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On Reading Obituaries

Essay in English on the habit of reading obituaries.
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  On Reading Obituaries I fnd analyzing people who read newspapers quite amusing. I suppose itworks that way because I don’t read them mysel. It is an unknown world ull o subjects o study that move along a line which goes rom the most boring andstarchy readers o stock exchange listings to the entertainment seekers thatollow the comics section week ater week with all kinds o preerences andeccentricities in between. !ne o such eccentric habits and the one I fnd mostdi cult to understand is the reading o obituaries.#ore than a ew times I’ve heard my grandma telling someone that aperson she knew was dead ater reading it on the newspaper. In act that is thefrst and only section she has any interest in. I elt relieved to fnd out that shewasn’t the only one$ on the contrary it seemed quite a common practice amongthose o her age. %evertheless I couldn’t help but think o this as an utterlyominous habit. & lot o newspaper sections cover events related to deaths andreaders interested in other topics come to learn about them some times moreunexpectedly than others. 'ut what kind o person would have their majorinterest in the obituaries( )hey don’t come across the grim reaper by chanceand neither do they eel that uneasiness that urges them to turn the page rapidlyin search o lighter and happier news$ instead they chase it on purposecompletely aware that all they will fnd out is that someone ceased to exist andin some cases usually the more interesting ones someone they knew. *owcould such adorable+looking elders be so eager to learn about someone’s death(Is it a kind o competition to see who o all the representatives o a generationwould outlive the others( I so what is the point o it( )here would be a winnerbut no one to proclaim them as such. )here must be another reason.  ,hat i the obituaries do actually engage them but in some other way(#aybe all these elderly obituary readers have signed some imaginary contract akind o silent agreement between them but not as competitors but as memberso a common group. I imagine them as points scattered around the country oreven the world connected by an invisible generational string that makes themeel united closer sharing the same group sentiment. )hereore by reading theobituaries they can all learn about the death o a member o their group nomatter how ar they are. -erhaps this synchronized reception o the bad newshas the power o tightening that generational string$ maybe it allows them todiminish their sorrow by eeling that it is shared by all members and unites themin one last goodbye scented with nostalgia and newspaper ink. nortunately Ican keep on weaving theories and suppositions without ever reaching anycertainty on the subject.! course I can always go and ask one o these peculiar readers or someanswers but it is ar too straightorward and boring. #aybe someday I will fndout by mysel. /ome years rom now I may start reading newspapers and someyears ater that I may take up the habit o reading obituaries0 It is then when Iwill know or sure what it is all about0 and maybe I’ll write an essay about it.%atalia #. -rieto 12riday3
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