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Guidance Onthank Early Childhood Centre HANDBOOK A Message from the Head of Education A message from the Head of Education Headteacher s message Establishment ethos, vision and values Establishment information Establishment security Establishment calendar Staff information Establishment improvement Pre-birth to 3 Curriculum 3-18 Assessment and reporting Policies and procedures Additional Support for Learning Transition Parental involvement Learning community Wider community links Other information Disclaimer 2 A Message from the Head of Education Thank you for taking the time to read this handbook. In writing the following pages, colleagues are attempting to do two things. The first is to provide you with the information you need so that your child Thank you for taking the time to read this handbook. In writing the following pages, colleagues are attempting to do two things. The first is to provide you with the information you need so that your child can be given access to all of the services and facilities to which they are entitled. The second purpose is to seek and promote a genuine partnership with you as the main responsible adult in your child s life. Without that partnership it will not be possible for your daughter or son to take maximum advantage of their education and so to fulfil their potential. Quite simply, we want the best for your child in exactly the same way you do. My invitation to you is that should you have any doubts about your child s progress or their entitlement to a service, then you should not hesitate to contact the school or early childhood centre. You are entitled to an explanation of anything that is of concern to you and staff will be very pleased to assist you with an answer to any question you have. All we would ask is that you do this with the courtesy that you yourself would expect. I know your child will enjoy their time with us and they will learn and progress every day. However old your son or daughter, never be afraid to ask what they were doing today and whether they were having any difficulty or problem that we, or you, can help them with. By our working together in this way, I promise that your child will succeed and will have a great preparation for life. Kindest regards Alan Ward 3 Headteacher s message Dear Parents/Carers, A warm welcome to Onthank Early Childhood Centre. Joining our Early Childhood Centre is your child s first, important step in becoming part of our school community. We recognise that you are your child s first and most important educator and we look forward to working with you and sharing the extensive knowledge you have of your child. Sharing this knowledge with us will help us to build on your child s previous experiences and will enable us to plan for future development. Our Early Childhood Centre offers high quality education with highly qualified, caring and motivated staff whose primary concern is the wellbeing and development of your child. Great care is taken to ensure that our children experience an exciting, motivating and appropriate experience that will allow them to develop at a pace suited to their individual needs and interests. The main vehicle for learning is through play and fun. We hope the following pages give you a flavour of our Childhood Centre. Should you have any further questions, we are always happy to help. We look forward to a long and happy association with you and your family. Kindest regards Kirsty Doncaster Head Teacher (Acting) 4 Establishment ethos, vision and values In Onthank Early Childhood Centre we aim to offer the highest quality service. Our Vision Onthank Early Childhood Centre is committed to supporting our children and families in every possible way, so that they can reach their full potential and become; Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors and Successful Learners. Our Aims At Onthank Early Childhood Centre we aim: To create a safe, happy and caring environment in which everyone is made welcome. To promote independence, self-esteem and confidence in an atmosphere that encourages respect for themselves and others. To provide a curriculum that promotes challenge, enjoyment, personalisation and choice in learning. To provide an environment inside and outside which extends their sense of wonder and lets children experience success and develop a positive attitude to learning. To work in partnership with parents, the local community and outside agencies. These aims reflect the principals of the National Care Standards for Early Education and Childcare: Dignity, Privacy, Choice, Safety, Realising Potential, Equality Diversity Above all we hope that your time as a family at Onthank Early Childhood Centre is a happy and enjoyable experience. 5 Establishment information ESTABLISHMENT NAME ADDRESS Onthank Early Childhood Centre Meiklewood Road KILMARNOCK KA3 2ES TEL NO PRESENT ROLL 189 CAPACITY 235 ( year old places) ( years old places) STAGES COVERED Age 2-5 HOURS OF OPENING 8.30 am am pm 3.40 pm FLEXIBLE CHILDCARE DENOMINATIONAL STATUS SINGLE SEX CO-EDUCATIONAL PARKING ARRANGEMENTS Available 52 weeks Non Denominational Co-Educational Centre Car Park (Disabled access available at front entrance) ASSOCIATED PRIMARY SCHOOLS (addresses & telephone numbers) Mount Carmel P.S. Meiklewood Road, Kilmarnock Onthank P.S Meiklewood Road, Kilmarnock Establishment information Snack Most children have a 3 hour 10 minute session at their early years establishment, therefore meals are not generally provided. Some children may attend on a full day basis and in those circumstances a meal may be provided in establishments that provide places for children aged 0-3 years or flexible childcare. It is very important for children to have the opportunity to learn about healthy lifestyles, including a healthy diet. We follow the Nutritional Guidance for Early Years document as outlined in National Care Standard 3.3 and use the Setting the Table guidance. Therefore, we offer a variety of healthy foods at snack time, encouraging the children to experiment by trying new foods. Children need a varied diet to ensure that they get all the nutrients they require for growth and development. Snacks should also be nutritious and low in added sugars to prevent tooth decay. During the weekly planning, the children have the opportunity to suggest their favourite snacks for the following week. There are some snack foods that can be harmful to children s health if they are eaten frequently. These include soft drinks, sweets, chocolate confectionery, chocolate and cream-filled biscuits, sugary pastries, sugary desserts, highly-sweetened