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NOTICE INVITING TENDER (Corrieendum) < t2,66,029/

N. 2/32-W)120t 4-t s- Gvemment f ndi Archelgicl Survey f ndi Guwhti Circle Office f the Superintending Archelgist G.N.B.Rd, Ambri, Guwhti - NOTCE NVTNG TENDER (Crrieendum) Dted, the n mdifictin f Tender
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N. 2/32-W)120t 4-t s- Gvemment f ndi Archelgicl Survey f ndi Guwhti Circle Office f the Superintending Archelgist G.N.B.Rd, Ambri, Guwhti - NOTCE NVTNG TENDER (Crrieendum) Dted, the n mdifictin f Tender Ntice N. 2/32-W)/ , published n t4lllfl4, the Superintending Archelgist, Archelgicl Survey f ndi, Guwhti Circle, Guwhti n behlf f the President f ndi invites item rte Tender in seled cver frm the Cntrctrs pprved & registered by CPwD/PWD/MES/Rilwys nd ther Gvt./Semi Gvt. Deprtment hving vlid^license incliding vlii PAN N. & VAT Reg. N. fr executin f wrks s per specifictin will be received up t hurs f nd the sme will be pened n the sme dy t hurs in presence f intending tender bidders r their uthrized representtives. Nme f wrk Estimted cst Dte f nenins Remrks OW (Pln) t Tilet Blck t Pnbri Msue t Rnsmti Hill- Dhubri. t2,66,029/ Executin f wrks s per specifictin Tender ppers shuld be ccmpnied with n Emest Mney f? 31,650/- (2.5% f Estimted cst) in the fr f Demnd Drft/Py Order in fvur f the Superintending Archelgist, Archelgicl Survey f ndi, Guwhti Circle, Guwhti including cpies f Registrtin Certifictes lng with ltest VAT clernce certifictes/cpies f Experience certificte filing which the tender will summrily be rejected. The EMD f unsuccessful tender bidders will be returned in due curse. Tender ppers nd ll ther cnditins therein cn be btined frm the ffice fthe undersigned up t p.m. f ll wrking dys up t n pyment f T 500/- nly (Nn-refundble). The tender ntice lngwith Tender dcuments is ls vilble in the Deprtmentl website nd must be submitted lng with the cst f tender dcument T 500/- (Nnrefundble) in frm f Demnd Drft in fvur f the Superintending Archelgist, Archelgicl Survey f ndi, Guwhti Circle, Guwhti, filing which the tender will summrily be rejected. The cmplete tender dcument lng with the EMD shuld be submitted up t specified time nd dte s stted bve. The seled cver shuld be super scribed with the nme f wrk & dte f pening f tender. The undersigned reserves the right t ccept r reject ny r ll the tenders withut ssigning ny resns theref. Any type f infrmtin my be btined frm this ffice n ll wrking dys. The wrk rder/experience certificte fr this type f wrk must be ttched with the tender dcuments. The cntrctrs will hve t qute the rte f ll items mentined in the tender schedule filing which the submitted tender will be rejected. surce. The VAT, ncme Tx & Lbur cess t prescribed rte will be deducted frm the ttl bill munt t c) c O llrrl gef!f - L/)*.. = u; t A66'5 Q 55;3 -c0 Dl 3Y 69 J r O-e cd - --JE J 6 (j, = -3 c * :!b sci 33-g '.D-3 r\aa.,= F tt 5 A) _+ J l'.j zi td tj 5 \\ ) 'u LO d3 R 3 83E9 7tr 6 * :.50 F?P - sq N OQ (J g/ Dr' DJ -' ts H - *gn B-g 5 =.8 td- Hc- -,^ t(q q i6 s#h.' F r...r :{ON) \ (,.l Lr ts O- O. 'd O.!1 Frl d 'geqets. E9.i-Fe!' i;+isb i $13,8iH-- ^ 46 8'g53rH =,_p 1. 33 es; ff F, ly *^ t.- q -4':1 g) 5 E'^. c 'q' q c $ le8 e d i-se 3 B 35 b -.k i'.539- u) u9r H F F!l'r Y 5 O E=:tsEtsfl.* 3in3 2- B.sB. 6 F F 1!/ d ::ts gfb E ts P. b 3 s. * B.*8. 