October 2014 Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2014 Meeting Minutes
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  PINE GLEN PTO MEETING MINUTESOCTOBER 2, 2014 Ginelle Davidson, PTO President, welcomed everyone in attendance to the first Pine Glen PTO meeting of the 2014-2015 year !ll in attendance introd ced themselves to the gro # Principal's Repor $ohn %yons, &o 'ice-President, re#orted the following(-)e were fort nate this s mmer to have ndergone a ma*or renovation of the main office This change has made o r school an even safer safe #lace to learn as well as enhance o r + ilding  wo ld lie to than everyone in . rlington for their s ##ort This renovation has hel#ed s contin e to mae safety the n m+er one #riority at Pine Glen /lementary chool -)e were very ecited to introd ce more iPads to o r c rrent s ##ly at Pine Glen /lementary chool The1(1 iPad nitiative is e#anded this year to incl de second and third grade This has allowed Pine Glen to +ea 1(1 iPad school from first to fifth grade These instr ctional tools #rovide for o##ort nities to enhance st dent engagement, higher order learning, and em#loy critical thining sills-)e are #leased to welcome new staff mem+ers to o r Pine Glen &omm nity )e enth siastically welcomed many staff to new roles and #ositions at the school too !ltho gh not new to Pine Glen, icole  nderland, who was o r #ermanent s +stit te, +ecame s#ecial ed cation instr ctional assistant %iewise, /li3a+eth erlino, who was a s +stit te last #ring, +ecame a es#onse to ntervention T tor 6t T tor7 n addition, &assandra !#r 33ese, 8risten O9eara, and !lysse $anes are also *oining o r staff as s#ecial needs instr ctional assistants /li3a+eth ormandin, 8risten Po#ma, ean )itt+old, and $essica c&arthy are also *oined o r staff as t T tors !manda %ane too +ecame a f lltime fifth grade teacher n addition, ichele ills, who was a s#ecial ed cation instr ctional assistant, +ecame o r new first grade teacher ichelle !rdi33oni *oined s as o r Technology ntegration Teacher along with artha Ogren as o r %i+rary edia #ecialist in the %i+rary and Technology &enter 6%T&7 Denise &alvino *oined s as a new secretary *oining rs Gosselin in the main office s %ormand, o r school #sychologist, was married this s mmer and will +e rs Perry this :all &om#lementing o r new hires will +e arah .rothersas o r #ermanent s +stit te !leis Dwyer o r g idance co nselor has resigned to s#end more time with her family %a ren ;onetti will +e o r new g idance co nselor and *oining s on Octo+er 20th O r !nn al <eroes !ssem+ly too #lace on Th rsday e#tem+er 11, 2014 at 1(=0 in the afternoon on the grassy area +ehind the school )e said than yo to all those who serve o r comm nity and co ntry, as well as remem+er the tragic events of e#tem+er 11, 2001 )e had great t rno t and a very s ccessf l Pine Glen .ac to chool ight on e#tem+er 2=rd The fifth graders along with myself had a great time at &am# .o rnedale )e learned a lot a+o t marine life and did some great #ro+lem solving>team + ilding activities . rlington P +lic chools?  sic De#artment has +een recogni3ed +y the ational !ssociation of  sic erchants 6!7 . rlington has +een designated as one of @The .est &omm nities for  sic /d cation@ Governor Deval Patric gave . rlington an official citation in recognition of this honor n addition, we were selected to host a we+cast for m on the to#ic of  ##orting  sic on e#tem+er 2A There will +e vario s m sic #erformances from emorial /lementary chool, Pine Glen /lementary chool, arshall imond?s iddle chool and . rlington <igh chool m sic st dentsGoogle oftware /ngineers visited Pine Glen on e#tem+er =0th They were doing research on technologyintegration +y o+serving classrooms and taling with teachers The engineers visited rs Parnell?s indergarten classroom, rs .ea lie ?s fifth grade classroom, and rs 8eo gh-%ane?s second grade classroom  )hen the engineers left, they wanted me to now and the Pine Glen &omm nity that @Pine Glen is incredi+le and we have incredi+le teachers@ They told me they loved seeing the technology, high B ality instr ction and taling to s a+o t ideas we have that co ld mae software and #rod cts even +etter for teachers and st dents se m ed cators from the &oncord  se m visited the fifth grade classrooms