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of the Evolution of Mobile

of the Evolution of Mobile Lars Kjær Ipsen Tech sales IBM MobileFirst #ibmmobile #bluemix Agenda Bluemix o Introduk0on 0l IBM PAAS (Bluemix) o Deployment i Bluemix How
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of the Evolution of Mobile Lars Kjær Ipsen Tech sales IBM MobileFirst #ibmmobile #bluemix Agenda Bluemix o Introduk0on 0l IBM PAAS (Bluemix) o Deployment i Bluemix How to deploy applica0ons in Bluemix (Boilerplates and run0me environements) demo o Con0nues delivery Delivery Pipeline, how to modify an deploy an Applica0on demo o DevOps (Plan and track task/stories) o Gennemgang af Service katalog i Bluemix, herunder API management o Pricing og delivery models (Public, Dedicated, Local) (Mads) MobileFirst PlaMorm: o Introduk0on 0l MFP (herunder hvorfor og hvornår er det nødvendigt med en Mobile plamorm) o Hvordan integrerer/fungerer MFP med andre uviklingsværktøjer? som f.eks. Xamarin, Ionic, Xcode mv. o HTML vs Na0ve vs Hybrid... o MFP som forvaltningsplamorm for gamle og nye app's - MFP for Opera0ons o Komponenter i MFP: o Security o Analy0c o Integra0on 0l back-end systemer o Mobile Quality Assurance o MFP vs Mobile services i Bluemix - hvordan komplementerer MFP og Bluemix hinanden o Demo af MFP o Kort gennemgang af Apple/IBM samarbejdet o Revideret Pricing og licensering (Mads) Brian Solis The evolu/on of the phone The Mobile Moment The next generation Apps are all about data and workflows 65% Why most people aren t downloading apps anymore! 39% 19% Designing for mobile is different Stakeholder Map Empathy Map Scenario Map Story Map Wireframe Technical Prototype Feedback Grid Prioritization Grid 10 Brainstorming using design Evolu/on from Worklight to MobileFirst Write once, run everywhere Make the app enterprise ready Focus on making the app bemer Focused on hybrid / HTML with open standards Improve dev speed by sharing code across OSes and enabling device op0miza0on Connect to backend systems using adapters Basic version and deployment management Expand to support pure na0ve apps True hybrid apps (mix HTML with na0ve) Focus on four key values: 1. Management 2. Security 3. Visibility 4. Integra0on Open approach to client tech. S0ll provide a one stop shop for cross plamorm Shih to modular services Four universal problems: 1. Keep the app working, responsive, and delivering a great experience at all 0mes 2. Ensure the app is secure 3. Enable the crea0on of contextual and personalized experiences 4. Get data form backend systems and move data closer to the user (offline, cross device synch, client cache) Magic Quadrant for Mobile Applica/on Development PlaAorms The Anatomy of the IBM MobileFirst Platform Adaptive Content (soon!) App Center (B2E App Store) Customer Presence Insights Employees (testers) Mobile App Developers MobileFirst AppScan MobileFirst Studio Tools (or BYOT / Native) Mobile Quality Assurance Adapters MobileFirst Server Console StrongLoop + Node.js Systems of Record Cloudant (NoSQL DB) Administrator / Operational Support Operational Analytics Back-end implementa/on plan 14 IBM MobileFirst PlaAorm provides a comprehensive set of services delivered in a modular fashion Continuously Improve Secure Contextualize and Personalize Data Rich Quality Assurance Sen0ment analysis In-app feedback Crash-analysis Applica'on Scanning Development-0me vulnerability detec0on Presence Insights Mul0-sensor indoor user engagement Cloudant Syncable, managed no-sql data store Advanced Mobile Access (Bluemix) Analy0cs Authen0ca0on Founda'on (On-premises and IaaS) Na0ve and hybrid development Ops analy0cs Problem determina0on and troubleshoo0ng Version enforcement Applica0on catalog Push no0fica0ons Outdoor and indoor loca0on detec0on, triggering, and rules Mobile-op0mized enterprise integra0on and sync Spectrum of mobile app development approaches Pure web Hybrid Pure na0ve Mobile web site (browser access) Na've shell enclosing external Prepackaged HTML5 resources HTML5 + na've UI Mostly na've, some HTML5 screens Pure na've Web-Na've Con'nuum! HTML5, JS, and CSS3 (full site or! Quicker and cheaper way to mobile! Sub-op0mal experience! HTML5, JS, and CSS! Usually leverages Cordova! Downloadable, app store presence, push capabili0es! Can use na0ve APIs! As previous! + more responsive, available offline! Web + na0ve code! Op0mized user experience with na0ve screens, controls, and naviga0on! App fully adjusted to OS! Some screens are mul0-plamorm when makes sense! App fully adjusted to OS! Best amainable user experience! Unique development effort per OS, costly to maintain Demo MQA Mobilize Car2Go + Air Canada Apple IBM (Passenger+)
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