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  Open Office Writer Introducing Writer Starting from the system menu Using the system menu is the most common way to start Writer. The system menu isthe standard menu from which most applications are started. On Windows, it is called the Start menu. On GNOME (inu! , it is called the Applications menu. On #$E (inu! , it is identi%ed &y the #$E logo. On Mac O' , it is the Applications menu.When OpenO) was installed, a menu entry was added to your system menu. The e!act name and location of this menu entry depends on your graphicalen*ironment. This chapter loo+s at Windows, GNOME and #$E on inu!, and Mac O'. The concepts should easily &e applica&le to another operating system. Windows On Windows, the OpenO) menu is located in Programs > OpenOce.org2.x where -.! corresponds to the *ersion num&er of OpenO) /igure 0shows a typical setup on Windows 1. 'elect OpenO Writer to start Writerwith a &lan+ document. Figure 1. Starting Writer from the Windows XP Start menu Starting Writer  !he OpenO Writer Window 2 te!t document is displayed and edited in the Writer window. 'preadsheet, presentations or drawings are displayed in *ery similar windows, e!cept the menus and icons change automatically depending on the conte!t. ________________________________________________________________________Semaphore Computers Pvt. Ltd.Page 1 of 35  Open Office Writer enus Menus are located across the top of the Writer window. The main menu selectionsare #ile , $dit , %iew , Insert , #ormat , !a&le , !ools , Window , and 'elp . When youclic+ one of the main menu names, a list of related options is displayed.  #ile contains commands that apply to the entire document such as Open , Sa(e , $xport as P)# , etc.  $dit contains commands for editing the document such as *ndo #ind + ,eplace , etc.  %iew contains commands for controlling the display of the document such as -oom   We& ayout , etc.  Insert contains commands for inserting elements into your document such asheaders, footers, pictures, etc.  #ormat contains commands for formatting the layout of your document, suchas Styles and #ormatting , Paragraph , and /ullets and 0um&ering .  !a&le shows all commands to insert and edit a ta&le in a te!t document.  !ools contain functions such as Spellchec1  , ustomi3e , and Options .  Window contains commands for the display window.  'elp contains lin+s to the 3elp %le, What4s This5, and information a&out the #ile 1. 0ew4   6reates a new OpenO) document .   !o access this command... ________________________________________________________________________Semaphore Computers Pvt. Ltd.Page 2 of 35  Open Office Writer   6hoose #ile 5 0ew #ey 6trl7N 0ew  icon on the #unction  8ar (the icon shows the type of the new document 9f you want to create a document from a template, choose 0ew 6 !emplates and )ocuments .2 template is a %le that contains the design elements for a document, including formatting styles, &ac+grounds, frames, graphics, %elds, page layout, and te!t. 0ame#unction $ocument6reates a new te!t document (OpenO) Writer .'preadsheet6reates a new spreadsheet document (OpenO) 6alc .1resentation6reates a new presentation document (OpenO) 9mpress . The AutoPilot Presentation  dialog will automatically appear if you ha*e notalready selected it.$rawing6reates a new drawing document.3TM$ocument6reates a new 3TM document.Master$ocument6reates a new master document ./ormula6reates a new formula document (OpenO) Math .a&elsOpens the a&els  dialog where you can set the options for your la&els, andthen creates a new te!t document for the la&els (OpenO) Writer .8usiness6ardsOpens the  /usiness ards  dialog where you can set the options for your&usiness cards, and then creates a new te!t document (OpenO)ce.orgWriter . Templates and$ocuments6reates a new document using an e!isting template . 2. Open :   Opens or imports a %le. !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 Open 6trl7OOn the #unction  8ar, clic+ Open /ile 7. lose4   6loses the current document without e!iting the program . !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 lose ________________________________________________________________________Semaphore Computers Pvt. Ltd.Page 3 of 35  Open Office Writer 8. Sa(e : 'a*es the current document .   !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 Sa(e 6trl7'On #unction  or )ata&ase  8ar, clic+ 'a*e $ocument 9. Sa(e As4 'a*es the current document in a di;erent location, or with a di;erent %le name or %le type. !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 Sa(e As :. Sa(e All4 'a*es all open OpenO) documents. This command is only a*aila&le if two or more %les ha*e &een modi%ed. !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 Sa(e All ;.,eload : <eplaces the current document with the last sa*ed *ersion. 2ny changes made after the last sa*e will &e lost. !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 ,eload <. %ersion4   'a*es and organi=es multiple *ersions of the current document in the same %le. >ou can also open, delete, and compare pre*ious *ersions. !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 %ersions =.$xport4 'a*es the current document with a di;erent name and format to a location that you specify . !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 $xport ?.$xport as P)#4   'a*es the current %le to 1orta&le $ocument /ormat (1$/ . 2 1$/ %le can &e *iewed and printed on any platform with the srcinal formatting intact, pro*ided that the free 2do&e 2cro&at <eader is installed. !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 $xport as P)# .Send4   'ends the current document to di;erent sources. !o access this command... Menu #ile 6 Send 2. )ocument as $mail4   'ends the current document as an e?mail attachment with your default e?mail program. !o access this command... 6hoose #ile 6 Send 6 )ocument as $6mail 2.2 )ocument as P)#4   E!ports the entire %le to 1orta&le $ocument ________________________________________________________________________Semaphore Computers Pvt. Ltd.Page 4 of 35
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