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The Mystery of How Every Child of God is Virgin Born, not tainted with sin, being the offspring of God. Also see, Something about the Blood, Ending the Shadow of Time, The Bringing in of The Law .
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   Our Virgin Birth Let me start by saying, as the Lord revealed this too me last night as I went to bed, I immediately felt the power of God and the glory of God shine so bright from within me, it immediately lifted all burdens and I became so light in my spirit and my body, it was as if I was going to float away, while at the same time I felt such glory emanating from me at the joy of this revelation, if one could have seen me I would dare say if I had not been literally shining or transfigured right then. I was so giddy and full of joy afterwards, I laid there and praised God and wept and rejoiced at such a magnificent revelation. It is for sure this follows up to the writing of Something about the Blood , and how we became flesh. Also the one before that The Bringing in of The Law which was a forerunner of the Blood. God is so wonderful, glorious, beautiful, astounding, amazing, His wisdom, His knowledge, His understanding is so great, so high, so deep, Glory to His Name! I had seen a part of a certain perspective some time ago and it was so intriguing, but when He spoke this too me last night it made it complete and WOW such Liberty and Freedom it resounded through my entire being! Yes, I am saying that I was Virgin Born and , so was YOU! Now in one dimension we can say this is absolutely true to a born again child of God, and I agree. However in this sense let me say it like this, it is that way to a child of God because the Child of God has received the Truth, received the invisible eternal substance that made all things, thus we can say a Child of God sees this by faith or it manifest itself in their being, having received all truth. where as an unregenerated man is still walking in blindness and darkness and is without truth and lacks the faith to manifest such. So let me say this in another perspective as well, that all humanity is or was Virgin Born . Born of a Virgin, just like Jesus was. Now this will go in many dimensions so bare with me, in writing these things it gets very hard finding words and ways to express this of such a spiritual nature, seeing in your heart is one thing but to put words to it is very hard. Words really are not worthy to be counted to attempt to describe such glorious things, but we use their poor quality and feeble attempts to relay in simple ways a very complex matter. We have to battle all we have been taught and thought thus far in life to even receive such glories. Paul counted all of his religious knowledge and then some as dung, in the light of what  he had found and forsook his thoughts and died to them to receive these things. We tend to take what we have known and when something new comes we try to make it fit into that box, and that's ok in the carnal realms, but in spiritual matters this law does not apply, this new wine must be in a new skin. Let me give you a simple example, which there are many others that could be given that might be better, but this one will do for now. Lets call it the law of cancelation, where a wrong or an event we term as bad has happened and we automatically look for someone or something to blame, but when all views are seen there is no one to blame, each actor is innocent and the situation cancels out itself. Like reconciling a statement to where you have overages and negatives and in the end they all came to zero because they canceled out one another. We say Grace canceled all sins. So say a man is driving with a neighbors kid and driving through a road with lots of trees a huge branch breaks off and lands on the car and kills the kid and the man is ok. The neighbors are torn to pieces and are hurt so they somehow wish to file charges against the man for the death of their child. Well the man could not help it, he was innocent, he did not break the limb, his car was injured he might have been and he is torn from the loss as well and even tries to blame himself, with what if's. In the end it was just an event that was tragic and no one was responsible, though a great evil or some bad thing had happened, no one was to blame. Now take God, He is the Law, just, good and holy. He made the stick we will say that was put in the ground and when His Light came to it, it cast the shadow automatically. We say when faith shined on it, it revealed unbelief as well, when good shined on it, it revealed Evil as well, so now that we see this from a natural view as the Sun shining on the dial that cast a shadow to begin marking time, we say the Light is good and the shadow is evil, so if the shadow is evil, WHO then is responsible for it? Who takes responsibility for it. The Sun could say, well I am Light, I did not intend for a shadow to appear so am not responsible, it was NOT my intention to make a shadow, I am Light, how can I ever be responsible for a shadow. The stick could say, Well I cannot be charged with the shadow for there was no shadow till the Light appeared. It is an anomaly we will say. In a way they are both responsible for the shadow by their very existence, yet neither one are, it just is. Now what is the shadow, that was caused by the existence of the Sun and the Stick? It is an anomaly that was not intended but happened nonetheless. Caused by other factors but none of them Intentionally . Yet both the Sun and the