5' p=.9 sx = c)! r6 g *g +E 5= 0 g& 6 c)fe CD +flgiefl$ P - g3'x =\J t :' r!.t, :t 6rl 4, f A tr.) (!3 O-.e!t E 3 3g $ L':J- 6i* J-. it 9. t! EJF{F?t 5: -.).! =tt = +!) F: x?'; El?tD:el-?)ii s t!=- = L?+ -! i+ xa4 90 s;eif; if E.= SH =' E A q qe8?1s ^39 i? i in r! Fg i9s, 6- == A'{:' J ^F*g[*si 30: g ds*!) (, J F! N tr A -/^ * 9F'v 5Dt! [d FE 5 0-= tf,='cd Gd t'h =' 6Fll J (v 5EF A+d 6-= 9 -ik -5 (z (t) \t -6\ E * =rrd +FltD A Qs X) 5'O ) - ;FS --.d s (v -AJ! E' ^ 5li :X- - -.L: c e = =' ti 6' 9. cd i: 6- z (t m(,lr1 ld- F 3; -? -u r-e O YTD 3; 41.. { l.j -5 6\ b.j.vl \\= -dr:- b.j = r FO - '(J D - - (t CD 3 s) g el i-+, z 7 (! s) q!9!9 J - TD. d 4!i) (,'g : & ft,; t1\ l-k' -w :'h l +5 8 irtt =' A+) = +) F) t? b 5.) F) C' c)d (!* x5 g :Jl O:J 'i + F' 'D tr6- Eg 9 3 {B A 'v =!9p v ls) +O i+ +F H ^,lj t9 19 s r;] c :t ^l (,t F+,fl r+e;+ c Teseii:E* i r' *F 5E +As ifif ii: i:r Fsi*;?:Ft +*$r;frh \ J \ (Jr 5 zi 6 \ { \ (t ' r'9 9,H s AN) D5, - ' -s. 5 :f)!'.9id HE'. i1i u-) {l 5l pl,. c l:+ 91 () x:! 3HB fe3 5- ric,6 1 - O e F E' 0 ts 1 't EE' q t i55 6 EA qf' s :J -l u) ts FgE FB 3 F n:qe reh n H. 6'lt sr H -'- 5g 0 X ii, id tlct ri =' ' EF 14 66sr 5 E.Ege EE *qshgb' gssi 55 .d=. 9q!:-sdii \ () R95' ;id)(1b 5 () = q +' +J-!D q 9. 5'q S )- E 8 A. D;] J5 0 gtt ii- tr 3.:u :. (1 l.rq 5 0q=- * +tr* t.j (}) (,) \ A 5 7l (,.)t-f ifl gt.5q v:ia)h *'6 ii;x E i's * -l r Y-'- F 5-5 -fr 12 H A.. de - 5 ='5 +tr = ^96 rf'-j;- v: =- ^Vl^rH. H 6 5A'-t- ='-'- ' s: ig ;sfl58 :!-J - E=3Xel E +e f rl (..r!^ (,l (h, - :' (! =8 't ':' 9 d 6-r Fl 1 0 rd tn EB '& b* gp?,*ui+*?nhn V; ''' (1. t?i 1) C 4.!,L'r::i*'X?,, t:i ;-*?ii ll?\ {i: yf.q* f' 1 {i,' *:% r \'. r'\ qi '4 6 '&-+&ne sdffis *t X+ FT{F td -: =3. E - td = O =' +S AAd (:, 7,; i5!t do..-\ F:X f'y.)hit Es i =! ^+ E 9A 8=E99{ =; B p-b g=e-=iuib EE E..9 - i 3? e 3 r F l5ef*'fi s =Gi E tr i+'- =.3-,=--!t ^ s3e e5f - E!eg i-5 uf FO F F E Lt! 3- * q F f e isdat J 6 i t' == ^ F'F g t g i 3Qr? d7 -E+rr!9 $s6 f tii*f irff =OAdEq AdJ+JA *!E +;;FsdExfl5+. A f; r * *! i + A ii; :EfitFF;Ee'SA ; r i rffsgf F; t.j z? fe 3EEiigfEE,igg}igggElEi 5 i.),. 86? 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C) - te (A ) (h Shuld this tender be ccepted, l/we hereby gree t bide by nd fulfill ll the terms nd prvisins f the sid cnditins nnexed heret s fr s pplicble nd/r in defult theref t frfeit nd py t the President f ndi r successr in ffice the sum f mney mentined in the sid cnditins. A sum f (... is herewith frwrded in Csh/Tresury Chlln s Emest Mney, f l/we fil t cmmence the wrk specified in the bve memrndum r if /we fil t depsit the munt f security depsit specified ginst (ii) () in the bve memrndum in ccrdnce with cluse 1 f the sid cnditins f cntrct, /we gree tht the sid President r his successrs in ffice, withut prejudice t ny ther right f remedy, shll be t liberty t frfeit the sid ernest mney bslutely, therwise the sid President r his successrs in ffice shll ls be t liberty t cncelthe cceptnce fthe tender if l/we filt depsit security munt s fresid. * Give prticulrs & number. Signture Address Signture f witness t signture f tenderer. Address Dted The 2014 The bve tender is hereby ccepted by me n behlf f the President f ndi. Dted The 2014 Signture fthe ffice by whm the tender is ccepted Plese red - Superintending Archelgist, Archelgicl Survey f ndi, Guwhti Circle, -l in plce f Divisinl, Sub-Divisinl Officer & Archelgicl Survey f ndi in plce f C.P.W.D & Directr Generl in plce f Chief Engineer. Divisin Sub-Divisin GOVERNMENT OF NDA Centrl