Object Oriented ABAP

A brief explanation of Object Oriented ABAP
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  Hyderabad February 24-26th 2009 Instructor: Subhas Katikala. Object Oriented ABAP  Workshop Goals This workshop will enable you to: ã Learn object  –  oriented concepts. ã Learn the principle of object - oriented programming. ã Learn the application of object - oriented ABAP.  Course Contents Object Oriented Concepts   Object Oriented Programming.  Advantages of the Object-Oriented Approach  Methods ã  Syntax and Visibility ã  Instance Methods and Static Methods ã   Constructor Reference Variables ã  Creating References ã  Assigning References  Classes Components of a Class Attributes ã  Syntax and Visibility ã  Instance Attributes and Static Attributes    Course Contents Inheritance   Super classes and Subclasses   Visibility   Inheritance and the (Instance) Constructor   Parameters   Redefining Methods in OOABAP   Compatibility   Principles of the Narrowing Cast   Static and Dynamic Components   Final Classes and Methods
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