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    OSBORNE REYNOLDS DEMONSTRATION UNIT MODEL: FM11 CHE311 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY Instructor: Group 1 MOHAMAD ZULFIKA BIN MOHD UDIN 2010922227 MOHD TAIB SAMSUDIN 2010334873  ABDUL HADI BIN ABDUL RAHMAN 2010792193 MOHAMAD FADZLI BIN DAHLAN 2010963297 DATE OF EXPERIMENT PERFORMED: 19/1/2013  CHEMICAL ENGINEERING LABORATORY REPORT EVALUATION SHEET   Group 1 Experiment: Osborne Reynolds PLANNER : MOHAMAD ZULFIKA BIN MOHD UDIN SCOPE CRITERIA FULL MARKS MARKS INTRODUCTION General overview about the experiment 5  Aims/objectives Based on experiment in paragraph form 5 Theory Brief summary from the theory given; add additional data from resources 10 Total; Checked by ; Experimenter: ABDUL HADI BIN ABDUL RAHMAN SCOPE CRITERIA FULL MARKS MARKS Diagram and description of apparatus Include the description of main apparatus, as well as sketched diagram 5 Methodology/procedure Simplified procedures based on what we have been done in lab 10 Reference/appendix -extra information extracted/gathered from books/journal -complete raw data and appendices 5 Total: Checked by:   ANALYZER: MOHAMAD FADZLI BIN DAHLAN SCOPE CRITERIA FULL MARKS MARKS RESULT -data must be similar with what was obtained during experiment -produce graph/figures based on the data obtained 20 discussion Discuss what the result and data mean; discuss and relate the result obtained with the theory 20 Total; Checked by: CONSULTANT: MOHD TAIB BIN SAMSUDIN SCOPE CRITERIA FULL MARKS MARKS  Abstract Must provide the objective of the experiment, procedure, result and conclusion. 5 Sample calculation - Sample of calculation of each variable - Present data accordingly 5 conclusion Relate the result obtained with the objective of the experiment 5 Recommendation -any improvement to be suggested by observing the inconsistencies observed in result/conclusion 5 Total: Checked by:  ABSTRACT Osborne Reynolds experiment used to investigate the characteristic of the flow of the liquid in the pipe which is also used to determine the Reynolds number for each state of the flow. The design of the apparatus allowed studying the characteristic of the flow of the fluids in the pipe, the behavior of the flow and also to calculated the range for the laminar and turbulent flow where the calculation is used to prove the Reynolds number is dimensionless by using the Reynolds number formula. From the data collected we made calculation to estimate the range for laminar and turbulent flow. To prove that the Reynolds number is dimensionless, we calculate by using the units only and using the appropriate formula, it is proved that the Reynolds number is dimensionless.
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