Public Wrks Deprtment NOTTCE NVTNG TENDER (Centrl C.P.W.D. Cde, Prgrph ) c.p.w.d Tenders re hereby invited n behlf f the President f ndi fr executin f wrk s shwn in the Tender Schedule. Estimte Cst f ( 12,66,029/- nly. 2. Cntrct Dcuments cnsisting f the detiled plns, cmplete specifictins, the schedule f quntities f the vrius cluses f wrk t be dne, nd the set f cnditins f cntrct t be cmplied with by the persn whse tenders my be ccepted, which will ls be bund printed in the frm f tenders cn be seen purchsed t the Divisinl/Sub-Divisinl Office between the hurs A.M. t 3.00 P.M. every dy, except n Sundy & Public hlidys. 2.(A) The Site fr the wrk is vilble r the site fr the wrk shll be mde vilble in prts s specified belw. 3 Tenders, which shuld lwys be plced in seled cver with the nme f the wrk written n the envelpes received the Divisinl/ Sub-Divisinl Officer, Guwhti Circle ffice.. DivisiniSub-Divisin up t nd will be pened by him in his ffice n the sme dy t 3.00 P.M. 4. Tenders re t be n P.W.D. frm N. 9 (Nine )... which cn be btined frm the ffice f the Divisinl/Sub-Divisinl Officer cncemed n pyment f sum f ( 500/- in csh. The time llwed fr the crrying ut f the wrk will be frm the fifteenth dy fter the dte f written rders t cmmence wrk. 5. The Cntrctrs shuld qute in figures s well s in wrds the rte nd munt tendered by him/them. The munt fr ech item shuld be wrked ut nd the requisite ttls given. 6. When Cntrctr signs tender in n ndin Lnguge the percentge bve r belw nd the tendered munt in the cse f C.P.W.D. frm N. 7 nd the ttl munt tendered in the cse f C.P.W.D. frm Ns. 8 nd 12, shuld ls be written in the sme lnguge, in the cse f illiterte cntrctrs the rtes f the munts tendered shuld be ttested by witness. 7. ssue f Tender frm will be stpped tw dys befre the dte f pening f tenders., 8. Ernest Mney munting t {... (unless exempted) in Received Tresury Chlln/Depsit l Cll Receipt n Schedule Bnk Gurnteed by the Reserve Bnk f ndi must ccmpny ech tender nd cst tender is t be in seled cver superscribed Tender fr Divisin/Sub-Divisin. nd ddressed t the divisinl/sub-divisin l Officer 9 The Cntrctr whse tender is ccepted, (unless exempted) will be required t furnish by wy f security depsit fr the due fulfillment f his cntrct such sum s will munt. (i) n the cse f wrks csting up t ( 1, 00,000/- t l0/ f the estimte cst f the wrk put t tender. (ii) n the cse f wrks csting up t t 1,00,000/- nd up t { 2,00,000i- t l0% n the first { 1,00,000/ - nd 7t /zyn the blnce. (iii) n the cse f wrks csting mre thn { 2,00,000/ - t 10Y n the first {,00,000/-,7t /2y n the next (,00,000/ - nd 5Y n the blnce, subject t mximum f t 1,00,000/-. The security depsit will be cllected by deductins frm the Running Accunt Bills f the Cntrctr t the rtes mentined bve nd the ernest mney if depsited in csh t the time fr tenders will be treted s prt f the Security Depsit. The Security munt will be ccepted in the shpe f Gvt. Securities. Fixed Depsit Receipt nd Gurntee Bnds f Scheduled Bnk nd Stte Bnk f ndi will ls be ccepted fr this purpse prvided cnfirmtry dvice is frth cming frm the Reserve Bnk f ndi. 10. The cceptnce f Tender, will rest with Divisinl Engineer, wh des nt bind himself t ccept the lwers tender nd reserves t himself the uthrity t reject ny r ll f the tenders received withut the ssignment f resn. All tenders in which ny f the prescribed cnditins re nt fulfilled r re incmplete in ny respect re lible t be rejected. 