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   A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION  CHAPTER: 1  INTRODUCTION Introduction towards Project Report on Motivation  The efciency o a person depends on two actors !rst y the e#e o a$i ity to do a certain wor% second y the wi in&ness todo the wor%' So or as the !rst actor is concerned it can $eac()ired $y ed)cation and trainin& $)t the second actor can $ecreated $y *oti#ation' A person *ay ha#e se#era needs anddesires' It is on y stron& y e t needs which $eco*es *oti#es' Th)s *oti#es are a prod)ct o needs and desires *oti#es are*any and %eep on chan&in& with ti*e *oti#es are in#isi$ e anddirected towards certain &oa s' Moti#ation *eans that process which creates on inspiration in aperson to *oti#ation is deri#ed ro* the word +*oti#e, which*eans the atest power in a person which i*pe s hi* to do awor%' Moti#ation is the process o steerin& a person,s inner dri#es andactions towards certain &oa s and co**ittin& his ener&ies toachie#e these &oa s' It in#o #e a chain reaction startin& with e tneeds res) tin& in *oti#es which &i#e rise to tension whichcens)s action towards &oa s' It is the process o sti*) atin&peop e to stri#e wi in& y towards the achie#e*ent o or&ani-ationa &oa s *oti#ation *ay $e de!ned as the wor% a*ana&er peror*s an order to Ind)ce S)$ordinates to act on thedesired *anner $y satisyin& their needs and desires' Th)s*oti#ations is concerned with how $eha#io)r &ets started isener&i-ed s)stained and directed'  .   A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION WHAT IS MOTIVATION    The word *oti#ation has $een deri#ed ro* *oti#e which*eans any idea need or e*otion that pro*pts a *an in toaction' /hate#er *ay $e the $eha#ior o *an there is so*esti*) )s $ehind it 'Sti*) )s is dependent )pon the *oti#e o theperson concerned' Moti#e can $e %nown $y st)dyin& his needsand desires'  There is no )ni#ersa theory that can e0p ain the actorsin1)encin& *oti#es which contro *ans $eha#ior at any partic) arpoint o ti*e' In &enera  the di2erent *oti#es operate at di2erentti*es a*on& di2erent peop e and in1)ence their $eha#iors' Theprocess o *oti#ation st)dies the *oti#es o indi#id)a s whichca)se di2erent type o $eha#ior'Moti#ation is the core o *ana&e*ent'Moti#ation is an e2ecti#einstr)*ent in the hands o the *ana&e*ent in inspirin& the wor%orce 'It is the *a3or tas% o e#ery *ana&er to *oti#ate hiss)$ordinate or to create the wi to wor% a*on& thes)$ordinates 'It sho) d a so $e re*e*$ered that the wor%er *ay$e i**ense y capa$ e o doin& so*e wor% nothin& can $eachie#ed i he is not wi in& to wor% 'creation o a wi to wor% is*oti#ation in si*p e $)t tr)e sense o ter*'Moti#ation is an i*portant )nction which #ery *ana&er peror*sor act)atin& the peop e to wor% or acco*p ish*ent o o$3ecti#eso the or&ani-ation 'Iss)ance o we concei#ed instr)ctions andorders does not *ean that they wi $e o owed 'A *ana&er hasto *a%e appropriate )se o *oti#ation to enth)se the e*p oyeesto o ow the*' E2ecti#e *oti#ation s)cceeds not on y in ha#in&an order accepted $)t a so in &ainin& a deter*ination to see thatit is e0ec)ted efcient y and e2ecti#e y'In order to *oti#ate wor%ers to wor% or the or&ani-ationa &oa sthe *ana&ers *)st deter*ine the *oti#es or needs o thewor%ers and pro#ide an en#iron*ent in which appropriate 4   A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION incenti#es are