o'Neal Johnson Lyynch Janny Graham

o'Neal Johsnon Lyynch Janny Graham family
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Of thia old houMU you oakmoU wiitu 0 history. 1 think it woi> M'teanly whosaid that to writetbf hihturvofa nutiou'yonmustwrite tho hiatury (iftiioimopla whomudr Uie nation;andtowriluthohistory ofa hoiHO 1iMidt ne(U:Hdarily write for WiirruiJ^ who tmido tho bouso II for an ox-1 hrinio. In t^'tobor of 171IK Abijah O'Noai) land Haiuuol Kuily. bouglit ofOr. JaoobKubertd Ifrown htaniilitury ohiiinof 3310^;,' acruaoflandsituatwi illtlioVirgini'iMilitary Hosurvatiou I north of thoOhio river. A part ol that purcliuHo lay on the east aidool t (Kiyer will j t,ho Littlu Miuiui river uppoaito the ill hti ) hecntownofWiiyuosvilloandwaaknown liCgihlntureasBruwu'aBurvoyNo7»I,coiituiii- iulmiuirying lit ') acrca, thu jKitent for which duliua ofwui ixaucd to Abijah O'Niuill, na tobycouii-iiguoeofJacobBrownaiul«i«irf lult receivo datent Wuahinglon Jan. 17, Ib dO, Certainly Tlio c«>aHidenitii>n wu« 0(> cent, lowiiaomeniuraero.Mr.O'Meallniovodhie leyeontoffamilytoWaymMViliuin tbo autumn iKhaiilani\s (If 17051, urid tho fullowiug wint(»r iaappeariu inudo aomo iiiiproveiuentonthe iginon and proaoutDbimoiidUillfarm.Iu the under tlie Hpriiig of ISiK) ho moved hia family into u rudo logliouao which Iwd I boon conatructod ami begun to umko ja homo. Tlio begiiiuina wuaruda andmany privuiiona wero to be borne.. The familywasnlargeone J uud. the number of rotaiiiera waa I d W right I larger. Thoaowho could not ttnd fhhors did-1 Hi(a<ping room iuthe houawconld al and HO ill-1 moat uiwayu find roomon the ground thehouse-jmitjjido; so tho nccoiuiuodatioua, r it tliouiuio I thoughprimitive, wcro ainph. At wtacum-thattimeIamnotiiwaie that there jllu iNiople ^ aijuan) j-oii of clearedground withoil|]iec^jt yjdo <,f theLittluMiami noni than j river n«»r|.h of where Morrow now. Wo are(j, y4,t whcrcvei' atree waa out down hargLMui'u know it, ifI oillcialH honid.know' tho paoplc tit, of the do- tiieofMra.| 4 wired to iay. Mra. l nce cur to the cdi- I thuv (*..11 I of a citi yiK-.yill«?. nof. limb f Wuynoa rinerehiid Hialu'a of I (Uiiiahlcr leader of iH hticn NO- i± liUSIiifhi. lis.en- ami lie ollicial I iiariy m ãliana, and the |iuai' rip HyHt^uu. okofap> ion, with vya often wrot(thuU xl thuii ia lidtuniCi no the hiinliglit eould atriku'the ground, anything tluitwaaplanted wouldgrow.Cornwaa thogreat atuplo; itfuiiii.slual not onlybread for the faiiitly and food furthoatook but the fistdcrwaa the roughfood forlUu winter, liay not buiiig attain. uMiu; soiiu/nmns'iiay  Waa cutand curcilou tho iiritiric lauds iiorth east of Xonia, iiiul aftorwardahauled cighteoii miles over (uuigruut trails; butthis mado very uxiicusivo prov under. Time uiidlalmr bring many thinga. Hlowly the forest receded, icru b3'aeru the flelds were oidiirgud, huuaca M'cru built ami- menhadcoiuu toatay. With thuinllux ofinuui. gration Ihuro (.nmu many wanta. The flrataeliool that waa taught in thoaottlomontwas taught byJoelWrightin 1H03 ut Mr.O'NeuU'ahouse. lie ulaii taught in ItiOt,lb(i&, and in Ib07, oiid in 1KU8 KhxabeUi Wright, aisturof Joel, taught in tho aaiiiu ptacp. In the moan time miny changes hadtaken nlaco aroundthe rude Save