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1. The Incorporation of ICTs into Task-Based Language Learning Class Observations (Appendix 3) Observation 1 thDate: September 27School: Samuel Ogle Middle schoolClass:…
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  • 1. The Incorporation of ICTs into Task-Based Language Learning Class Observations (Appendix 3) Observation 1 thDate: September 27School: Samuel Ogle Middle schoolClass: 8th year –RELA (Reading English Language Arts)Topic: Informative Essay in Magazine Article Format using Publisher (Description of a monster) 1 2 3 4Teacher showed knowledge of the subject matterComments: T. explained the objective and subject matter of this class to sts. before leavingtheir classroom to go into the computers lab.Ensured that students were engaged in the learning activities plannedfor the class sessionComments: when sts got to the computer room she ensured that students didn’t miss time andfocused immediately in what each of them was supposed to do.Have “real-world” examples to illustrate conceptsComments: the topic of the lesson was: My favourite monster” and T. kept on reminding sts.about monsters they might have heard of from books, folk, films etc.Noticed when a student(s) were not engaged and took action.Comments:T. continuously called out sts whom she saw were not engaged in the task.Sometimes she would call out their names, and sometimes she would come closer to theirworkplace and ask why they are not working.Clearly explained the learning objectives for the class sessionComments: T explained sts that the objective of the class was to type their description inPublisher. T handed in a worksheet with specific guidelines to be followed as regards format,language, design etc. When some sts admitted not knowing how to use this tool, she suggestedusing Word.Responded adequately to student questionsComments: sts asked how to attach a doc to their mails and T explained them how to do it. Stswanted to know whether they could get into internet for information about their monster, butteacher rejected permission. Some students who said not knowing how to work in Publisherwere told to work in Word.Encouraged questions and student participationComments: sts were working individually and T was strict in not allowing them to defocus orsocialize 1
  • 2. Gave sts. an adequate amount of time to respond to questionsComments: T kept on telling sts they had only 45 minutes to fulfill the task, and when class wasover, allowed sts to send their paper home by mail to be finished.Provided feedback that gave students direction for improvementComments: T. focused in the whole group, didn´t do any individual reading of the writings stswere typing or focused on individual design.Appropriately used technological toolsComments: the technological tools sts were supposed to learn was only mastered by 4/5 of the24 sts. The rest were told not to waste time in it and use a word processorRequired students’ engagement in out-of class related activitiesComments: T. reminded sts they were supposed to email to her the final copy of the text andalso reminded some sts who hadn’t still chosen their monster, to go into internet and completethe information search on their ownEncouraged students to engage in the high order thinking skillsComments: sts were engaged in typing their texts from the draft copies they had in theirnotebooks. These draft copies had not been corrected yet. 1. Completely Adequate 2. Adequate. 3. Minimally. 4. Not at all applicable. Observation 2 2
  • 3. Date: October 4thSchool: Samuel Ogle Middle SchoolClass: 6th year -Technology (Introductory)Topic: evaluation of WORD document design. • LESSON CHARACTERISTICSI. Lesson PurposeThe teacher requires silence from part of the sts and explains the purpose of today’s lesson:Evaluation: Taking Notes, Drafting, Proofreading a summary. Sts will be doing peer evaluationof a partner´s text using a 10 points rubric the T is going to be explaining gradually as thelesson proceeds.II. Instructional MaterialsThe materials for the lesson are the same texts sts have been producing for the last twoclasses, in which they have written a descriptive text of a state in USA according to a formatproposed by the teacher.III. DescriptionSts had to log in their computers and find a partner´s text following the teacher’s instructions.Once they had these texts in their screens, they applied an assessment rubric, handed in paper,which the T described step by step in the whiteboard in front of the class. T. kept checking stswere not left behind and explained the rubrics deeply. Sts took the evaluators roles with greatresponsibility and assertiveness. T explained the meaning of peer- evaluations and encouragedsts to feel confident in this role, since he was going to help them to be successful.”I am notgoing to take the decision for you, I am going to give you the tools to take the decisions byyourself”; he said, and they proceed one reading and exemplifying each rubric one by one. • LESSON MANAGEMENTI. ContentThe lesson content was consistent with the stated purposes of the unit. It was significant andworthwhile and appropriate for the developmental levels of the students in this class. Theproblem, question, representation (or other identified purpose) presented to students wascomprehended by, and interesting to, students.II. ImplementationInstructional strategies were consistent with the stated purposes of the unit.The pace of the lesson was appropriate for the developmental levels/needs of the students and the purposes ofthe lesson. The instructional strategies and activities used in this lesson reflected attention tostudents’ experience, preparedness, and/or learning styles. The teacher was able to “read” thestudents’ level of understanding and adjusted instruction accordingly. The teacher’s classroommanagement style/strategies enhanced the quality of the lesson.III. Classroom CultureThere was a climate of respect for teacher´s explanations and contributions. Most of the classwas teacher-centered and sts only interventions was when they had doubts as regards how tomark certain mistakes. This was very rare since the rubric applied was very clear and concise.Interactions among sts were not encouraged. 3
