Organic Chemistry is important

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  Introduction There is much discussion on the food that we eat. Society has grown to be more conscious of what comes into the human body now, more than ever. The issue of the safety of what humans consume is now central in most societies and nations. The food industry is now wrought with criticism as to how it has evolved over the years. Because of the fast paced lifestyles of the modern man and woman, establishments that allow for quick meals and ready-to-go foodstuff, collectively known by the moniker, fast food, now abound in all urban and sub-urban areas all over the world; the Philippines not being an exception. The term fast-food which had only been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary in the 1950’s is now a mainstay in discussions in every food sa vvy circle. According to Our Life Policy Research Notes on takeaways - The UK fast- food market”, a UK based study on the success of the fast -food industry, there has been a constant climb of almost 5% of the market value of fast food since 2008.Even the Philippines, which is classified by international organizations as part of the 3rd world and is still ’developing’ plays host to international food chains such as Jollibee Food Corp. which is proudly Filipino owned and established, and other international brands like Taco-bell, McDonalds and other less prominent chains usch as Wendy’s, TGI Fridays and others. The popularity of the aforementioned establishments transcends demographic groups. Not only does it cater to the labor force of the country, but as it shows in their mass media marketing, they are enticing younger groups of consumers to partake of their offerings. This is where the research takes issue with. Statement of the Problem The young and vulnerable bodies of the developing adolescents and even teenagers are now subjected to the food that these establishments offer. Teenagers and young adolescents now go for these food items even though the concept of a quick meal is no longer the main point. Fast food is now a fad  –  a trendy way of dining. It is common knowledge that these food items are wrought with preservatives and flavor enhancers that are designed to make sure the food is easy to cook and matches the taste preferences of its new target market. These preservatives and enhancers are the questionable substances this study aims to discuss. The question of how much additives, such as flavour enhancers and preservatives the food products coming these local franchises in Dipolog City contain is the question the study seeks to answer. Hypotheses   Spoiling is a natural process. Therefore the faster a substance spoils, the more natural it is. If a substance that should naturally spoils or logically should spoil, spoils slowly, then it is intelligent to assume it had been altered in some way. The introduction of additives retards the spoiling process  –  something that is no secret to those who take time to understand the way additives work. Therefore, a good gauge of how much additives are present is the speed of the spoiling process. If a substance has little additives, then it should spoil faster than those with more additives. Significance of the Study Since these chemical substances such as preservatives and enhancers, like most additives, have adverse effects on the body, it is important to know how much of them goes into the food we eat. Knowing how natural a food item is will aid every person who shall have to decide between food items, make intelligent decisions that would benefit their well-being. Operational Definition of Terms Additive Preservative Flavor Enhancer Fried Chicken Fast Food Fast Foo Chain Franchise Spoiling Scope and Limitation of the Study   Dipolog having major fast food chains all over it, is ripe for research. Google Maps list seven (7) fast food restaurants in the city, four (4) of which are national brand names. The raw materials for the food are sourced from local farms and grocers making them somewhat distinct from other franchises from other cities. The study shall thus be limited to the haste of spoiling of a specific food item common to all of these Dipolog based establishments  –  deep fried, battered chicken. The study will also be limited to spoiling under normal conditions  –  SATP, Open Air and Normal Solar exposure. Conceptual Framework Spoiling is key to this study. Knowing why the spoiling happened is necessary for the actual realization of the study’s objectives.  The test items coming from each food chain shall be subjected to three variables, collectively assessed to be “normal conditions”; SATP, Open Air and Normal Solar Exposure. They shall not be independently varied but shall be taken as a single variable. A control group of the same item from each food chain shall be kept outside these normal conditions to determine if the spoiling is not spontaneous and independent. To create a baseline for the speed of spoiling, fried chicken, cooked following standard procedure but without any apparent additive shall be subjected to the same variable and control set-up.

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Jul 23, 2017
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