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Omega-3 3 Fatty Acids as Food Ingredients

Omega-3 3 Fatty Acids as Food Ingredients Namal Senanayake, Naseer Ahmed & Jaouad Fichtali Martek Biosciences Corporation Winchester, KY November 14, 2007 Presentation Outline About Martek About
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Omega-3 3 Fatty Acids as Food Ingredients Namal Senanayake, Naseer Ahmed & Jaouad Fichtali Martek Biosciences Corporation Winchester, KY November 14, 2007 Presentation Outline About Martek About DHA Health Benefits of DHA New Martek Products: Martek DHA -HM Oil Martek DHA Powder Martek Biosciences Corp. Founded in 1985 Develops nutritional products that promote health and wellness Experts in fermentation technology Develops products derived from microalgae 525 employees worldwide Martek Locations: - Headquarters: Columbia, MD - Manufacturing and R&D Facilities: Winchester, KY Kingstree, SC Boulder, CO Martek Products life sdha - DHA rich oils from microalgae: Crypthecodinium cohnii, Schizochytrium sp. Martek s ARA - ARA rich oil from a fungus: Mortierella alpina What is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)? Highly unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid (22:6n-3) Major structural fat in the brain and retina DHA represents: - 97% of all omega-3 s in the brain - 93% of all omega-3 s in the retina Key component of the heart Chemical Structure of DHA COOH Chemistry Long-chain length Highly unsaturated Cis double bonds Omega 3 Characteristics Hydrophobic Low melting point Helical structure Essential family of fatty acids Biosynthesis of DHA COOH α-linolenic Acid 18:3(n-3) Desaturation Elongation COOH DHA 22:6(n-3) What makes DHA so interesting? DHA provides brain, eye & heart health benefits EPA provides cardiovascular health, but may not play a role in brain & eye health ALA has no known benefits on brain & eye health; insufficient data to support its role in cardiovascular health DHA Promotional Claims Qualified Health Claim: Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. Source: US Food and Drug Administration, 2004 Structure/Function Claims: DHA supports brain, eye and heart health. DHA supports cardiovascular health. DHA supports healthy brain function. DHA is important for optimal brain & eye development Nutrient Content Claim: If the product contains 32 mg of DHA per serving: An excellent source of DHA High in DHA Rich in DHA Why life sdha? Vegetarian source Kosher & Halal Produced under cgmp conditions Self-Affirmed GRAS When formulated properly into a product, it will not compromise taste, texture or aroma More stable and consistent composition Concentrated form of DHA (~40% DHA) Free of ocean-borne contaminants Novel Foods Approval in Europe Novel Foods Approval in Australia/ New Zealand Benefits of DHA & ARA for Infants DHA - ARA - important for brain, eye & nervous system development important for proper brain development DHA/ARA & Infant Development Infants who received optimal levels of DHA during gestation exhibited: improved psychomotor development improved mental processing scores at 4 years Infants fed DHA and ARA supplemented formula exhibited: improved mental development better visual acuity significantly lower blood pressure at age six DHA for Pregnant and Nursing Women DHA for the Developing Infant Maternal DHA supplementation: Increase DHA level of fetus & breast-feeding infant Increase mother s blood & breast milk DHA level Improved psychomotor development at age two Improved attention skills at age five Increase the length of gestation by 6 days DHA and Cardiovascular Health Cardioprotective Effects of DHA An association between DHA & good cardiovascular health Animal and clinical studies suggestive of cardiovascular benefits specific to DHA: Raises HDL Lowers TAGs Increases LDL & HDL particle sizes DHA and Brain Health Role of DHA in neurological disorders Animal and human cell model studies showed: DHA may protect against accumulation of a protein linked to Alzheimer s disease DHA induced changes in neuronal membrane properties Further research is needed: to further determine the mechanism of action Martek DHA -HM Summary Semi-solid product at RT Same high quality as well-known Martek DHA -S (vegetarian, no ocean-borne contaminants). Elimination of processing steps increases yields / productivity and more cost-effective. Oxidative stability at room temperature is very good. Has been successfully used in numerous food applications. Microencapsulated Powders Microencapsulated Powders Patented, Stable powder form of vegetarian DHA Non-dusting, user-friendly free flowing powder Available as 10% and 17% DHA powders Suitable for fortification of many foods
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