this wee The st dents learned a+o t early settlers and ative !merican interactions t dents also learned a+o t the c lt re and geogra#hy of &oncord at that time G!es Spea er &arrie :ort nato, District ath &oach, attended the meeting and did a wonderf l #resentation on the math c rric l m in . rlington P +lic chools, highlighting #dates to the c rric l m and new changes <ighlights>changes incl de( ã ath tiers are now +eing done in Grade A which is new ã Pine Glen is no longer a Title 1 school Title 1 schools are +ased on #ercentage of st dents at #overty level attending school Pine Glen has lost 1 1>2 T t tors +eca se it is no longer a Title 1 school emorial and :rancis )yman remain Title 1 schools ã /nvision ath is now in its second year and is in line with the &ommon &ore & rric l m This  #rogram contin es to hel# enrich st dents ed cation ã t dents in Grades 1-5 are screened in math three times a year sing the ym#hony Test These res ltsare +eing sent home with st dents on Octo+er =, 2014 Teachers are looing for growth scores to eval ate st dent?s #rogress ã 8indergarten st dents will +e screened in late Octo+er>early ovem+er  ã !ll screening done is targeting early intervention to hel# assist st dents in need ã :irst Grade t dents are sing a s ##lemental math #rogram called T ath This teaches st dents with vis als alone and is &ommon &ore aligned ã efle ath is +eing sed in Grades 2-5 to hel# enrich math facts Presi#en's Repor$ Ginelle %a&i#son ã <alloween dance( The Pine Glen <alloween dance is sched led for at rday Octo+er 25, 2014 from A-C#m t was decided to change the #ricing this year The #rice will remain 5 #er family for c rrent PTO mem+ers and 10 #er family for on-PTO mem+ers !d lt vol nteers are still needed ã 'ery long disc ssion held among mem+ers #resent on how to increase comm nication in regards to thePTO mission and f ndraising .eth .aglio, c rrent PTO mem+er, has gracio sly vol nteered to hel# comm nicate all im#ortant PTO news and events via a monthly PTO newsletter to hel# facilitate comm nication Than yo .ethE ã De+  r#hy and ichelle Grossman, &o-&hairs of the ann al PTO &arnival, were #resent at the meeting and disc ssed the changes to the Pine Glen front office and how this will effect the carnival this year n years #ast, the front lo++y has +een heavily sed for carnival events and will no longer +e a+le to +e sed d e to re-constr ction )ith limited s#ace, more events will need to +e o tside /veryone in attendance agreed to change the PTO &arnival to !#ril 11, 2015 PTO mem+er heila /stes agreed to s#earhead &or#orate #onsorshi#s for the &arnival to try to decrease overhead costs and increase f ndraising ã em+ershi# #date( AF families>staff o t of 25C c rrently *oined the PTO which is a+o t 2A em+ers disc ssed incentives to increase mem+ershi# dea disc ssed of trying to award a #ri3e to each classroom, in each grade, with the highest PTO mem+ershi# PTO electronic directories to go home soon to all PTO mem+ers ã Town )ide :lat+read : ndraiser will +e held on ovem+er 1C, 2014 PTO mem+er Denise Desmond will chair this event !ll elementary schools and arshall imonds iddle chool will +e  #artici#ating in this with all #roceeds s#lit eB ally among the schools ã  ovem+er 2A, 2014 )al-a-Thon disc ssed &ommittee to +e esta+lished and will meet soon to contin e #lanning for this day ore details to follow  ã Hear+oo disc ssion- The cost of the 5th grade year+oo is getting B ite costly : ndraising ideas disc ssed to hel# defray costs Princi#al %yons disc ssed idea of setting # !ma3oncom lin where a  #ercentage of all sales is donated +ac to PTO f this is #ossi+le, this will +e a##lied to year+oo e#enses ã Target stores iss ed a 2C0 chec to the PTO !nyone one who o#ens a Target &ard and lins their card with Pine Glen will have a #ercentage of their sales donated +ac to the school Treas!rer's Repor !drienne attson, PTO Treas rer, distri+ ted a #rinted a c rrent PTO + dget re#ort ! + dget overview was disc ssed with all those in attendance en#ance( Ginelle Davidson, &aroline Taitel+a m, $ohn %yons, !drienne attson, $oanne hortell, ichelle O?<are, &arrie :ort nato, an*eeta 8hetan, Patti <elden+ergh, $ill Giles, $ill c&a+e, .eth .aglio, heila /stes, <eather Pecham


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