On Automating Corruption and Outsourcing Treason

On Automating Corruption and Outsourcing Treason
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  On Automating Corruption and Outsourcing Treason   By Noel D. Smith - August 6, 2018  Americans are conditioned to dismiss “conspiracy” out of hand. You are expected to work at your job and be fulfilled enough, or at least too tired not to, accept that those looking out for your best interests are doing their best to keep their jobs. However, the government does offer rewards for identifying exploitation, embezzlement and harmful propaganda, so the problem not only exists, but is regarded as logically irrefutable. In fact, the presumption that corruption is allowed or even necessary, is foreign. Foreign hostility entails diplomacy, to include war. Of course, there are ways of concealing the campaigns run on degrading our credibility, undermining our way of life and hiding major criminality behind the instinct to obscure little shortcuts we are forced to take to fulfill our mission. When these fail, the victim or investigator is sometimes punished legally or scapegoated for events beyond their knowledge or control. Our government is, for the most part, strictly-limited to prevent this. So corruption and conspiracy are not only inherent, but our system is built on providing for the common good while preventing its abuse. The church is often cited as source of corruption, but community meeting places are fundamental to a healthy society. So this is an attack on the community itself, whether or not any particular church is one which they attend. An attack on one church is an attack on us all, the same as any school, concert, or other social function. Our failure to take these personally is a form of corruption. No presumption of cowardice should be allowed in secret. This land grants authority and high office to those qualified via democracy, representing a republic. When such authority is delegated to an assembly acting on behalf of foreign obligations against us, the republic itself represents a foreign occupier. The impeachment process allows us to correct this legally, without jeopardizing the republic overall. Other systems are presumed to be inherent in human behavior. Therefore, the study of affecting changes in human behavior ahead of political corruption is no “health care plan” of mine. I’ll smoke you for Jesus. For instance, allowing foreign corporations to set standards for our own business practices encourages  Americans to obstruct investigations, screen enemy activity by their own crimes, and propagate a system of subversion and overt hostility toward the common good. In fact, only by devoting lifetimes of work to this study have we been able to identify and isolate our own liabilities from the subtle effects of legitimate foreign collection efforts, amidst the more or less subtle and even incredible crimes being committed against us and the world in our name. By imposing themselves between our government and our population, foreign companies act in open defiance of the American ANTITRUST ACT, preventing legal monopoly of our own industries. Our official failure to treat emergent technologies according to their fullest potential derives from the culture of “brainwashing,” or systemic propaganda designed to accommodate tampering against our own best interests, which not even our own custodians are completely immune to. Their ability to confront this culture may be limited by a lack of awareness of their own liabilities, a permissive approach to confronting each other’s, or defeatist resignation to powers beyond their control. However, stopping the public interest from addressing these foreign or criminal influences is usually classified under “sabotage” or “espionage,” which are punishable under The War Crimes Act, or hangable in the absence thereof. In the event that we become aware of something affecting an individual’s health or well-being, having determined the cause thereof logically, we should then ask ourselves how deviant such a behavior really is, whether or not it is proportional to correction or treatment, and if this could just as easily happen to anybody else - or whether or not an individual is simply being scapegoated for one thing or another, occluding liability in an act of foreign hostility against us all. At this time, since the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914, no authority exists to allow for the summary assumption of prerogative herein - it’s not up to a doctor whether an illness was caused by crimes left unsolved or not. Any charlatan can assert exclusivity of the right to collect on behalf of his own victim. Whether or not this represents a crime falls under one of the systems of law meant to allow for acts of self-defense or forgiveness en lieu of redress commonly referred to as either “corporatism,” “fascism,” or “pirate law.” (Gypsy law does not merit legal protection.) Each of which is applied according to agreement with our cut (court awards, rewards or legal fees, fines, surcharges, or taxes, tithes or indulgences.) Whether or not war is necessary is no matter for opinion, this is science. No provision exists under any church, nor state, for cowardice in policy. How simple would it be to cite tyranny to impose unjustified punishments on us all, without their knowledge of the tyrant, for instance? Who is in charge, some Whore of Babylon? What if we just emulate the village idiot, then reward his punishment for our own sins? Imagine having to pay his rightful allotment. We answer to the Injuns? They’d scalp us.   At this time, there exists no reasonable argument for tolerating overt criminal activity en lieu of war, minus the express consent of a prevailing authority. Our government must meaningful acknowledge our losses. It’s their job. (This author has never invoked, nor consented to, legal protection under religious or foreign law.)  
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