  • 4. IV. Overall Impression of the LessonInstruction is purposeful and engaging for most students. Students actively participate inmeaningful work. The lesson is well-designed and the teacher implements it skillfully.Instruction enhances most students understanding of the aim of the task effectively. COPY OF STUDENTS WORKSHEETStudent: ______________________Seat: ______________________Date: _______________Evaluator: ______________________________Mod: ___________Paper #1: Taking Notes, and Drafting/Proofreading a Summary Computer Technology Concepts Class, Mr. Read Question Answers1. Is the document named Social Studies Topic and Notes and saved in theClasswork folder on the desktop? Yes No2. Scan the entire summary. Is all text (+ title) the same size, color, and type?(12, black, Times New Roman) Circle No for underlining or italics anywhere. Yes No3. Is there a title on the first line below the page break, and has Enter beenpressed twice before the first paragraph? If no page break, circle No. Yes No4. Is the title centered and have first-letter caps (except for ‘a, if, in, etc.’,unless at the beginning)? Yes No5. Does the document have only 3 paragraphs and is the document at least ahalf page? (look at Print Preview to determine this) Circle No for any lists. Yes No6. Are all paragraphs indented once with the Tab key? (you should see anarrow for the Tab key) Yes No7. Look at each sentence. Are 2 spaces used after every period? (1 space = 1dot) Yes No8. Look at each sentence. Are all proper nouns capitalized? (if you are notsure about a proper noun, ask !) Yes No9. Look between paragraphs. Was Enter pressed twice to end a paragraph?(you need to see the ‘backwards P’ twice.) Doesn’t matter after last Yes Noparagraph.10. Click “View, Header and Footer.” Is the header complete and correct? Yes No11. How many “Yes” answers in Column B? __________ 12. Multiply your answer in 11B x 10. This is the Final Score for this paper = __________ 4
  • 5. Directions: The Evaluator must be fair and accurate. Begin #1 by looking at a closedClasswork folder. When you open Social Studies Topic and Notes, put it in ‘Normal View’.Read each Question above carefully and simply. Pay attention to details of the question. Takeyour time to answer each question correctly. Observation 3 thDate: October 11School: Greenbelt Middle SchoolClass: 7th year -Spanish (Introductory)Topic: Verb GUSTAR and use of pronouns in questions and answers about likes and dislikes TIME WHAT I SEE WHAT I FEEL11,35 23 students come into the classroom and sit in The social relations seem quite groups of four. All the chairs are already clear. Friends sit together and arranged in fours, scattered around the big some people remain alone. The room. Four students sit in pairs in different teacher doesn´t interfere with places and three other students sit alone. seating arrangement.11,40 T: Write 3 sentences with GUSTAR with Sts. Take long in listening to the different subjects. T: Ladies and gentlemen be instructions and start the quiet please! Look for your “repaso” worksheet writing. and write the three sentences.11.45 Teacher prepares Mimio while sts. Write the Sts/T. friendly relationship: what sentences. She adjusts Mimio to wall, turns on happened to your finger. She notebook and finds in the mimio-notebook a says it was playing volleyball and table (table 1) with some alternatives under the they don´t believe old people table to fill in the blank cells. T. ask sts for the play volleyball corresponding pronoun and once she listens to the answer, she clicks and drags to the correct place.11.50 T. opens another table (table 2) to practice the Teacher centered forms of the verb SER en el present. T repeats the same procedure as with the previous table. T. opens a new doc. with sentences with blanks11.55 to complete with the different forms of the Two sts have been completely verb: SER. She asks different students to give silent during all the session her the answers and she clicks and drags to the correct place.12.00 T. opens another table (table 3) to practice objective pronouns. T. repeats the same Most sts. are earger to procedure as with the previous table. participate Both activities were done with the whole group. 5
  • 6. LUNCH BREAK .1.15 T . opens a new doc. with sentences with blanks to complete with the different forms of the PRONOUN. She asks different students to come to the smartboard and click and drag the answers. Most of the students raise their hand. She call out their names and they come to the front to complete two sentences. They sit down and another st. comes and so on.1.20 T shows a video from thegetupkids series called: me gusta. The video presents a series of old black and white trailers from films in which the script has been changes and all the characters say es: me gusta, te gusta, nos gusta etc. followed by a short grammar explanation of: A MI ME GUSTA. Sts follow the film1.30 T distributes among sts small whiteboards and No activity on video? markers where students write sentences and show it lifting the board. T.: “write a sentence Sts enjoy activity saying he likes tocar la guitarra”. Sts write”A él No communication le gusta tocar la guitarra”. T writes the correct form on whiteboard for sts to self- correct. She Sts make mistakes but don´t ask1.45 dictates 5 or 6 sentences. why?Table 1YO NOSOTROSTU VOSOTROSEL ELLA USTED ELLOS/ELLAS I YOU WE THEY HE Y´ALL SHETable 2YO NOSOTROSTU VOSOTROSEL ELLA USTED ELLOS/ELLAS SOY ERES ES SOMOS SONTable 3A MI A NOSOTROSA TI A VOSOTROSA EL ELLA USTED A ELLOS/ELLAS ME TE LE LES NOS OS 6
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