cereals, and sugary and sugared sticky yoghurts. Although we do not provide these types of snacks, on special occasions we may offer an alternative to our usual menu - as a special treat. Enrolment Registration dates are displayed in the local paper by East Ayrshire Council (usually in February) but applications are taken at Onthank Early Childhood Centre at any time throughout the year. Enrolment usually takes place around the beginning of June. All children whose third birthday falls before the end of February (the following year) are eligible for enrolment for the next school year. All ante pre-school and preschool children are entitled to 600 hours of early learning and childcare. This is currently being delivered as daily sessions of 3hrs 10mins. Children in their ante pre-school year will normally become eligible to start their placement from the first Monday of the month following their 3rd birthday. All applications are banded on a priority basis according to East Ayrshire Council s policy. 7 Establishment information Children who are three before the end of August, who have been allocated a place, will be invited to visit the centre in June. They will have an opportunity to visit the playrooms and meet the staff while their parents complete enrolment forms and chat about the curriculum. Parents are more than welcome to visit the centre prior to making an application. Accomodation Our accommodation was recently completed in August ground floor level, so is accessible to wheel chair users. The centre accommodation is on Internal Features 4 large activity based playrooms which are open plan. An additional playroom which will initially be used for our 2 year old children. A Rainbow Room which is used as a nurture room and quiet room. A Sunshine Room which is used by groups of children for circle time, group time and story time. This room is also our library. A Visiting Specialists Room e.g. speech therapist, community paediatrician, occupational therapist etc. Parents Room. Laundry Room Kitchen Staff CPD Room Staff Room The Head Teacher s office. The Senior Practioners office. Clerical Office External Features. A large enclosed outdoor play area which has safety flooring and an outdoor toilet. A fully enclosed garden. 8 Establishment information Associated Establishments Onthank Primary School Meiklewood Road Kilmarnock Mount Carmel Primary School Meiklewood Road Kilmarnock KA3 2ES KA3 2ES Tel: Tel: Head Teacher: Mrs K McCartney Head Teacher: Mrs B Gibb Should you wish to comment on or make a complaint about any aspect of provision made by the establishment, you should contact the establishment in the first instance. Our aim is to resolve as many complaints as possible at the first point of contact. You have the right to contact the Care Inspectorate with any complaint that you have about an early childhood centre. Please see part 2 of the handbook for further information 9 Establishment information Front Garden Area Playrooms Playrooms Toilets 10 Establishment security The establishment has a very secure key fob entry system throughout. There is a secure door into the main building. An intercom system is in use for times that the office is closed. All visitors to the building are requested to sign the visitor s book. The Head Teacher or nominated person will ensure that the main exit door is appropriately secure as children are leaving with their parents and carers. The main playroom doors are kept locked during the main play sessions. Fire Exits are still accessible from inside the playrooms. The outdoor play area has a gate that remains closed at all times. It is expected that a responsible adult will bring your child to and from the establishment. All visitors report to the office and must sign in/out on entering/leaving the Early Childhood Centre. In the interests of your child s safety, it is essential that you make a point of telling the Head of establishment if the child is to be collected by someone not known to the Head of establishment or staff members. Parents/carers will be asked to sign their children in/out of the Early Childhood Centre. Once your child has been signed out from the Early Childhood Centre, it is your responsibility for your child s safety. The adult at the front entrance is there to ensure that there is always a member of staff available should you wish to pass on any information. We ask that parents/carers report the absence of their child to the centre on the first day of absence. If known in advance that your child is going to be off, key worker/office staff should be advised. Failure to do this will result in the centre contacting parents/carers to ascertain the reason for the child s absence. This will be done before the end of the session and recorded daily. Staff must report all absences to the centre office to ensure that the Head Teacher is aware of attendance numbers and reasons for absence. 11 Establishment calendar 12 Staff information Management Team Head Teacher (Acting) ELCCP Senior ELCCP Senior Kirsty Doncaster Jennifer McBurnie Roni Fitzpatrick Early Learning and Childcare Practitioners 2-3 year old children ELCCP Senior ELCCP ELCCP ELCCP ELCCP Roni Fitzpatrick Coline Archibald Eilidh Ferguson Lorna Morgan (AM) Lynne Jamieson (PM) 3-5 year old children ELCCP Senior Red group Jennifer McBurnie ELCCP Senior Lime group Roni Fitzpatrick ELCCP Peach group Linda Armstrong ELCCP Orange AM group Mary Stewart ELCCP Orange PM group Lorna Morgan ELCCP Pink AM group Lynne Jamieson ELCCP Blue group Christine McColl ELCCP Purple group Agnes Galloway ELCCP Green group Elaine Scott ELCCP Silver group Maggs Roberston ELCCP Yellow group Debbie Boax ELCCP Lilac group Joanne McKay (Lynn Dysart - temporary) ELCCP White group Linzi Stewart 13 Staff information ELCCP Gold group Tricia Brown (Currently on secondment) Stacey Edmonds temporary) ELCCP Group Support Marianne McKenzie ELCCP Group Support Arlene Goodwin ELCCP Group Support Louisa McLardy ELCCSP ASN Support Gillian McGuffie Ancillary Staff Clerical Office Support Geraldine Gallacher 14 Establishment improvement At all times, our service will meet the requirements of the National Care Standards for Early Education and Childcare as set out by the Care Inspectorate and performance indicators within Child At The Centre as set out by Education Scotland. We strive for continuous improvement of our service through a system of rigorous self- evaluation which involves children, parents/ carers and staff. We also involve parents from our Staff and Parents Committee in monitoring and evaluating progress made with our improvement priorities. You can view our most recent inspection reports online at: