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  Nuzlocke Crusade - LEAFGREEN-RULES-1. Fainted pokemon are dead, and no longer usable. Placed in a book marked DEAD2. Capture the first pokemon you see in a route, that is the one you must add to your team- If you kill it, bad luck!- Must give pokemon a nickname- Safari pokemon capture rules are: You must try to capture every pokemon, and the first one you capture counts. - Every zone (e.g different cave levels) counts as a different area for capture purposes- 3. Starter pokemon is based on last digit of trainer number. -STORY-LeafGreen:PALLET TOWN- Bulbasaur chose me, named him Zale- He almost died in the first battle, with a lucky crit he won (one hit away from death from a growling charmander)- did the parcel run, got the pokedex, said a short prayer before heading into Route 1 ROUTE 1- ... aaaand almost got all the way to the end without seeing a pokemon (second-last grass)- Wild pidgey appears!- 3 pokeballs later, it is caught!- Training up Serra, gets crit down to 2 health! Switch in Zale to save the dayVIRIDIAN CITY-Shop, heal, etcSide-Trek: Route 22- Caught PANZERMAUS!! female RattataBACK TO ROUTE 1- Training up and PANZERMAUS dies after pressing a wrong button to attack and gets crit by a pidgey, ironically this happens while reflecting that a Nuzlocke challenge isn't too hard and things are going okay --- Serra goes on a rampage and learns GUST as a resultBACK TO ROUTE 22- Take on Gary (Harris) while checking out the Pokemon league. His Pidgey and Charmander fall easily.ONWARDS!  ROUTE 2 - Found another female Rattata. TROYS NOTE: Basically the story idea here is that what led Troy to route 22 was a scream of PANZERMAUS and an deafening hyper explosion! Running there, Troy captures the weakened mouse. But putting it into battle, it is hopeless! When he finally comes across the Rattata in Route 2, that is the (loud-mouthed and crude) real Panzermaus!Another interesting note: Without fail, PANZERMAUS only faced male Rattatas!VIRIDIAN FOREST- Caught a metapod- Fought some weedles, risked running back to heal a poisoned Panzermaus instead of using an antidote: made it with 1hp left.#1: ROCK GYM- Faced the first trainer by launching leech seeds then defending with Mari- Faced Brock easily, vine whipped into oblivion- Mariposa evolves after facing down Brock- Victory!ROUTE 3- Youngster Kalvin almost kills entire team with his level 14 Spearow. It takes the combined efforts of the whole team to bring that monster down!- Caught a female Spearow and boxed itMT MOON - MAIN- First pokemon is .. a zubat! Named Zeek, planned to boxMT MOON - LOWER LEVEL- Fought the Team Rocket guy, got the star piece. On the way out, just before the elevator .. a clefairy. This is my first rare pokemon capturable in a nuzlocke and I am excited! CAUGHT IT TOO!MT MOON - PATHWAY LEVEL- Found a PARAS! He is boxed without further notice.- Zale evolves into Ivysaur after defeating a scientist with electric pokemon (electrode and magnemite)- Serra evolves into pidgeotto after fighting team rocket and taking a Hyper fang!ROUTE 4- Faebelle learns Mega Punch!- The team finds another Rattata, but Panzermaus eats it!NUGGET BRIDGE  - Vs Gary: The fight goes well, Faebelle causing havoc on Gary's pidgeotto but being reduced to 50% hp. Subbing out as charmander appears the little lizard beast then burns down Serra to 4 hp in three hits, Zale in to 2hp one and then nearly knocks out PANZERMAUS with a critical strike metal claw.Panzer wins the day and then takes out Abra for the prize!- The trainers go well, but on the fifth battle Faebelle cops a Karate Chop to the face and almost goes down. Despite the mankey being infatuated, I don't risk it and switch in Serra. Which turned out to be the right call as Serra cops a fury swipes (with a couple of crits in there) but takes out the Mankey with a quick attack!- Defeated Team Rocket with PANZERMAUS, who seems to have a liking for Rocket enemies!Side Trek: ROUTE 24- A chance to gain a new pokemon and it's ... a metapod. Female, of course. Christa the quirky Metapod joins the reserves.ROUTE 25- New route, new pokemon! And it's an Abra, YES! Now he's asleep, yes! Poke ball, go! Poke ball, go! Poke -- oh there he goes. Damn.