Office of Accounting Performance Evaluation (1)

Office of Accounting Performance Evaluation (1)
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  The University of Texas at Austin - Office of the Controller General Areas of Performance Evaluation Name:Period Ending4! # $$ Pur%ose : The purpose of evaluating performance is to help each employee succeed. In documenting performance for the  period specified above, and setting mutually established goals for the following period, this evaluation is intended toenhance communication and enable staff members to become increasingly productive. &ating Overvie' : ã utstanding: Performance consistently e!ceeds e!pectations ã ommendable: Performance is substantively and significantly above the norm ã #eets E!pectations: Performance met e!pectations and the purpose of the position ã  $eeds Improvement: Performance is generally less than satisfactory and re%uires improvement ã &nsatisfactory: Performance consistently does not meet e!pectations or the purpose of the position Comments: Each employee is encouraged to attach his'her unedited comments to the evaluation. ther attachments to each evaluation will include position(specific performance indicators, and the supervisor)s and employee)s mutually established goals for the ne!t period of review. (eneral Areas of Performance CommunicationEffectively corres%onds 'ith customers via oral) 'ritten and listening s*ills+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding ,u%ervision &euired.or*s inde%endently and exercises good /udgment in com%leting assignments+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding TimelinessAdheres to s%ecified 'or* schedule) and is %unctual in attending a%%ointments+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding 0nitiative1is%lays sense of urgency 2 res%onsiveness in identifying and addressing needs+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding 3no'ledge of PositionExhi5its technical s*ill and a'areness in %erforming reuirements of %osition+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding .or*s .ell 'ith Others,hares information 'ith others and hel%s 5uild a team atmos%here+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding Productivity(enerates high uality and uantity out%ut in %erforming res%onsi5ilities+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding &esourcefulness1emonstrates flexi5ility and creativity in effectively addressing challenges+ &nsatisfactory$eeds Improvement#eetsE!pectations ommendableutstanding  * +ee attached ey -esponsibilities for further details on position(specific performance.    (eneral Areas of Performance Comments and Exam%les ommunication +upervision -e%uired Initiative nowledge of Position or/s ell with thersProductivity-esourcefulness  The University of Texas at Austin - Office of the Controller Annual Performance -eview ey -esponsibilities 0or the period ending 1'23'4355 Employee $ameTitle+ection 3ey &es%onsi5ilityComments and Exam%lesPur%ose of the Position
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