11. Cnvssing in cnnectin with tenders is strictly prhibited nd the tenders submitted by the cntrctrs wh resrt t cnvssing will be lible t rejectin. 12. All rtes shll be quted n the prper frm f the tender lne. 13. An item-rte tender cntining percentge belw/bve will be summrily rejected. Hwever, where tender vluntrily ffered rebte fr pyment within stipulted perid this my be cnsidered. 14. On cceptnce f the tender, the nme r the ccredited representtive(s) f the cntrctr wh wuld be respnsible tking instructins frm the Engineer -in-chrge shll be cmmunicted t the Engineer-in-Chrge. 15. Specil cre shuld be tken t write the rtes in figures s well s in wrds nd the munt in figures nly, in such wy tht interpltin is nt pssible. The ttl munt shuld be written bth in figures nd in wrds. n cse f figure r rupees nd wrd P fter the precede nd the figures, e.g. ( 2.15P nd in cse f precede. The wrd 'rupees' shuld precede the wrd pise s'huld be written t the end. nless the rte is in whle rupees nd fllwed by the wrds 'nly' it shuld be invribly be up t tw deciml plces, while quting the rtes in schedule f quntities, the wrd 'nly' shuld be written clsely fllwing the munt nd it shuld nt be written in the next line. t- 16. The President f ndi des nt bind himself t ccept the lwest r ny tender nd reserves t himself the right f ccepting the whle r ny prt f the tender nd the tender shll be bund t perfrm the sme t the rte quted. 17. Sles Tx nd ny ther tx n mterils in respect f this cntrct shll be pyble by the cntrctr nd Gvt. will nt entertin ny clim whtsever in this respect. VAT t prescribed rtc & l% lbur cess will be deducted frm the bill f Cntrctr t surce. 18. The cntrctr must prcute in prduce ncme Tx vlid PAN N. befre the tender pper sld t him. 19. The Cntrctr(s) shll nt be permitted t tender fr wrks in the C.P.W.D. (Circle respnsible fr wrd nd executin f cntrcts) in which his ner reltive is psted s Divisinl Accuntnt r s n Officer in ny cpcity between the grdes Superintending Engineer nd Asstt. Engineer (bth inclusive). The Cntrctr(s) shll ls intimte the nmes f persn wh re ner reltive t ny Gzetted Officer in the Centrl Public Wrks & Husing. Any brech f this cnditin by the cntrctr wuld tender him lible t be remved frm the pprved list f cntrctrs f the Deprtment. 20. Cntrctr shll give list f nn-gzetted C.P.W.D. emplyees relted t him. 21. N Engineer f Gzetted rnk r ther Gzetted Officer emplyed in Engineering r Administrtive duties in n Engineering Deprtment Of the Gvt. f ndi is llwed t wrk s cntrctr fr perid f tw yers f his retirement frm Gvt. Service, withut the previus permissin f the Gvt. f ndi. This cntrct is lible t be cncelled if either the cntrctr r ny f his emplyees is fund t ny time t be such persn wh hd n btined the permissin f the Gvt. f ndi s fresid befre submissin f the tender r enggement in the cntrctr's service. 22. The tender fr wrks shll remin pen fr cceptnce fr perid f ninety dys frm the dte f pening f tenders. tf ny tenderer withdrew his tender befre the sid perid r mkes ny mdifictins in the terms nd cnditins f the tender which re nt cceptble t the Deptt., then the Gvt. shll, withut prejudice t ny ther right r remedy be t liberty t frfeit l0% f the sid emest mney bslutely. 23. The cntrctrs excepted frm pyment f Emest Mney/Security Depsit in individul cses shuld ttch with the tender n ttested cpy f the Chief Engineer's letter exempting them frm the py
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