YomO.iI CaipetsI SiTOWWWTOttVVfVSJ Tlwyuaki^.beautifuluuddurabla toil for lilrcular. WoarothooulyUrmlutbo U, ti, ludng ateam power * loomo. forthiawork, 261 267 ti;. .S.jii St, CojUBiiiiis 0. Wu pey jitfilght cii«Way. < >*ã fee. 56,IfoSi. THAN iVI SHEET. imlbade faiowoU toeachhill,und wood and atrcuui forover. DuringtheWarofISU,mupyof thefriendly Uhawnee Indbios were (entfroipHurthornOldo,intotliv lettlementMtoget them out of dan ;er ofbeingmaasacrcdbythebos tilee, andut leoat two of these, a motheranddaughter,ihowifeand ohildofQeupral llarrison'a inter pretor(ClmrleaAsh)wereformany luouthHmnittlea of Mr. CNeall's hoaae|ipld. Inallthosedaysofearlypioneer ItfuitwouldLesafetosay that there was never a keyturned nor a boltthrown inadoor, but tluitall wore free to come and go) without a i^ues tion, sure of a welcome. IllMr.O'Nealldied and Iho h()uieslcnd passed tohis youngest ion, Abijah jr. Thomantleof the luHi'ir desoendod naturallytothe ion. The scepterijassedfrom the iiundofonein thestrength ot full (gotoonein the prime and vigorof vunngmanhood. Whatthe father luidbeento the* passinggeneraUon thesonwas to Ik> to the onewhioh A'aa comingtotliefront.Aclear activemind,aquickperception that ãww themotivesofmen,firmyet diplumntio, aretentive momory whichwasseldom at fault; hia iiindwttawell atorodwithfacts that uuuld always be brought forward whenhewishedtosustainapoint m an argument or quotationsfrom theEngliib poets when hewished to sdoru a conversation,made himan exoellenttalkerandamoatagreea bleoudiiistruuttvecompanion.Of him the lute Mrs. CatliariueNewton iua privateletterwrittsn after the attainment of her four scoreyears, says, ''A geutleiiian wellqualitled togracosnj* modem drawingrixim. In Mr. O'Neall marriedand forhIxyearsthooldhomewasagalu a soeial and intellectualcenteia lu tBS4 bosold the premisestoMr. John Johnson,andmovedhisfamilyto Westernluilianu. Mr, Johnson, the now ownerof DiamondHill,was the eldestof threebrotherswho owned farms whichlieadjoining.Thefamily were all members ofthe Friends church,andasthounhappydivis ionbadtakenplaoelu INSb. they weroQttaphudtu the Ortbotlux branch of that denomlnatiuii.Tbo two old(Uit brothers wore en thusi.istsinevorytlangiiertaining to oducationaluiattvrs, and their obildrenenjoyedthobestadvaotug. cs whichtho neighborhood alTorded. Tlie home of Mr. Johnsonwas a common couter, a rallying point, ntiil UH there weretwouty-eightHrat cousins in the tlircofamilies, all iiv. ing within a circle of a mile the house wasalwaysgaywithyoungsociety. TliejnuiursbroughtIk j[r Jusaons. theirrecitations, and (li^r ehulli. tious ofwit IInd hnmor homo with thciii fromschool andtho olrole aroundthebroadhearthwasspark, liugwithsalliesof youth.With suchsurroundings there was no Everysuitintheho Inafewlinesthesizesat only a few of these,garme son's bestselling lines   all winter clothing to mak prices will make thisposs 2:3 % MEN'S CLO Suits rsdu clui SulU rcdu 16,75. BUcI andlancypa  SulUrsdu  io.7S- Ooo( neas suits wel and otthe patterns. Suits rtdu I13.75. br sizes in the se preferredaiyi OVCiLCOATS-rhese c( neatandnobby,thelongcoat,tun hcivvones,in broken sizes, ail mi ODD PANTS—Lota t>f ha Sprinjjlines. Kor furtherinforma tOi I Cloth aeo. itAixeR. Tumummmui orold tqned whenallwasdone the Holdbrown chryiialU wea tranefor^edIntoa benutifnl modem bome.