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NOTES Thesis Statement Sept

NOTES Thesis Statement Sept
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   1 Dissertation Proposal Seminar Sept 8 -17, 2011 Chiu Eng Tan, Ph.D. BSOP 5. Thesis statement 5.1. What is a thesis statement? (usually one or two sentence  –   the goal of your thesis) 5.1.1. “ what your paper is going to be about”  5.1.2. an indicator of 5.1.3. TS is different from 5.1.4. Main focus: What you want to explain, 5.1.5. tentative answer 5.1.6. TS - what you want your readers to believe, accept or understand regarding your topic 5.2. Writing your thesis statement Guide: BCW 43-44 Free will in War and Peace = broad The conflict of free will = topic and historical inevitability in Guide: topic  —  title  –   claim Sample 1: BCW 129 Claim 1: TV inflates estimates of Crime rates Sample 2: BCW 129   2 Claim 2: The graphic reports of violence on local TV lead regular viewers to overestimate by as much as 150% both the rate of crime in their neighborhood and the personal danger to themselves and their families. Sample 3: Topic: Integration of theology and science    Title  : Integration of Theology and Science: Some Epistemological Considerations TS=The integration between theology and science 5.3. Format   of Thesis Statement 5.3.1. Format 1: The TS as Statement of Intent/Purpose The purpose of this research is to find out whether traditional folk beliefs persist among the adult evangelical Chinese Christians in Chinatown, Manila, Philippines Thesis Statement/Claim: Traditional folk beliefs do persist among adult evangelical Chinese Christians in ….  Sample 4: Title: The Chinese Presidency: A Study of Personal Power   of Four Chinese Presidents 1900 - 2000 The purpose of this paper is to find out the cultural, political and economic factors that affect the use of personal power of 4 Chinese Presidents 1949-2000. The use of personal power in Chinese Presidency is partially affected by the dynamics of Chinese culture, politics and economy = claim/Thesis Statement Sample 5:   3 Title   purpose -- > claim / thesis statement The Law and the Gospel in the New Testament The Law and the Gospel in the book of Romans: A Salvation-History Approach The purpose of this paper is to find out the continuity and discontinuity between the relationship of the Law and the Gospel in the book of Romans from the salvation-historical perspective Claim/Thesis Statement: There is theological continuity between the Law and the Gospel in Romans from a salvation-historical analysis of the promise (NT) - fulfillment (OT) theme, type (OT) - antitype (NT) motif and Adam-Jesus comparison which are significant to the unity of the Bible. 5.3.2. Format 2: The TS as Statement of   Position Sample 6: The persistence of traditional beliefs and practices among adult evangelical Chinese Christians shows the presence of two conflicting worldviews, i.e. traditional Chinese worldview and the Christian worldview. 5.3.3. The TS as Statement of Pro-Con Statement Sample 7: “Although the all -protein and the all- carbohydrate diets may help adults shed off unwanted fat, they may also promote malfunction of the heart and the nervous system, anaphylactic shock (allergy to protein), and diabetes.”     4 5.3.4. A good thesis statement = contains 4 elements Good Thesis statement= 4: topic   your point of view reason significance “Nixon was a bad  president because he was directly responsible for Watergate which are needed for intelligent debate.”  5.3.5. Writing the thesis statement from the following: TOPIC to Question to Significance + your point of view 5.4. How important is my claim/thesis statement ? 1. If your readers accept your claim/TS, Is your claim significant? How many others can change? 2. Does your claim/TS offer a “new or revolutionary understanding of a puzzle, or of issues which are uncertain, inconsistent or problematical 3. What is it in your claim/TS that upsets  /roil/agitate the community of researchers? 4. Is my claim/TS worth contesting? 5. Review the questions: When is a topic researchable?   5 Toipic: Jesus the Rabbi Narrow: Jesus the Rabbi in the Gospel of John Sub-title: Jesus the Rabbi in the Gospel of John: Its Significance in Johannine Community TS : the purpose of this study is to find out the meaning of “Rabbi” and the importance and significance of Jesus as a Rabbi in Johannine Community.

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