Organic Chemistry

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  ORGANIC CHEMISTRY TOPICS 1.   Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Antitumor Evaluation of New Pyrazolo[3,4-d]Pyrimidine Derivatives 2.   Enantioselective Michael Addition of Diethyl Malonate on Substituted Chalcone Catalysed  by Nickel-Sparteine Complex 3.   Synthesis and Investigation of New Different Pyrimidine-Thiones 4.   Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Some Novel 3-Methlyquinoxaline-2-Hydrazone Derivatives 5.   In-vitro Antiproliferative Activity Study of 2, 4, 5-Triphenyl-1H-imidazole Derivatives 6.    Nitric Acid Assisted In Situ Generation of BrOH: A Selective Catalyst for Oxidation of Benzylic Alcohols 7.   Solution and solid state conformational preferences of a family of cyclic disulphide bridged tetrapeptides 8.   Singlet Halophenylcarbenes as Strong Hydrogen-Bond Acceptors 9.   A Comprehensive Scope of Peripheral and Axial Substituent Effect on the Spectroelectrochemistry of Boron Subphthalocyanines 10.   Light Driven Electron Transfer in Methylbipyridine/Phenol Complexes Is Not Proton Coupled 11.   Ultrafast Dynamics of the Metal-to-Ligand Charge Transfer Excited States of Ir(III) Proteo and Deutero Dihydrides 12.   Computational and Spectroscopic Analysis of β -Indandione Modified Zinc Porphyrins 13.   Atmospheric Hydroxyl Radical Source: Reaction of Triplet SO 2  and Water 14.   The Strength of Hydrogen Bonds between Fluoro-Organics and Alcohols, a Theoretical Study 15.   Efficient Nitrogen Fixation via a Redox-Flexible Single-Iron Site with Reverse-Dative Iron → Boron σ Bonding  16.   Hydration of an Acid Anhydride: The Water Complex of Acetic Sulfuric Anhydride  17.   When Is Ligand pK  a  a Good Descriptor for Catalyst Energetics? In Search of Optimal CO 2 Hydration Catalysts 18.   Matrix Isolation and IR Characterization of the Benzoyl and Benzoylperoxy Radicals 19.   Elusive Fluoro Sulfinyl Nitrite, FS(O)NO, Produced by Photolysis of Matrix-isolated FS(O)2N 20.   Conformation and Dynamics of a Cyclic Disulfide-Bridged Peptide: Effects of Temperature and Solvent
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