- In lb8lStr. Janney tmnaferred the farm to John U. Uraham.and in theaotunmoftheoameyearhesold Uto Mr. JoliD RttthawAif I7li(> In turn oouveyed it to Wni. T. Frame. l^*»f.» eeoroofyearanowDia. muud Hill liaa Immd the home otifr. and Mrs. Frame. Mra. Frame be« iogapraoticalwomanoftaate, plunnod and(xirrledtoeompletiuo ooiiio obungca In theinterior ooa- etruotionwhichendedtuapractical remodeling of theinteriorof the houveofa hundredyearn ago until nuw the interior, oa well oe theexte rior,repreaeutaannp-tu dale houae in every roMpeet. U( the jieraunalityofMr. and Mrs. Fnimeitianot neeeouary tuapeak: the model farmer andthe modelhouHOwife aro toowellknown to re. luirocomment. To bea model arroer it ta neceiuary tobe both In telligentandprogreoaive.Amodel huuaewiferequtrcaoaltivalion,re. flnuiiient, taate,tact and domeatlc quuliiiea.Wbilu our frienda have fbte S'*H'atloa « digoaunka aad <i food. Uftveainat. fatUtecure. Ual the food yeawaat. itouiaclia eaateke tbousende ef dys; cured efur evcryih preventeformation ocb.relloviag all d Dieitug uoaeeeesar It uuu't btolp Uu\ Pjopatwl«i«l/OrE.C.I TO* v. bewJiiCBBUIni J. K. Janney, di w nted -auvEU cbarMirr 1.4 rci (wMi tu Ihlacoubijf I  d ni l     thoumio ,tu com IiniuiTIu with i^rii than \V« urn ;n»:o CD 7  tliu isU- thuv ('..II uf u I iti lU'ivilli?.  »f. hml. Wuynua nnrrhiuf Nito'ii of i'uii.sMh'r- cncliT i»f <liyiiI llllSilH'Ml. /.(ãn- und >: iiilicitil )iiirty III >iin:i,ttnil the iMMi ' ip MJ*»tVIII. Ic of »ã  on, ^vitll vs oftiMi vndoliuU i thun irt .il tonii', Intor of TIious. wondor-  M, build n health ttAch of I. Only Kuarun Trottblo dih your hours; a t orMt UcolM on y condb tho, kld>  (t sialna en ãItU cf kid- ible:too desireto )r pain tn ( li also (nd blad- tedi^eM Swamp- Illsevery 1 In tha /ary part Inability passlny f liquor, ãpleasant Z9 often ly times e estra Is focn Its wen- t caiea.havethe ll. sises. ofthis untkRwii. nr men la paper. ãr. kmnn'M  M WlW  and .^rlntn'n n with \ Innt; It nil III si.Ho N Pninednot I of it. ) dime, cured, mtbled Louiii sngrtciotis ho hsdtntelligonoo; Btl IIIU IIIVFU44(«MU09 thout;hprimitive,wcro ainplt. At that tiino I um not awnvu that there WMH a sqimrurod of cleuretl groood on the coat Hide of the LittleUiainl rivcrnorth of where Morrow now. id, yet whi'rcvcr u tree was out down no thesunliglitcouldstrike the ground, anything tliat was planted would grow. Com wna tho great staple; it ftirnisluul not onlybread for the family und food fur thnstook hutthu fodiliT waa tho rough food fur the wiiitur.tiay not buttig attain- uMiu; HoiiiL'tnunH 'nay Was cut n n5 t'un'd on thoprairielaudsnorth esttt of Xenitt, and afterwardshauledeighteen luile-i over eniigrunt trails; but this nude very ox|)ciisivo prov under. Time andlulmr bring many things. Hlowly tho forest receded, .icro by Acru thu fluids were oiilarged, huus(;s werebuilt and- men had come to stay. Withtliuinfluz ofiiiiini- griitionthurocatno many wants. The firstschool that was taught in tho scttlomont wa.f taught byJoel Wright illIHiij at Mr. C'Noairs house.Uualso taughtin 1B()4,Ibufi, and in ond in 1H08 Khsabeih Wright, sister of Joel, taught in tho santu pluco. In tlie