Novidades interessantes e importantes do z/os 2.2

A palestra abordará: As novidades desse novo release do z/Os que exploram as novas funções do z13 como Double Thread no zIIP e IFL, SIMD. Além delas, as outras funções selecionadas serão aquelas que irão melhorar o desempenho, a disponibilidade e a segurança da plataforma Mainframe.
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  • 1. International Technical Support Organization © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. CMG 2015CMG 2015 z/OS 2.2 Performancez/OS 2.2 Performance "O ex-primeiro ministro Sócrates"O ex-primeiro ministro Sócrates (amigo do Lula) de Portugal está(amigo do Lula) de Portugal está preso..."preso..."
  • 2. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. 015E4418 00000000 L R9,3480(,R15) 5890 FD98 015E441C 00000004 MVC 736(4,R0),1192 D203 02E0 04A8 015E4422 0000000A NI 760,C'"' 947F 02F8 015E4426 0000000E STPT 1136 B209 0470 015E442A 00000012 MVC 896(4,R0),904 D203 0380 0388 015E4430 00000018 MVI 552,X'04' 9204 0228 015E4434 0000001C XR R0,R0 1700 015E4436 0000001E L R7,528 5870 0210 015E443A 00000022 LH R2,518 4820 0206 015E443E 00000026 L R10,2892 58A0 0B4C 015E4442 0000002A L R8,548 5880 0224 015E4446 0000002E L R4,836(,R7) 5840 7344 015E444A 00000032 SAC 768 B219 0300 015E444E 00000036 OI 576,X'80' 9680 0240 015E4452 0000003A LCTL CR2,CR2,980(R7) B722 73D4 015E4456 0000003E TM 541(R7),X'80' 9180 721D 015E445A 00000042 JO *+3278 00000D10 A714 0667 015E445E 00000046 LM R11,R14,96(R9) 98BE 9060 015E4462 0000004A ICM R5,B'1111',540 BF5F 021C O código do início do Dispatcher!!!!!O código do início do Dispatcher!!!!!
  • 3. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. Born November 18, 1940, Baltimore, Md.; pioneer in the development of operating systems for large-scale computers and systems for defining and automating business processes. “Most of the work I've done has been to [bring] things into existence that didn't exist before.... In a sense, my whole IBM career's been about building organizations that didn't exist before, creating processes to do things that have never been done before, and solving technical problems that hadn't been solved before. The work I did at MIT was that way as well. There was no real foundation to build on, and I had to make it up as I went along. That's characterized, if not my whole career, at least the parts of my career that I consider the most rewarding. Pioneers are also the people that get arrows shot through them. That's the downside, and I've had my share of arrows pulled out of my hide.” Dr. Alan Scherr (z/OS father)Dr. Alan Scherr (z/OS father)
  • 4. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. Businesses able to harness the power of Cloud, Analytics, and Mobile computing to achieve this transformation while supporting outstanding qualities of service are more likely to succeed in this new marketplace. IBM's z/OS® V2.2 ( GA at September 2015) aligns with such disciplines. PreludePrelude
  • 5. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. Any company implementing a private cloud appreciates the scale of z/OS with up to 141 configurable PUs or up to 128 PUs per LP on z13 when running in SMT mode, and support for up to 85 LPs to accommodate huge, diverse workloads and cloud environments. Support for up to 4 TB of RAIM memory per z/OS to improve performance of IBM DB2® and other data-intensive processing workloads such as analytics applications and big data processing. 1.6 GB FICON® links to help reduce I/O latency Simultaneous multithreading (SMT) support for zIIP z/OS V2.2 supports up to four subchannel sets on z13 servers. z/OS 2.2 Performance issues due to z13 (I)z/OS 2.2 Performance issues due to z13 (I)
  • 6. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. zEDC for z/OS supports low-latency data compression and inflation functions. In addition to existing support for SMF and Extended Format BSAM/QSAM data, DFSMSdss and DFSMShsm are designed to exploit this capability for dumping and restoring data and when DFSMShsm uses DFSMSdss to move data. Enhanced vector facilities and support for large memory make it possible to incorporate real-time analytics processing in transactions for retail, healthcare, financial, and other mobile applications. planned to be exploited by: z/OS XML System Services; IBM 31-bit SDK for z/OS, and IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS, Java™ Technology Edition, Version 8 (5655-DGG); Java Technology Edition, Version 8 (5655-DGH); Enterprise PL/I for z/OS, V4.5 (5655-W67); Enterprise COBOL for z/OS, V5.2 (5655-W32) WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, V8.5 (5655-W65) z/OS 2.2 Performance issues due to z13 (II)z/OS 2.2 Performance issues due to z13 (II)
