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   1   THE OTHERNESS A Personal Interaction Tim Watts  If others see what I have seen  It must be a vision and not a dream William Morris Architect / Artist   2  Acknowledgements My most heartfelt gratitude will surprisingly be towards those who have no knowledge of this book or of my experiences. Close family and friends have  proven to be the most solid without so much of an inkling of the double life I have led. As close as these people are, they will never experience either the  brilliance or confusion that otherworldly interaction plunges you into and in so many ways I feel sad that I cannot share this insight. I would also like to offer my condolences to those who have suffered at the hands of extraterrestrials or paranormal entities because my encounters have never been this way. I don’t pretend to have the answers but consider the subject of interaction to be a science in itself offering a vastness of experience. There will certainly be a time brought about through a  breakthrough when the subject of “high strangeness” will no longer be that way and the mystery behind personal experience will have been answered. Here in my 30’s there are endless questions in my life still unanswered but the relatively short history of strangeness I have led is deeply explored in these pages. I hope that the briefness of my story will perhaps herald a greater and more complete saga ahead like a seed waiting to hatch. I will never stop waiting for the answer.   3Chapter Outline Introduction An introduction to esoteric phenomena and why I believe my experiences were quite unusual even for paranormal models. 1) The Secret Mould My early years and the cryptic preparation for things that I had no idea existed. This chapter covers my strange childhood preoccupations such as magic and folklore together with mysterious layers of untaught knowledge. 2) A Leak in Pandora's Box Following a flashback memory later in my adult life, I seemed to remember a strange childhood incident quite differently, one which pointed to a wealth of deliberately hidden information. The climax to this led to a classic UFO abduction. 3) Activation This was perhaps the strangest chapter in my book and my life. I had started to do things quite out of character and lived episodes of otherworldly experiences that were almost indescribable. A new friend had come into my life who didn't seem to be from this world followed by a bizarre memory of a hidden UFO episode. I later remembered being led to some sort of secret ceremony; an initiation to remember? 4) Living Programme  None of the above really sunk in until I triggered a fading memory of a seemingly UFO encounter I believe happened back in 94. I came to the conclusion that nondescript entities had interacted in my life right from an early age and perhaps departed during that ceremony. They seemed to have left some sort of psychic mechanism in my mind that I  believe operates to this day. 5) The Truth in Yesterday The psychic mechanism, whatever it was, spoon-fed the most peculiar information about my personal history that wasn’t there before. This chapter details those memories alongside my personal theories and aims to address the significance behind it all. I cannot honestly say that these new memories were my own as they pointed towards other realms, dimensions and even other experiences through a “multi-awareness phenomena” explained in this chapter. 6) Aftermath (The New Revelations) I thought I had actually completed the book before strange new experiences prompted me to write this chapter. Revelations arose and continue to. Postscript – Glimpses of Tomorrow: a chronicle of personal premonitions and scientific insights.   4  Introduction To an animal, the civilised world must appear a bizarre place. Their knee height perception of the things we do must appear as puzzling as it is awesome. Our purpose, our values, our use of time, cognition and memory are things we probably can't even translate within the animal kingdom. Reality must mean something quite different to different species. Over the years, I have come to believe in the existence of another species, one that is not classified in our knowledge of the world. I am finally convinced of a higher kingdom of nature where reality is not only taken in through the five senses and our version of it is not necessarily the ultimate one. I cannot help but compare the relationship we have with this higher world and its species to the relationship animals have with us. We have probably interacted unknowingly with other realms for centuries in ways we are not familiar with, ways in which our awareness and inquisitiveness stretches no further than that of a cage of gerbils when confronted with their “outside”, the domain of their owners. Having an awareness of the other side of nature is nothing new. People all through history have reported periods of high-strangeness, things which can only be labelled “unexplained”. This is not unlike being the animal that curiously glimpses the comings and goings of our world and tries to register what it has seen. This other realm interacts with us at the strangest intervals and our ability to define it is sometimes as limited as the animal's. I sometimes wonder if our minds are deliberately designed not to solve the mystery of the universe or think beyond our reality any more than cattle are supposed to think beyond theirs. I hope this is not so with the human race and that our evolution is limitless. If my experience with this other realm is something which we will eventually evolve to then there are some breathtaking leaps ahead in our development. I know because I've seen some of them. Like many others exposed to the strangeness of the paranormal and unknown realities, I have sought ways to define what is going on. This is what anyone would do as a means to feel in control. The truth is I don't have any control and I am not sure anyone else in these circumstances really does.
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