time msnychanges hadtakenplace around lliorudu home: gnrdons had lieen made, nrchnrdn planted, wells snnk nnd Hubstnntial   oiit-linildingserected. In 1S03n church had beenorganized (thn Frills) and so rapid had tHion the Influx ofFriends from thoolder states,fi^ 1^05 itisssidthere were morethan one tlionsnnd names o'j itschtirrh books. In 180S thepresent sabstnntial brick honsuwas built.Therehave lieenchanges made in*tho interior construction; window s hare been enlarged, dopnt closed npor new onesmade, {lorchcs built, with a gableplaced hero or aImlcony hung there, nnill It is inodoraizod into a handeome subnrhnn residence, but the.oldwalls of 1808 arc still intact, and itis the snino old honso. Mr.O'Neallwas a surveyorand a lorge dealer inland, was a promi nent momlier in the Society of Friends,'and probably no man in the whole countrysidehsd a larger (i-qualntanee than he. It wasto himtimt thoemigrant camewhen he wiiH hunting a place to locate his home; to.liinitho settlorswont to have their disputed boundary lines ndjiistud; to him every sohem^ for thn betterment of thecountrjf was lirought; hishousewas alike to rich nndpoor;hisdoor was closedto an applicant for she norhischarity withhold t woTtliysolicitor.Suchmoifas (lov.Morrow, Col. Fdchard dn.'Min, of Lrmirvillo, Krntnc^,and andJudgeBurnbtt,ofGipcinnait, wsrohis c1oso;pert onalfriends, but ticrliapsthomostdiatingnishod guestovercntntnincd at theDia mondHill homewas thogreat Indi- an Chief, LittleTurtle, Clilofof the Mianits, tiiati whom (hero was-no finer sixy^limm ofIndi.incharacter. It was he whocommanded the Indi- aiip at llamivr's di feat in 1791, at St.Clnlr'sdufuat in Kovembor of thesumoyear.OflilinB.D.Matis- fluid snyst  >11)0 moat aento and Indiannlatesman; wit, humor and' an oxtenslTO trav. elerandapolished gpntloman.** It was his last visit.toBoutbera Ohio, and helookedfor the lasttime upon hcbcatitifnlvalleyof the Miami, In Id'JU Mr. O Noallmarriedand forsix years thooldhomewasagain a social and intellectualceateialit bo sold the promises to Mr. John Johnson,andmovedhis family to WesternIndiana. Mr.Johnson, the now owner of DiamondHill,wastheeldestofI throebrothers wlioownedforma which He mljoining. The family were all mombcra of the Friends church, andas tho unhappy divis- ion badtaken ploooIn 1H2B, tliey were 'attachiuji to t.UQ Orlhodox branchof tbut denominiitiun. The twooldest brothers wureen- thusiiisis in everytlang |iertainiiig to educational iiiattlirs, and tlioir childrenenjoyed the liest advantag es whichtho noigbborheudaffbhled. The homo of Mr. Jolinsonwas a cuiniiion center, a rallying point,nnd uH there wurotwoul-v-eight flrat consitiM in tho tlirce families, all liv ing within a circlu uf a mile thohouse wus always gaywithyoung society. The Jauiors brought t^r lessons, their recitations, and IHi^r obnlli- tions of wit nnd humor homo with tlicidfromschoolandthoolrolt aronndthebrood hearth wasspark- ling with sallies of yontli, With snub surroundingsthore wos no chanceforonetogrow rosty orold. Howeonidold ago finda resting place In such a honaohold? On thesettlementof Mr. Johnson s estate which probably tookplaceabout 1117 thofarm passed into the hands of EdwardLynch,ofLych bnrg, a son of the srcinal Judge