  • 7. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. Workloads running with Java 8 are expected to benefit from SIMD Faster data encryption to handle increased transaction volume with both a new Crypto Express5S cryptographic adapter and improved compressor-based, on-chip cryptography (CPACF). z/OS 2.2 Performance issues due to z13 (III)z/OS 2.2 Performance issues due to z13 (III)
  • 8. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. Improved autonomics for health-based workload routing in a Sysplex with Workload Manager (WLM) and XCF functions to help improve availability and performance. z/OS Global Mirror (XRC) works with WLM and DS8000 to automatically throttle low-priority write operations when they would cause significant delays that might affect response time. Fabric I/O Priority, extending WLM into the SAN fabric to prioritize your most important I/O workloads and help improve service levels. z/OS 2.2 WLM Enhancementsz/OS 2.2 WLM Enhancements
  • 9. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. DFSMS provides new FlashCopy® function by supporting up to 12 targets for incremental FlashCopy. GDGs are limited to 255 or fewer generations. GDG at z/OS V2.2 supports a new data set type, generation data group extended (GDGE), which is planned to allow you to specify that up to 999 generations be kept when the function is enabled in an IGGCATxx member. DFSMSdfp VSAM record-level sharing (RLS) processing uses a CA level lock rather than a data set level lock for operations that affect only a single CA like a CA split. DFSORT supports for high-performance FICON (zHPF), when available, for SORTIN, SORTOUT, and OUTFIL data sets. Taking advantage of the higher I/O rates and bandwidth available with zHPF is expected to provide significant performance benefits on systems where zHPF is available. DFSMS 2.2 EnhancementsDFSMS 2.2 Enhancements
  • 10. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. XES supports new keywords for CFRM policy definition to allow you to specify which sites should be preferred when a structure is duplexed. Predictive Failure Analysis (PFA) monitors several ranges of private area virtual storage for multiple ASs and to warn you when one or more of those ASs exceeds criteria that can indicate eventual private area exhaustion. Library Lookaside (LLA) makes it more likely that certain program objects, such as those compiled using COBOL Version 5, can be cached by LLA in VLF data spaces. z/OS Runtime Diagnostics (RTD) is planned to identify z/OS systems having health metrics that fall below the maximum (100), to identify z/OS that might be causing problems. z/OS BCP Enhancements (I)z/OS BCP Enhancements (I)
  • 11. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. System Logger allows the preallocation of offload data sets. Installation may specify via IXGCNFxx member, that offload data sets be allocated ahead of time for selected Log Streams. XCF improves availability by delaying, and, if necessary, rejecting messages sent to group members that are not effectively processing their signals. z/OS BCP Enhancements (II)z/OS BCP Enhancements (II)
  • 12. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. XML System Services uses the new vector (SIMD) instructions available on z13 processors. This function is intended to help improve the performance for non validating XML parsing for some documents. zFS, provides significant performance improvements for directory update processing. USS supports a substantially increased number of threads (tasks). USS supports a substantially increased number of threads z/OS 2.2 USS Enhancementsz/OS 2.2 USS Enhancements
  • 13. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. JES2 supports a maximum of one million (1,000,000) active jobs, a substantial increase over the prior maximum of 400,000. This allows more jobs to be stored on the spool at a time, which, in turn, can allow you to run more work over shorter periods but increasing the spool retention time. IBM zHyperWrite is a new technology that combines DS8000 and z/OS enhancements that deliver performance benefits for writing operations to DB2 logs in the Metro Mirror (PPRC) environment in a HyperSwap environment. Mobile Workload Pricing programs help you reduce software costs (WLC) during periods of peak mobile transaction workload processing. Enhancements to communications can help you reduce the time to respond, even more critical in the new mobile landscape. z/OS 2.2 Enhancements (Miscellaneous)z/OS 2.2 Enhancements (Miscellaneous)
  • 14. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. The little dot pale blue...
  • 15. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. Recapping the lectureRecapping the lecture This page is intentionally left blank
  • 16. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. Questions?Questions?
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