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   November ,2013 OAV RACK 360-GEN-CABI-06 APPALAINCE SERVER MEDIA GATEWAY SHELF1 MEDIA GATEWAY SHELF2 MEDIA GATEWAY SHELF3 MEDIA GATEWAY SHELF4   November ,2013 Voltage check 48v/60v Multi-meter, using for the equipment voltage supply:    Selector: Volt DC/    Red-Positive    Black-Negative Actual Power connector of D-Type Power Distribution panel: The equipment has assigned circuit breakers. Check the voltage: -48 to -60v DC   November ,2013 Rack Fan Unit CCN RACK: have 2 to 3 fan unit located at the back and in front door of the rack.    Keep the fan filter clean    Replace the fan filter yearly    Check the fan filter in every visit    Check the fan if working properly Fan Thermostat Controller Fan thermostat controller: located inside the rack.    Make sure the controller select on 15 deg.    Make sure the temperature is below 23 deg.   November ,2013 Appliance server Overview Go green and save The x3250 M2 fits into about the same area as many Ethernet switches, enabling more efficient use of existing data center space. Quiet fans won’t  disturb your office environment. And since it plugs into a 110-volt outlet, you can deploy it anywhere. Turn it on, close the door, and walk away The x3250 M2 offers built-in reliability features such as mini-BMC2 and optional Remote Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine that enable remote managea bility from a single console.   LED POWER STAUS 1 GREEN ON MAKE SURE THAT LED IS GREEN

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Jul 23, 2017
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