Lynch, he who had presided over so many oriinlnaltribnnnls, and whose decisions have been so seldom ro- versed. Although desoonded from stern ancestry, Mr. Lynch **was as mild A mannered man as everleft the Old Dominion tomake hishome north of Mason and Dlxoii's line. His generosity, hiscordialityand hisinexhaastiblefhnd of anecdote andhumor,together wItH-his wide knowledge ofmna and things, made him a most genialcompanion nnd a nnivorsal fnyorlta-^ gentlemanof tho oldschool and a typicalirirgin- ian. The famllj was composed of when allwas done the { old brown chrysalis wastransformedintoa bcttulifnl modem home,- In'lbSl Mr. Janney tmnsfurred the farmto John II. Graham, and in theautumn of the same year hssold 'itto Mf. John IIufliaWAFWlio in turn oonveyed ti toWni.T. Fraitin. For a WMVO of years now Dia uiond lltll has been the homeof Mr. and Mrs. Frame. Mrs. Frame be* ing apraotical woman of taste, pliiimodOlid mrrled to eompleliun soino changes In the interior coa struction whichended Ina praetieal rciuoileling uf thointerioroftho liouw uf0 hundredyeara ogu until nuwtlieinterior, as well aa thu exto- rior,represents an up-to-datehonse ia every ros()ect. or the personality of Mr. and Mrs. FrameItisnotnecessaryto speak; Ihumodel farmerandthe model UouHOwifo are toowell knownto re quire oommunt. To bea model farmer Itis necessary to be both in telligent andprogrewlve. Amodelhuuaowife requirescnltivation, re- flnument, taste,tact and domestic quuUiies. While our friends have no ciiildrenIsirn to them,thay man agetn All their house with theehlld- rsn of others,and thnstbcy go down through life dispensing blessings to otliers andin tnrn beingblest. Oaoewhilestanding ^th afriend looking np at tho gray wallsof bis own old partontalhomestead he said  That old honse has sheltered more old lineWhig politicians andmore Methodistproacliors than any other honsein ^mthcra Ohio. And of DiamondHill it wonld besafe to Say that it had weloomM more nn- bidden gncsts and liad dispensed moreopenheartedhospitality than any lionse in Bonthern Obiaz. A bachelor son .and two maiden daughters,yetthere was no look of charmingsociety at the oldhome.Therewore throe favorite nieces, cultivated and reflnod ladiesami theywere the parenta ofhalf a score ofbright eyedgirls andmanly boys whodelighted in nothing so mnch OS,spending theirholidaysand their vacations at the oonntryhome of UncloNeddy. At suchtimes the bPmestc^wasthrownwideopen arid festivities ran riot. Inthose daysthewriter formed many pleas anl acqnalntances, the memoryof which has lasted for the halfof a century. In 1870 onr genial fellow ettisen, JonasJanney, became  Lord of the Manor, andthe hill top of today lioara testimony of. his occnpanpy Andgood taste. In alltheyears which had passed stiice I808to1870 there had heeh littlechangein the external appearance of the old honse. Nowa repoMontatlve from another and a later generationwas tho ruler. Still againanother Sonthemer (Va.) it is strange howthofortnnesofthoohihomestead are llnked.wlthand interwoven with thosefrom the BnnnyBonth.Mr. Janney proba- hly bronght recollectionsofsome idealheipowhich he well remembered In the Bhonaudoab valley; of fiome ilwipdfApedwindrwrsentOf somevino olad porchon which In the