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OMS EC 2 - 15 Installation Instruction

Installation instruction manual of OMS EC 2-15 escalator machine
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  Translation from german srcinal Escalator Machine oms    Hypodrive   EC 2 - 15 Installation instructions according to Annex VI of the EC Directive 2006/42/EC Mechanical Equipment and further product details  Installation instructions EC 2 - 15 (We reserve right to make technical changes - status 01/2010) Page 2 of 32  Installation instructions EC 2 - 15 (We reserve right to make technical changes - status 01/2010) Page 3 of 32 List of Contents Page 1   FOREWORD 4   2   GENERAL 5   3   INSTALLATION 6   3.1   Assembly 6   4   BASIC MACHINE 8   4.1   Technical data 8   4.2   Modules and built on parts 8   4.3   Alternative equipment 8   4.4   Spare parts 10   4.5   Gear versions and fitting locations 10   5   SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE 12   5.1   Gear oil 12   5.2   Servicing the brakes 14   5.3   Brakes 16   5.4   Replacing the motor 18   5.5   Replacing the elastic coupling ring 18   5.6   Adjusting the break lining wear control 19   5.7   Adjusting the hood-type switch 20   6   MISCELLANEOUS 21   6.1   Storage 21   6.2   Transport 22   7   APPENDIX 23   A OMS technical data – escalator machine EC 2 - 15 24 B OMS dimensioned drawing – escalator machine EC 2 - 15 25 C Electrical connections 26 D Pin assignment – Wieland connector 27 E EU-safety data sheet Klübersynth GH 6-220 29  Installation instructions EC 2 - 15 (We reserve right to make technical changes - status 01/2010) Page 4 of 32 1 Foreword T he OMS escalator machine EC 2 – 15 is used as the drive for escalator and passenger conveyors (moving pavement, travolators) and is designed for use inside a confined space (e.g. in a state au-thority building). Its use in any other way requires release by OMS. T he OMS escalator machine is a high-performance drive unit, consisting of several modules with different tasks. The design of the motor is suitable for operation with frequency converters. P lease read this installation instructions thoroughly. It will help you to avoid possible malfunc-tions and discrepancies during the commissioning and operation of the machine. T he safety measures and regulations for the commissioning and operation of escalator machines comply with DIN EN 115 and DIN EN 292 Part 1 and 2, each in their respective latest version. T he OMS escalator machine may only be used in a technically perfect condition and the working capacity confirmed by OMS. S hould the machine have been damaged during transport or   if a defect is identified during the commissioning of the machine, please inform OMS immediately giving details of the defect or damage. I f    water damage exists, please contact OMS. T he decision, whether to repairs can be carried out on site and the machine still be used should only be made after consultation with and release from OMS. If necessary the machine must be returned to OMS in its srcinal packaging. Therefore, please keep the packaging material until after commissioning. I f changes, become recognisable during the machine’s service life, e.g. due to wear, aging, etc., they should be immediately corrected according to this mounting- and maintenance manual. T he gears may only be opened in the factory by OMS, otherwise all warranty and guarantee claims expire. S hould the machine not be used until a later date, measures must be taken to conserve the ma-chine (see Chapter 6, page 21).
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