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Notes on Ulysses

notes on Ulysses, James Joyce
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  ULYSSES   Content    T.S.ELIOT  –  «ULYSSES, ORDER AND MYTH»    THE USE OF MYTH  –  JOYCE AND HOMER    CHARACTERS    SETTING AND STRUCTURE    PLOT SUMMARY    NARRATIVE TECHNIQUES    THEMES  T. S. ELIOT : Ulysses, Order and Myth    Eliot thought that the classical tradition was fundamental, he was the first to praise this device of imposing a myth on a contemporary experience.  “It is a way of controlling, of giving a shape and a significance to the immense panorama of futility and anarchy which is contemporary history  . ”    “Mr Joyce’s parallel use of the Odyssey has a great importance. It has the importance of a scientific discovery  .”    “Instead of narrative method we may now use the mythical method .”    Basic Principles   Any moment may represent the whole life of an individual - Everything is worth writing about, everything is important  Traditional novel (Defoe, Richardson etc.) followed the characters from birth to death, now we get inside the consciousness  of the characters. ã Consciousness preserves memories of the past, impressions of the present, anticipations of the future  Sometimes, we experience a sort of revelation ( epiphany   = sth apparently unimportant that turns out to be crucial in our life)
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