softmoon-llgnlho had whispered idle nothingsInto the oarsof Bonfh- em beantlos whoworeonly tooglad to listen I andhemayhave woven a dreamofearlyyonthand romance In the remodelingofhis fntnre hab itation. Any way, homade a nnm- berof radicalohangea wfthontalter- logtheoriginalstraetnre,until Bince tho foregoing articlewas pot in typo, thewriter received apleas- antletter written by Mrs. Charles CoQln, of Chicago, in wbloh she re calls some eircnmstanees of histo- ricalInterest. Bho says:  In 1844, my father, John-Johnson,nnder oontraetwithtlie Little MiamiR. R. Co., bnlltthree miles of road bed, from a mile below Oorwin totwo miles above;and inthe spring and' eerly snmmor of 184S he built the oldfreightdepot(thepresentele vatorbuilding,)forwhlofihoreoeiv- ed 93400. The completion of the road to Angnst of 1845 wasmade the occasion ofmuch rejoicing and a pnhllo dlnnsr -«-ss servedby the diizena of Wayr ^svllle ond country- side. 'The tables werespread in the now freight bouse, and speeches were made bythe invited gnesta, amongwhomwere Got. Corwin,Oov.Morrow, Judge Geo. J. Smith, John Probaeco jr., William H. Clem ent and otbera. If woonly had copios ofthese speeches 1 EHT »ftt fht tno«t ffitnl ^ al i^r fteosnlxvd 1^ ãml* Bent pliTitdfiMi mfbt(est for lOdoef mmI ttoublta. PR9aiMi.a«49lJfl. LontsMay, Dmggist. TO ouan A oou> nroini pat TtkA Drome Qalalae TfebleU. „ ernvtUUreraoa tbemeaeyU It talta to esm B. vrUrove't tigaatara oa taeb^sn. gie All oeo. HAixeR. Dyspeps DiflBBta wh This prsH'htioa i fligoslanls aad il food. ItgiVMlnsti fallateeura. Uall the food 70a want, itomaehsean taket tbouunds efdjst cured after averTth.pre van t« format loo aeb,reilsviegall dl DIstlug uaaeeessar] It MW't llBlf> Imt Piaparsdwiir by E.C.TI Tb« CL. bwwJe »omUbs J. E. Janney, dr WAHTKUãSKVKHA ebaracirr abdguoi rev* («iMt lo tbla c«uolr   aad adranil* old muM a**s ba(s«i of anlld flnai try CM.OA wtakly with ãII parablr la casb earl frma head eflreai Hori>t aUkad. wbea neeeaaarf cle«e aelfadSreaaed aum agcr, 3t6 Caitoa lliiiidlt QUE8TIGN8 A Yes, Augnst Floi largnit saleuf anyct^lizod world.  Yi prqndmothorsnevi mganything else fc Biliousness. Docio ahdtheynever hear NervoasPtootralioi ore, sto. Thoynset to clean out tho syst mentationof nndig« late thoaction of Ih latethonervons am of the system, andpjok when feeling d headaches and oth ouij need a fewd AngnstFlower In make yon satlafled ( serloTis the matter Green'sPriae Alma ney. Baved Her Ob  Inthree weeka r. boywaschanged bi mosttoaskeleton, ^ Wntkins, of Pleasa- terribleeongh set of a good doctor's severalweeks,greday. We- then ni NowDiscovery fo: and onr darling was well. We are sure  icine savod bis life,' itsthe only snre ei colds and allInng  May, gnarantees a and 91.00. Trial ho Stats or Onin, Ctrr ot - I.COAK CODRTT. Pnnk i. Cbennjr sitktt Mntsr p«rtnrr o( the flri Cb.. dolns btmine«fi in t- COBiity And at AleBforct arm will pbvthe ã«« i I>ar-I-AIt.H (or eseb and tarrh tkat raoDotUt e Baix s Catarrh Cvrs. FRii 8wvTai »bf»«rf wsn frraanr*. Ibis eib da* m 1 I asAi. I A. natl aCatatrb Car*la li acu dimellfonthe blor facaa ef the aTalao, Se (ree, B. 9. CBRMNT gti^ald b» Drotslau, 7   liaU a r«»nr nila aratt    ã
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