NTSB LJ 000623 Probable Cause

National Transportation Safety Board Washington, DC 20594 Brief of Accident Adopted 05/18/2001 MIA00FA190A File No. 857 06/23/2000 Learjet / 55 Garrett / TFE731-3AR-2B Destroyed 2 None Positioning Part 91: General Aviation BOCA RATON, FL Aircraft Reg No. N220JC Crew Pass Fatal 2 1 Printed on : 1/3/2011 6:36:11 PM Time (Local): 11:41 EDT Serious 0 0 Minor/None 0 0 Make/Model: Engine Make/Model: Aircraft Damage: Number of Engines: Operating Certificate(s): Type of Flight Operation: Reg. Flight
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  National Transportation Safety BoardWashington, DC 20594Brief ofAdopted Make/Model:Engine Make/Model:Aircraft Damage:Number of Engines:Operating Certificate(s):Fatal Serious Minor/NoneCrewPassLast Depart. Point:Destination:Airport Proximity:Condition of Light:Weather Info Src:Basic Weather:Lowest Ceiling:Visibility:Wind Dir/Speed:Temperature (°C):Precip/Obscuration:Pilot-in-Command Age:Certificate(s)/Rating(s)Flight Time (Hours)Total All Aircraft:Last 90 Days:Total Make/Model:Total Instrument Time: Printed on : 1/3/2011 6:36:11 PMType of Flight Operation:Reg. Flight Conducted Under:UnK/NrUnk/NrUnk/Nr15180Airplane Airline Transport; Commercial; Multi-engine Land; Single-engine Land 40 The  Learjet  departed from an uncontrolled airport about 2 minutes before the accident on a on a VFR climb and was not talking toATC.  The  Extra  EA-300S  departed  VFR  from a controlled airport and requested and received a frequency change from the control tower 2minutes  after departure. Review of radar data revealed that the Extra climbed to 2,500 feet on a heading of 346 degrees before descendingto  2,400  at  1141:25.  The  Learjet  was  observed  on radar in a right crosswind departure passing through 700 feet on a heading of 242degrees  at 1141:02. At 1141:16, the Learjet was at 1,400 feet heading 269. At 1141:30, the Extra is observed on radar at 2,400 feet, in aright  turn  heading 360 degrees. The Learjet is observed on radar at 1141:28 in a climbing left turn passing through 2,300 feet. The lastradar return on both aircraft was at 1141:30.   33Variable / 005 Kts10.00 SMNoneVisual ConditionsWeather Observation FacilityDay001002Off Airport/AirstripFORT PIERCE, FLSame as Accident/Incident LocationPart 91: General AviationPositioningNone2DestroyedGarrett / TFE731-3AR-2BLearjet / 55Time (Local): 11:41 EDTAircraft Reg No. N220JCBOCA RATON, FL06/23/2000File No. 857 MIA00FA190A 05/18/2001Accident Instrument Ratings  Brief of  __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows.The  failure  of  the  pilot's  of  both  airplanes  to maintain a visual lookout (while climbing and maneuvering) resulting in anin-flight collision and subsequent collision with residences and terrain. Accident (Continued)Occurrence #1:         MIDAIR COLLISIONPhase of Operation:  CLIMBFindings1.  (C) VISUAL LOOKOUT - NOT MAINTAINED - FLIGHTCREW2.  (C) VISUAL LOOKOUT - NOT MAINTAINED - PILOT OF OTHER AIRCRAFT----------Occurrence #2:         MIDAIR COLLISIONPhase of Operation:  DESCENT - UNCONTROLLED----------Occurrence #3:         IN FLIGHT COLLISION WITH TERRAIN/WATERPhase of Operation:  DESCENT - UNCONTROLLEDFindings3.  TERRAIN CONDITION - GROUND4.  OBJECT - RESIDENCEFindings Legend: (C) = Cause, (F) = FactorTime (Local): 11:41 EDTAircraft Reg No. N220JCBOCA RATON, FL06/23/2000File No. 857 MIA00FA190A
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