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Oliver Middle School Metro Nashville Public Schools Choral Music 1 st Nine Weeks Fall Syllabus

Teacher: Mr. Franklin J. Willis Class Location: Portable 3 Syllabus Class Dates & Time: Daily for 60 minutes. Contact Information: Oliver Middle School 6211 Nolensville Road Nashville, TN Phone (615)
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Teacher: Mr. Franklin J. Willis Class Location: Portable 3 Syllabus Class Dates & Time: Daily for 60 minutes. Contact Information: Oliver Middle School 6211 Nolensville Road Nashville, TN Phone (615) ext. 152 Fax (615) Appointments with the Teacher: or call to schedule an appointment Oliver Middle School Chorus Program We are looking forward to an exciting year as we hope to create enthusiasm about our choir program at Oliver! In order for our choir to sound its best, each of us needs to contribute to the best of our ability. The goals, expectations, and procedures outlined below will allow us to reach our potential Philosophy and Goals Singing is a skill. Skills need to be practiced to improve. I am expecting every student to give their best effort while learning new singing skills. Participation in class will be REQUIRED! Singing like most skills, becomes more fun as one s abilities increase. 1. Every choir member will work to increase his/her individual music skills. 2. Choir is a group effort we will work together to achieve our goals. 3. We will strive to give quality performances. 4. We will work to develop healthy vocal habits for life-long voice use. 5. We will work to become responsible and mature leaders within the Oliver community. Course Objectives Through class periods, students will be able to: 1 Distinguish and apply unison and part singing in an ensemble. Recognize and use standard musical terms and markings within the choral repertoire. Recognize and apply proper vocal techniques. Head/Chest voice, tone quality, intonation, diction, phrasing, and care of the voice. Demonstrate awareness of and tolerance for the diversity of choral repertoire. We will explore various genres and styles including; Folk songs, Secular Concert, Sacred Concert, Multicultural Holiday songs, Spirituals, Musical Theater, Vocal Jazz, Pop Music, Hip-Hop, Country, Solo and Duet Repertoire, and World Music. Develop sensitivity toward musical text as it relates to meaning and emotional quality. Evaluate musical performances (recordings, live performances, or their own performances). Demonstrate appropriate stage presence, proper performance and audience etiquette, and correct microphone technique. Participate in a variety of public performances in varying performance styles. Use synchronized movement/choreography in conjunction with vocal performance when appropriate. Course Objectives Continued Through the sight reading process, students will be able to: Acquire and apply sight reading a ear training skills. Recognize and read rhythms in the time signatures 2/4, ¾, 4/4 Recognize and read rhythms of whole, half, dotted half, quarter, dotted quarter, and eighth notes and rests. Recognize and read melodies in the key signatures of C, F, G, D, Bb. Recognize and read melodies with stepwise motion and skips of at least thirds. Apply a minimum of two-part singing. (possibly three and four part music when applicable) 2 Compose melody and harmony lines with guided directions. Expectations Students need to be in class every day and on time. By the time the bell rings, students should be seated with their binder and pencil. At the beginning of class, students should begin completing music board work until attendance has been taken. Students will bring to class daily a pencil, black binder, and paper. Students will master skills and concert music at the requested times, or seek additional help when needed to attain these goals. Students will not be allowed to bring chewing gum, food or drink (water in a clear bottle with a lid is acceptable) to choir class. Students will maintain a positive attitude while showing respect for themselves, the director, and other at all times. Participate actively by showing interest in your work! Take pride in your personal accomplishments and show support for your peers positive efforts. Information on Grades We do not all learn things at the same rate, nor do we sing and or read music with equal skill. However, your grade is within your control. You will be evaluated based on your class participation, vocal and music reading skill mastery, your ability to bring things to class and turn assignments in on time, and your attendance at performances. It s up to YOU! Your grade will be computed as follows: Class Participation 60% You will earn a weekly participation grade The quality of your work will help or hurt your weekly grade 1. Being on time, remembering your materials, and contributing positively to class, etc. are all important parts of your participation grade. 3 Assignments, Quizzes, Short Projects 15% Short in-class Singing Quizzes Musical Knowledge Quizzes Personal Goal Setting and Reflective Writing Other short projects as assigned Demonstrating Responsibility 10% Binder Checks with sections neatly organized (music in alphabetical order, board work completed) Turing in assignments on time (permission slips, forms, etc) Attending class on time Showing Teacher and classmates Respect during class. Final Exam and Final Essay Paper 15% At the end of the nine weeks, students will take a final exam to assess the musical skills learned. Final Essay will be a two page document typed by students. Please select one of the following writing prompts. 1. What is your favorite song? 2. Bio on your favorite musical artist 3. What did you learn in chorus and why is it important? 4. Is music important to our society? Why or Why not? WHAT YOUR PARENT GUARDIAN CAN DO TO HELP YOU Listen to you sing and encourage you Be supportive of any practicing Encourage you to come to me with any questions or to get help to improve. When available, log onto GradeSpeed to check assignments and progress. 4 Teacher Comments Syllabus I believe every person is a musician. While there are different levels of talent, students are highly expected to give their best effort. It is my goal to excite my students about music and to provide them with meaningful music instruction in a positive, supportive learning environment. I have high expectations for each musician and will not accept anything but the best. Parent and student cooperation is appreciated and necessary for the success of the vocal program. Please contact me, drop in, come to future performances, have conferences, and continue your interest in your child s growth musical and otherwise! I look forward to working with all of you this year! Sincerely, Franklin Willis Oliver Middle School Choir Director Phone: Ext. 152 Fax: Student Name (please print): Parent Guardian: Phone: Student Signature: Parent Signature: Date: 5
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