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  A noun is a part of speech that names a person, place, thing, idea, action or quality. All nouns can be classified into two groups of nouns, either common or proper. 1. The age of my daughter is three. 2. The air is quite clear today. 3. His anger knows no limits. 4. I'm not sure of the name of that animal over there in that cage. 5. He provided an excellent answer to my question. 6. I love a good red apple after dinner. 7. This area is intended for recreation 8. He put his arm out for inspection. 9. It would be difficult to live without art. 10. One of the smallest elements is the atom. 11. She put her baby into its crib. 12. I turned my back on that outrageous man. 13. He hit the ball out of the park. 14. The band played until three in the morning. 15. The bank closes at three in the afternoon. 16. He works at the base on the otherside of town. 17. He bought a new boat for his birthday. 18. He left the body at the side of the road. 19. I found a prehistoric bone in the desert. 20. She lives on a different continent.  CONCRETE NOUNS   - A concrete noun  is a noun  which can be identified through one of the five senses (taste, touch, sight, hearing, smell). 1. The yellow flowers  flowed from a glass red vase. 2. Suddenly, a large roaring black panther appeared from behind the rock. 3. Mother’s kitchen always smells like cinnamon  during the holidays. 4. The sunset  unfurled ribbons of red, purple, and gold across the sky. 5. Walking home I was assaulted by rain  droplets that fell like bullets from the sky. 6. Cookies  baking in the oven means Grandma has come to visit. 7. I had an apple  with my lunch. 8. Jackie saw the baboons  at the zoo. 9. My car  is making a funny noise. 10. Sometimes deer  come into our yard. 11. You can have a hard boiled egg  with your breakfast. 12. Her window sill was lined with potted ferns . 13. I've been thinking of planting a garden  this year. 14. The highway  was blocked by an accident. 15. It was an iceberg  that sank the Titanic. 16. He found his grandfather's  journal  in the old desk. 17. I skinned my knee  when I fell of my bike. 18. We need a lantern  for our camping trip. 19. Let's serve martinis  before dinner. 20. I slipped a note  under her door.  Abstract Nouns - Abstract nouns  are words for things that can't be experienced by any of the five senses; they can't be seen, heard, smelled, tasted, or touched. Abstract nouns are things that are known, learned, understood, believed, or felt emotionally. Examples are:   The force  needed to open the jar was beyond my capacity .   My thoughts  are with you in your time  of sorrow .   The chill in the air caused some discomfort .   The fear  and the thrill  of the ride are in equal proportions .   I haven't given up hope .    Love  is  joy  for some and pain  for others.   Some fun  was our goal , a mess  was the result .   You have lost my trust .   Our friendship  goes back many years .   You need a sense  of humor  to work here.   It was a pleasure  to meet your family.   With a little effort , kindness  can become a habit .   You have the ability  to do well in school.   Her courage  was admirable for such a young person.   Far too often we let desire  cloud our reason .   Modern technology  is a result of centuries  of technical evolution .    Education  is a great good .   I have no excuse  but laziness , not a good excuse  but an honest one.   Everyone heard about her grievance  over shift assignments .   Her  jealousy  leads her to do things that cause her regret .  Collective Nouns   Collective nouns refer to people or things as a group. Examples:    The flock   of birds came to rest in a large tree.    The bus arrived with the team  of players.    A network   of computers runs our whole operation.    My neighbor stopped by with a basket  of plums.    A fleet  of limos was lined up in front of the theater.    The camp had been set up by a troop  of scouts.    We took a boat out to see the pod of whales .    The was a line of people  around the block by the time they opened the ticket window.    The herd of cattle  is brought in from the pasture every evening.    The panel of judges  could not agree on a winner.    We bought a bushel  of peaches, some bunches  of grapes, and a rope  of onions at the farmers market. When we smelled a batch  of bread baking, we pulled into the bakery and  bought some loaves  of bread.    I saw a flock   of birds heading south.    The crowd of onlookers  spread into the street blocking traffic.    A mob   of kangaroos  stirred up a cloud of dust as they crossed the road.    I found a clutch   of eggs  in a robin's nest.    The apiarists collected the new swarm of bees from the branch and introduced it to one of his empty hives
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