THE CHALLENGE OF MORE More data. Volume and variety, inside and outside the company More people. Number and diversity of users, few of whom may have expertise in technology and all of whom need an easy-to-use application to spur creative questions and answers, not limit them. More change. New business needs, new integration requirements EXTEND BI BEYOND THE WAREHOUSE
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    THE CHALLENGE OF MORE More data.  Volume and variety, inside and outside the company More people.  Number and diversity of users, few of whom may have expertise in technology and all of whom need an easy-to-use application to spur creative questions and answers, not limit them. More change.  New business needs, new integration requirements EXTEND BI BEYOND THE WAREHOUSE Leverage the power of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery for ã   Rapid app provisioning. Fast integration of diverse and changing information from any source, at scale ã   Consumer ease of use. Interfaces that are fast and easy to use for diverse and changing questions ã   IT-business collaboration. Provides IT governance and business and business independence  Are You Making Decisions with Only 20% of Your Data? One of the new challenges facing oil and gas companies today is more  —more data, more people, and more change. Terabytes of data generated by the industry are ignored in analyzing business performance because of its semi- or unstructured nature. How often could answers identifying root causes—answers to the business’ “Why” or “How” questions—be found embedded in this data? Almost always. The Unexplored Frontier of Information Most organizations have implemented some form of business intelligence (BI) to enable employees to monitor, analyze, and improve business performance. Yet a majority of enterprise information exists as unstructured data beyond the reach of traditional BI environments—in verbatim text from well logs, service logs, drilling reports, and project manager reports; or sensor, MES, SCADA, and other field data. Much of this data is stored outside the traditional database, in shared drives, e-mail, ad hoc repositories of SharePoint and file backups across the company, or in external Websites. It often lacks context and affords no apparent causal relationship between data. Because it contains a wealth of rich production, operations, procurement, asset reliability, inventory, customer, employee, and product knowledge, it is used piecemeal to support decisions across the enterprise, but provides an incomplete picture of the business. If harnessed, this information could be used to proactively identify potential safety problems, unlock the mysteries of fast or off-track drilling projects, provide insight to drill bit performance problems, and help get to the real root causes of issues in many other areas. Think about the vast potential stored in these reserves, untapped because it’s just too costly (in other words, too difficult or too time consuming) to aggregate, consolidate, and correlate into insightful information. Until now, mining these data sources just hasn’t been cost effective or practical.    KEY CAPABILITIES ã   Intelligent search. Use intuitive yet advanced search for rapid identification of relevant business concepts and instant results across all your data. Search helps users find what they need, even if they don’t know how to ask for it. ã   Interactive visualizations. Visualize data in context to quickly investigate root causes and exceptions. ã   Contextual navigation. Originally built for and proven on leading consumer Websites, interactive faceted navigation helps users quickly make sense of unfamiliar data sets. ã   Universal data support. Supports any data, structured and unstructured, regardless of schema or type. ã   Text enrichment and sentiment analysis. Extract concepts, entities, and meaning from unstructured text fields in databases, e-mails, social media, and so on. Change the Game with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Enter a unique technology that unites the worlds of structured and unstructured data to provide more-complete visibility into your business, fast. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery enables the forensic mining and connecting of dots across multiple sources of information, to answer traditionally elusive questions. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery’s integrated search and faceted navigation capabilities provide added benefits in making the solution easy to use for end users of any technical skill level, whether they be engineers, geoscientists, financial analysts, or contractors. Only Oracle Endeca Information Discovery provides a complete, integrated solution for analysis of data from any source. Oracle Endeca Information Discovery has helped organizations to ã   Maximize asset utilization and life.  By making asset genealogy and traceability records more accessible, reduce nonproductive time through improved asset management and reliability engineering. ã   Improve timeliness and quality of decisions at well level.  Analyze massive amounts of data from different teams and sources, while reducing the amount of time between data capture, analysis, and implementation of resulting decisions. Understand the real root cause of issues instead of trying to solve problems based on gut feel. ã   Synchronize operations with supply chain. Integrate multiple sources of material and field requirements to reduce overall material spend, inventory, and inventory costs. Obtain parts “purchase versus design” decision support. Recognize opportunities for supplier consolidation, or improved leverage of buying power. ã   Recognize operational improvements.  Analyze field service performance for improving service profitability, conduct safety, drilling completion and project performance analysis, capital expenditures and joint interest billing analysis, and sales and competitive analysis. Unburden Your Overloaded IT Team With IT already overloaded and backlogged, how do companies leverage the capabilities of Oracle Endeca Information Discovery to facilitate increased insight? How do we help more people to leverage more information across the enterprise? The agility that Oracle Endeca Information Discovery provides to an organization is one of its key strengths. Unlike with traditional BI systems, information analyzed through Oracle Endeca Information Discovery does not require a predefined data model. This provides significant flexibility and agility in assimilating data sources quickly, with no significant resource spend on ETL or data harmonizing. While traditional information management projects take months to complete, Oracle Endeca Information Discovery projects are completed in 3-6 weeks, getting critical insights and understanding into the hands of business users, faster. The ease of use provided by Oracle Endeca Information Discovery allows business users to be key players in the creation of discovery applications, reducing the load on IT. CONTACT US For more information about Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, visit or call +1.800.ORACLE1 to speak to an Oracle representative. Copyright © 2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Intel and Intel Xeon are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. 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