Key Strengths We have successfully moved into our new building and adapted policies and planning. Our staff team is motivated and hardworking and two senior members of staff have shown commitment by undertaking a degree. We involve parents in all aspects of the centre and value their contributions. We have developed a responsive and child friendly approach to planning and recording. This year we have achieved our third green eco schools flag and the inspector praised the knowledge and confidence of the children and staff. We were successful in being awarded the outdoor excellence award for the second time. A member of staff was awarded an excellence award for practitioners. We have strong partnerships with a variety of agencies. Recent feedback from parents and carers have commented on the welcoming and friendly ethos within the centre. Parents are very happy with the provision on offer. The children are all happy, settled and keen to learn. They are actively involved in learning through play and are highly motivated and engaged in play activities. They are encouraged to solve problems, make decisions and develop good independence skills. They show confidence to plan and initiate their own learning both indoors and out. Children are consulted on their learning through mind maps and discussions. 15 Learning and Achieving Establishment improvement The children are making good progress in all aspects of their development and learning and this is monitored through children s floor books and care plans which are regularly shared with parents. In consultation with parents and children, staff discuss individual targets and each child s progress is tracked and monitored to ensure their interests and individual needs are met. Children are attaining well in literacy and numeracy skills. Staff gather information from activities and observations and tracked attainment and progress using the skills development records and the early Level Literacy assessment tool. We identified and supported children who required both support and challenge to ensure a greater level of learning and achievement for all. A member of staff provided these children with additional support. We aim to improve our tracking and recording of next steps to ensure progression and continuity for each child to make their developmental milestones. There are individual support plans in place for children who require additional support. All children are treated fairly with respect and given lots of praise and encouragement. The ECC promotes positive behaviour through devising our own golden rules and the 1,2,3 magic approach. We have close links with the community practitioners and they work with us to provide parental workshops on behaviour management and baby massage. Identification of additional support needs and referral systems are well established. We have strong partnership links with health and social work and this ensure a continuity of care for children and families. Children s wider achievements are celebrated in the centre and we have identified that we need to gather and present this information in a more suitable way. Transition links have been extended this year and children have had the opportunity to participate in activities with their peers and P1 pupils. From January all preschool children visited the primary one classrooms with their key worker and participated in activities with the existing primary one children. This gave the children an opportunity to familiarise themselves with staff and the school environment. Primary one pupils visited the centre and participated in gardening activities with other pre-school children. This was further developed and Kilmarnock tennis club offered session to both pre-school and primary one children. This has been successful and has ensured that the 16 Establishment improvement children have had a smooth transition to their P1 class. An extended transition was put in place for children who required additional support. We have worked with P6 pupils to run a paired reading programme this year. This year we have successfully welcomed two year old children and their parents into our centre. The children have settled well and are accessing a wide range of activities and experiences. We use the four key principles of the Pre Birth to Three national guidance - Rights of the Child, Relationships, Responsive Care and Respect to ensure that we build strong foundations for children to grow and develop while exploring their environment. Staff offer a nurturing environment for children to form positive relationships to help them to feel safe and secure. A variety of experiences are provided for the children which gives them opportunities to develop concentration skills and problem solve. Staff actively encourage social interaction and support children to become independent. We provide opportunities for children to play and interact with different ages of children. Parental feedback has been very positive. Supporting young people to develop and learn The centre provides a broad, varied curriculum based firmly on play, active learning and the Curriculum for Excellence. The session has both a focussed group time and free flow session. The group times provide opportunities for staff to work closely with key children to track progress and monitor their care and welfare. The free flow system between playrooms promotes opportunities for increased independence and choice. During this time children and staff are able to establish positive relationships. We introduced responsive planning this year and this demonstrates clear links to the children s needs and interests and links to staff observations and evaluations of previous activities. It is designed to enable children to make progress in their learning. Next year we will take this forward through the use of some thematic approaches to planning to ensure continuity and progression for all children. Our ICT provision has recently been enhanced with the installation of new laptops for both staff and children s use. This has enabled us to offer increased provision and extended opportunities for children to progress. 17 Establishment improvement Outdoor learning is embedded in to daily practice, children have the opportunity to access the outdoors daily and one member of staff is assigned to outdoor learning each day to ensure this opportunity is available. We have two outdoor areas and we have identified that there is a need for two member of staff to be available to enable the children to access as many outdoor opportunities as possible. Our outdoor learning is extended to visits t
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