#2: WATER GYM- Misty's Staru and PANZERMAUS collide, with a water pulse and a hyper fang both leaving them in the red. Serra swoops in to save the day (as she is want to do) and is pounded by a second water pulse, leaving her confused. In her confusion she hurts herself and takes another water pulse, leaving her on 2hp. Faebelle is called in and takes one, absorbing the damage nicely but becoming confused. Fortunately she lands the blow to take out the Staryu. Then the real battle begins.- Starmie and Zale duke it out, exchanging Swifts and Vine Whips. With Starmie down to 1hp, Misty gives him a Super Potion bringing him up to high, but not full health. Again come the swifts and vine whips but in this second round of combat, Starmie lands a critical hit, leaving Zale on 2hp as Starmie goes down. Watching that health drop is heart-racingly-terrifying.TROYS NOTE: Damn, this stuff couldn't write itself any better if it tried!!- On my way out of town I realise that in a distraction I have not nicknamed my Paras, and Christa is a duplicate of an existing pokemon. As it's my first Nuzlocke and it's late at night, I chide myself and then release both of them. I count them as disqualified and released pokemon. - I also change the combat from Set to Shift, highlighting my trainer's growing pokemon mastery skills. I also consider having a Set while out in the wild, shift in gyms/tournaments type approach which seems like a really good idea. Gym battles are formal demonstrations of your pokemon skills, while the wilderness is really about impromptu battles. ROUTE 5- Another pokemon! This time it's .. Bellsprout. And of course, female! Which Faebelle jealously slaps to death with a 5-hit, 2-crit double-slap!- No pokemon are put in the daycare centre, but upon reaching Route 6, below -- this is somewhat regretted and decisions are beginning to be made..  ROUTE 6- Another pokemon! And this time it's a .. Pidgey. Male, though! It's promptly gnawed to death by PANZERMAUS's hyper fang, perhaps overestimating the mighty Pidgey's defensive capabilities.- At this point I clarify the No Dupes rule with myself and decide that if I already have one of a pokemon, I can't capture another. It was at this point I released the second Metapod I captured earlier (Christa) before resuming my journeys.- Went back and put Harriette into DaycareROUTE - First pokemon is .. a Sandshrew! Nice! Captured with a simple sleep powder. It's male too. It feels meant to be. Decide to give it an Indigenous Australian name, Namoo (which means Sand)S.S. AnneNamoo's training goes well, bringing him in line with the rest of the team. I find depite having the highest defense score of my team, I sub him out after one hit or so, as a few narrow misses with Horsea bubbles have left me nervous. Despite this, I swept the boat up until fighting Gary. Gary's pokemon fall but against his charmeleon I call out Namoo who is the same level. Namoo takes a Metal Claw and responds with a dig, putting him just over half hp. I hesitate, but I feel like I have it in the bag and I risk another metal claw. Namoo dies. And for the first time I feel like cheating, like wishing it wasn't so -- that no one would know if I just healed him up. I was tired, it can be allowed, right? But no. Namoo is dead and he is gone. The other loss is that I taught him Rock Tomb and Dig. ROUTE 9I go looking for another pokemon in my grief, because I feel like I'll lose my bulbasaur otherwise to the electric gym. My first grass option presents to me .. a Ratata. ROUTE 10Even an electrode would be an interesting sweep, especially for later parts of the game. But it's not to be, I find a Spearow. I have Hariette enjoying a nice time in the Side Trek: ROCK TUNNELHere's a chance to find at least 3 pokemon (under my rules each level is a new zone). The first is a zubat, wonderful. I don't want to press too far because I'll just have to go back. So I return empty handed.#3: ELECTRIC GYMI decide to put my hope into bulbasaur ... and he sweeps the gym with little difficulty, thanks to some powerful razor leaf criticals. I return to the rock tunnel.ROCK TUNNELBattling the trainers is pretty easy, I have good coverage against their pokemon
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