Nursing Instruction 2003

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  NURSING ENGLISH II NURSING INTRUCTIONS A.A. Istri Putra. K, SKep, Ns., MNg. (Sanglah Hospital)  NURSING INSTRUCTION Introduction A nurse must be able to identify the health condition of a patient. Before a thorough treatment is carried out, nurses must make a record of the signs and symptoms of the disease. Accordingly, the recording skill demands a full knowledge of identifying in which part of the body the illness is. In this section you will study some useful expressions how to ask your patient to do something.  USEFUL EXPRESSIONS  I’d like to check your body temperature    Sit down, please  Raise your arms, please.  We would like to make the beds, please get up.  Can you get up alone?  Move your head, please.  Could you stand up!  Now, lift your leg, please.  Would you bend your back, please.  Lower your foot, please.  Would you mind opening your mouth?  All right, put out your tongue, please.  Useful Exp (cont)  Now, please say ah!  Could you touch your toes?  Would you mind wriggling your fingers.  Lie down, please.  Roll your sleeve up, please.  Take breath and hold your breath in, please.  Take your dress off, please.  Keep your eyes shut, please.

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