrequired, the outer ring is alsoenlarged, and the bearing is referredto as a wide cup  bearing.32 Tapered RollerBearing This is the kind of wheel bearingsused in cars. Therollers are notcylindrical, butconical. Theyhandle large raidaland axial loads.R  Inch (Non-Metric) Bearing Varies N CylindricalRoller Bearing Instead of balls,cylindrical rollersare used. These bearings canhandle much moreradial load, butcan handle muchless axial load,than ball bearings. NN Double-RowRoller Bearing Handles greater radial loads than  6/23/2014 Notes on Ball Bearings 4/10 standardcylindrical roller  bearings. NA Needle RollerBearing  Needle bearingsare basically roller  bearings, but therollers are muchsmaller, makingthe bearing morecompact.VariesType 6, single-row deep groove , is perhaps the most common type of bearing.If the bearing is an inch bearing (the first digit in the number is an R), then the size is the digit or digitsimmediately following the R, in 16ths of an inch. An R8-2RS bearing, for example, has an 8/16th or 1/2 inch bore.If the first digit is a number, however, it is a metric bearing, and the second digit is the  series , whichreflects the robustness of the bearing. The series are, from lightest to heaviest:8Extra thin section9Very thin section0Extra light1Extra light thrust2Light3Medium4HeavyYes, they go in that order. Gotta keep things simple, you know.Each of these series also establishes a relationship between the bore size, outer diameter, and thicknessof the bearing, in accordance with ISO standards. I have no idea what they are.The third and fourth digits indicate the bore size  in millimeters. Except for 0 through 3, the bore size issimply five times the third and fourth digits together. 0 through 3, however, are different:0010mm0112mm0215mm0317mm
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