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  HiChristine, here is what Vikki wasable tofind. We have a donated book on the O Neaii s in three volumes. I have included a sheet on the numbering system that was used. (Personally I don t likeit.) Vikki has starred thenames that come into your line. Shehas also copied the family group sheet ofa John E.O Neall thatmatches upwith the dates you provided us for your John E.It listshiswife as MaryA.E.whichcould stand forMaryAnnElizabeth.If that iscorrect, then John E. s fathercouldpossibly be the WilliamE.O Nealwefoundin the HistoryofClinton County. ClintonCountyis the county just east of Warren County, and Waynesvilleisin the eastern partofWarrenCounty, so we are geographicallyclose.) The dates in the Clinton County History do notmatch upwith the dates in the O Neall genealogy, but the names do match up.Unfortunately,a John E.isnotlisted as one oftheir children. Unfortunately, this information seems to leavemany unanswered questions. The O Neaii s in Waynesville wereQuakers. Ifyou have information that linksyourfamilyto the Quakers, youmight want tocontactWilmingtonCollege. The Watson Libraryon campus has the srcinalminutesof the MiamiMonthlyMeetingwhich was centeredhere inWaynesville.Idonotthink they dofree research, but there might besomeone whocouldlook atthe minutesduring the timeframeyoulooking atand see if there is any mentionof the names you are lookingfor. Good luckin your research Linda  wartzeland Vikki Brown jfl I^ Or iu LK ol term  'ecligreeViewãPrinterPricndiy- Ancesio com hitp://ifces.anccsiry.coin/trce/2H256y8/pcrson/-y81Ky536y/lainiIy/pcdigrec/pri ã{J I'ullerONeallFamily Tree . r-  i^o yiixO J 805- iOfMI  e: ..SoulhCatollna.USA |-ujhoarchti pc^rcoC Jotm  014ua B: 26£l«i 1824ONo M: ID;31Mar1695Sronson.BourbonCo,KanMS ThomasBenion O NraB a-4Afx1 53MotSscnDaviessCotnty,IN M;2Apr1874Bouibon, MafshaH. Indiana,USA0:28May1934Femdaia.WhatcomCo.WA Henry FreatO NMD B: lOJanUreuSA M:SOt)CI797 USA  ; 17Hov teS2 Indiana.USA (WBamC.O-Hetf .|B: SJan 1800SoumCwnbia.USA |M;leMn-IRaiaUKlodStiilos [D:27 Jan 1883, USA Maryanna BUabelh O'Koafl B:28Aug 1825South Carolina M-.D;   Oct(060 WononCo. Ilinoie MatyMHea B:27Aug1702USA M; ODec1707USA D: 27 Oct <M5 , Indiana, USA John Boyd  ; 1760Ur«ed tcts» M: D: lenUnttodStalas {MaryBeyd IB: 13Nav 1801 UnitodStatoa ;M:10Marlh24UrdedStalos ith 4Ooc1078Iowa.UnKod Stales Eltzabath VHteon B: M: D: 1820 jWBUamOHMl 18: 5 Nov i 734 Dotoware. USA O: SNovl^USA Bi 18Uayt738Wglnto.USA | D: 11 Dec1609 USA j Samuel M8ea 8; 12 Jun 1750 USA D: jO F<4> 1807 USA MaryTlivfor B:22Jun1759Virginia.USA O.- lOJun 1807USA ^ help ^K i bnck b> JohnE.Oy^^/ H<^rncd^ ex. Maryc^<n/^c \^9 - houj ao +hc WcrrcA Coun M.Ohia C /aec. li -^,4 in ã 7/1/14.8:58 Al  /79 f/i^f^ lOiiiiB ^M l/?ilmi oc^tp 0 frost  7/9/^14RodsWeb'sWorldConnectProject:JohnO'Neall's GEDCOM: QuakerO'NeallsandIriends Elizabeth Oneall totheirfetherconcerningJohnE.O'Neafl July 4lh 1875 Osceola,Clarke Co. la. Iwasnotsurprisedattheaccountthatyougave of JohnE.O'Neal wheneveramanmakesvphis mind to give overtotheDevilhe will find the devil readytotake charge of himandhe Surely madeiq) his mind to thatlongagoifthechildrenevermakeany thing theywillnotowe him foritbutIfearthatthey will always inherit many of their fethers traits of caracter. Children inherit intelect and disfortune fi*om their ^ fethers andconstitution fi-om their Mother if that is their base the 5? ^ fiiture can easily Becorijectured for them ^^ Write Soon as you can ^^ T. B. CNeall to William CNeall ^^ NOTE BY DONO NEALL - One should keep in mind when ^ readingtheabove letter thatJohnE.andMary Arm hadbeen marriedoutside ofher S 0 feirrilies ^§ Quaker feith, she d died,possibty he d remarried to Elizabeth Ross, ^^ had ^ twochildren dieduringthe move fi-om IN to KSand ^ probabfy :::: ^ wasnot  mentalfy doing well in dealingwith the raising of his femify. i^ Possibfy by this timehe hadMrs. Elizabeth Rose, who laterbecame ^ H. I^ second/third wife, living in thehousehold. AH of which I envisiondid ^ not setwell within-lawsraised within theQuakerfeith ^ 9. Title: Famify Grorp Sheet, Cornpiler Address:790Country Lane, ^ Orlando, FL 32804 ^ Abbrev:O Neafl, A. E.,FGS ^' Author: O NeaD, Albert EDis §^ Publication: Orlando, FL 32804  ^ Page: Refers to Carol Fuller Kosai andDonald M. O Neafl § 10. Tide: Descendants of Henry Frost O Neafl  GEDCOM file ^ RecordType:GEDCOM,V\ Conpiler Address: Spokane, Washington -5 Abbrev. O Neafl,Don, GEDCOM § Author: O NeaD, Donald Marvin ^ Page:The femily migratedfromILtoKStohomesteadand live ina log/'sod cabin. 11. Tide: Famity GroupSheet,CornpflerAddress:790CountryLane, Orlando, FL 32804 Abbrev O'Neafl,A.E., FGS Author:O'Neafl,Albert EDis Publication:Orlando, FL 32804 Page:referstomarriagecertificate,GreeneCo.,Indiana,23 http:/AM3rldconnecLrootsweb.ancestry.corTVcgi-bin/ig racg i?Qp=GET&db=joneal l id=1395 5/8
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