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nursing care plan Jaundice

nursing care plan Jaundice
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  Acknowledgement  This case study report is prepared during The Child Health Nursing clinical practicum in Kanti children hospital,Maharajgunj. The report is prepared as a practical fulfillment of post basic PBN curriculum. I realized that the requirement to do complete case study in the hospital area has been an important opportunity for me to gain new experience and knowledge in this field. I got myself complete involved in the care and management of the patient during this period. However the work would not have been accomplished successfully with my effort alone. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all teachers of my colleges ,hospital, hospital members and the staffs for providing valuable guidance, supervision and suggestions in the clinical field area. I am also thankful to my colleagues and my patient and her family who gave me their valuable time for providing necessary information and kind cooperation during this period. Finally, I would like to thank all of them who gave me their precious, valuable time and suggestions directly or indirectly while preparing this case study. BACKGROUND    As a partial fulfillment of Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing curriculum of Purwanchal University under practicum of Child Health Nursing, we were supposed to do 3 weeks practicum at Kanti Hospital where we, individually were supposed to do a detailed case study of a patient.   During the practicum period, I did a case study in Jaundice. I found interesting case of Jaundice at Kanti Hospital during my practicum period, so I took this case so that I could learn and get to know more about this diseases condition.   Shishir Kunwar, 5month old male was admitted with the diagnosis of Prolonged  jaundice .I gave holistic nursing care to the client and tried to make him comfortable in hospital and solve his problem. I got to learn many new things from this case study.    OBJECTIVES:   GENERAL OBJECTIVES:    General objectives of this case study are to gain comprehensive knowledge about the disease, to gain the practical knowledge about the health problem, to gain practical experience working with a patient having illness and provide holistic care to the patient.   SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:    1.   To gain knowledge about one specific disease and its management.   2.   To provide holistic nursing care to the patient by using nursing process.   3.   To identify normal developmental tasks of patient age group.   4.   To apply knowledge from the basic science, nursing theories and other related courses to plan and implement nursing care.   5.   To provide health teaching according to the need of the patient.   6.   To minimize the stress of the patient and her family by using appropriate diversional therapy.   7.   To communicate effectively while providing care to the patient.   Patient s Profile      GENERAL INFORMATION  Name of the Child : Master Sushil Gender : Female Age : 5 months Religion : Hindu Provisional Diagnosis : Jaundice Final Diagnosis : Jaundice The patient was alert, active ,well nourished baby with pallor(+), icterus (+ ), edema(+) and dehydration (-) Vital signs within normal ramge. Local examination reveals     Icteric tongue and eye/skin     Umbilical hernia present     Cerebral vascular system S1S1M0 Per abdomen examination reveals >tenderness of flank > hepato-splenomegaly > umbilical hernia DEVELOPMENTAL TASK OF MY PATIENT:    As my client was 5 month old, he is an infant, developmental task is given below:   Erik Erikson’s theory shows “Trust Vs Mistrust”(Oral -sensory) (Birth -2 years):           Existential Question: Can I Trust the world? The first stage of Erik Erikson‟s theory centers   around the infant‟s basic needs being met by the parents and this interaction leading to trust or mistrust. Trust as defined by Erikson is “an essential truthfulness of others as well as fundamental sense of one‟s own trustworthiness”. The infant depend on parents, especially the mother, for sustenance and comfort. The child „s relative understanding the world and society come from parents and their interaction with the child.If the parents expose the child to the warmth ,regularity, and dependable affection. The infant‟s view of the world will be one of trust. Should the parents fail to provide a secure environment and to meet the child‟s basic needs a sense of mistrust will result. Development of mistrust can lead to feelings of frustration, suspicion, withdrawl and a lack of confidence.   According to Erik Erikson, the major development task in infancy is to learn whether or not other people, primary caregivers, regularly satisfy basic needs. If caregivers are consistent sources of food , comfort , and affection ,an infant learns trust other are dependable and reliable .If they are neglectful or perhaps even abusive,the infant instead learn ,mistrust  – that the world is in an undependable, unpredictable and possibly dangerous place. While negative, having some experience with mistrust allows the infant to gain an understanding of what constitutes dangerous situations later in life. Developmental milestones   Seen in my patient   Motor skill development a.   Gross motor -rolling over  b.   Fine motor -reaching out with both or one hand ,transfer objects Language behaviors -monosyllabus Personal Social behaviors -smiles at mirror image Psychosocial development Trust vs. Mistrust  -can tolerate a delay need gratification  All these development task were present in my client „s case.  S.N Developmental task according to book    Seen in my patient  
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