a#ai a$ e or their satisaction 'I the *ana&e*entis s)ccess) in doin& so5 it wi a so $e s)ccess) in increasin&the wi in&ness o the wor%ers to wor%' This wi increase efciencyand e2ecti#eness o the or&ani-ation 'There wi $e $etter)ti i-ation o reso)rces and wor%ers a$i ities and capacities' De!nition o Motivation # Accordin& to Edwin 6 7 ippo 8Moti#ation is the process o atte*ptin& to in1)ence others to do their wor% thro)&h thepossi$i ity o &ain or reward'Accordin& to Michae 9' 9aci)s 5 Moti#ation is the act o sti*) atin&so*e one or onese  to &et a desired co)rse o action or to p)shthe ri&ht $)tton to &et a desired reaction'Accordin& to Da ton E' Mcar and :The concept o *oti#ation is*ain y psycho o&ica ' It re ated to those orces are *any and %eepon chan&in& with ti*e *oti#es are in#isi$ e and directed towardscertain &oa s' I$portance o $otivation Moti#ation is one o the *ost i*portant actors deter*inin& or&ani-ationa efciency' A or&ani-ationa aci ities wi &o to waste in a$sence o *oti#ated peop e to )ti i-e these aci ities e2ecti#e y' E#ery s)perior in the or&ani-ation *)st *oti#ate its s)$ordinates or the ri&ht types o $eha#ior' The peror*ance o h)*an $ein&s in the or&ani-ation is dependent on the a$i ity in the *oti#ation' ;ensis Li%ert ca ed *oti#ation as: the cost o the *ana&e*ent:' Moti#ation is an e2ecti#e instr)*ent in the hands o *ana&e*ent in inspirin& the wor%orce' Moti#ation increases the wi in&ness o the wor%ers to wor% th)s increasin& efciency and e2ecti#eness o the or&ani-ation'   <   A STUDY ON EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION %est uti&i'ation o resources( )  Moti#ation ens)res $est and efcient )ti i-ation o a types o reso)rces' Uti i-ation o reso)rces is possi$ e to their ) est e0tent i the *an is ind)ced to contri$)te their e2orts towards attainin& or&ani-ationa &oa s'  Th)s peop e sho) d $e *oti#ated to carry o)t the p ans po icies and pro&ra**es aid down $y the or&ani-ation' Wi&& to Contri*ute( )  there is a di2erence $etween :=apacity to wor%: and :wi in&ness to wor%:' One can $e physica y and *enta y !t to wor% $)t he *ay not $e wi in& to wor%' Moti#ation res) ts in ee in& o in#o #e*ent to present his $etter peror*ance' Th)s *oti#ation $rid&es the &ap $etween capacity to wor% and wi in&ness to wor%' Reduction in +a*or Pro*&e$s( )  a the *e*$ers try to concentrate their e2orts to achie#e the o$3ecti#es o the or&ani-ation and carry o)t p ans in accordance with the po icies and pro&ra**es aid down $y the or&ani-ation i the *ana&e*ent introd)ced *oti#ationa p ans' It red)ces a$or pro$ e*s i%e a$or t)rno#er a$senteeis* indiscip ine &rie#ances etc' $eca)se their rea wa&es increase $y the *oti#ationa p ans' Si'ea*&e increase in production and productivit,( )  when *oti#ated proper y peop e try to p)t e2orts prod)ce *ore th)s increasin& their efciency and as a res) t o this &enera prod)ction and prod)cti#ity o the or&ani-ation increases' They >*oti#ated e*p oyees? )se the *ethods syste* and techno o&y e2ecti#e y in the $est interest o the or&ani-ation' %asis o Cooperation( )  In a -ea to prod)ce *ore the *e*$er@swor% @an s a tea* to p) the wei&ht e2ecti#e y to &et their oya ty to the &ro)p and the or&ani-ation to carry o)t proper y the acti#ities a ocated and &enera y to p ay an efcient part in achie#in& the p)rpose which the or&ani-ation has )nderta%en@' 
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