Stick have to now deal with this shadow. Now  the only time the shadow is not there so to speak is night time and at High Noon. When can say at Night there is no sun and because there is but darkness we can no longer see the stick so in that sense their is no stick, we say it has not been revealed that there was a stick because there was no light to reveal or manifest such, till we hear God say Let there Be Light. At High Noon we find the shadow has been getting shorter and shorter as if being eaten by the stick and suddenly when the stick is in perfect alignment with the sun, the shadow is no more, swallowed up by the stick in a sense. Now is a good time to Stop the Sun , make it stand still, Time is no more, for without the shadow there is no time marking. One Eternal Day. The Shadow though it exist, it has no power within itself, it is absolutely harmless we can say. It really does not exist. Though our natural eyes see it what power does it have, it is not solid, it is as a ghost in a way, your hand can pass through it, it is simply an anomaly of the absence of light . Now it has a divine purpose, for when can say if the Light shines on the stick to cause it to grow then light means to inspire the stick to be more, to mature , to be filled to its fullest, so to do so the shadow can be of good use, to define and reveal to the stick, the Light that has shined upon it. We could say the stick did not know light till the shadow came, God said Do not eat from that Tree you shall die , see His Light wrought all manner of concupiscence in them and they seen by Gods own word a shadow, though it did not appear to them as a shadow, till they partook of the shadow, or the tree, then they knew what that shadow was and it automatically revealed the Light and then they seen themselves as Naked. It took the Light and the Darkness to show to themselves they were Naked. They were in the presence of God but was not Born of it. Same as your flesh, in the presence of God but not born of it, YET. So we see the darkness was like a deceiving serpent in their own mind brought to life by Gods own Word, and it stirred within them curiosity, as it does today. So was the serpent the darkness? yes in one dimension. Or was the real serpent their own mind that was now curious , wandering, intrigued, deceiving themselves into thinking WHY can we not eat of that Tree, we can eat of all the others. See the concupiscence wrought in them, remember Paul speaking of this. Drawn away by their own curiosity, their own desire, their own lust, revealed to them by the Law of Gods Word awakened this Lust, or curiosity, and brought the flesh to life. We say when they partook of the darkness they became the darkness, the serpent entered them we could say, their faith could not be revealed in them to eternal life until they partook of a darkness of unbelief so that it would reveal to them the need for faith, and it was ALL GOOD! Who can we blame, but themselves, who could God blame but Himself, yet the serpent or the  darkness blames everyone but Himself, yet concerning God as to the Sun Light and the Stick as to the First Man Adam, neither of them was to blame, so the only thing to blame was the darkness itself for its existence. Yet it really does not exist. it is but a shadow, a lie, an unbelief that was made, a false prophecy to give life or to manifest the Beast and bring the Image to Life. Faith is the Power of Creation, thus Unbelief is Faith in reverse and it also brought something to life in a fallen perverted state. Thus if we remove that darkness, then the Body is now full of Light, its eye being single once more. In this sense we see in the Mind of God there has never been evil, or sin or darkness, it was all a figment in our child-like state of mind, caused by the shadow of unbelief, in our own mind, deceived ourselves, in HOPE, subjected to Vanity In HOPE, that we would now see Good and Faith and strive to obtain. Their was a Lamb brought to atone for the weakness, for the figment of imaginations of the children, for the shadowy bogeyman while we was in our child-like state from the garden. Till the graduation time would come. We say the beast part being a beast of burden was made to carry this penalty till its death, then it would be free from the darkness within it. It can be raised again. The only part destroyed we can say is the dark shadow is now gone, having run its course. In the end we say the stick is saved, being one with the sun light having aligned itself with it. So very much more could be said on this, and this is said to put a foundation for what is yet to come. Our Virgin Birth: When we go back to Calvary, we go back to it where it is, in the Mind of God, a Lamb slain BEFORE the foundation of the World. before the World was placed in your heart as a shadow of unbelief. This place where their is no time, before time. We seen in a previous post concerning the Blood how that sinful flesh came forth from Him who was made Sin thus became Sin or the Shadow itself, Before the Garden. This we see God made all things and here we have the garden and we have a Tree in the Midst of that Garden. we could say that Tree held in its Fruits of Knowledge the Mind of God, The Voice of God, The Thunders of God. Calvary being a Tree of Knowledge to awaken one to their sins and a need for a Savior and it is also a Tree of Life. Remember this important part, Jesus had but ONE Body ! The same body that was made sin was also the exact same body that arose from the dead, that was transfigured in glory and that ascended back into heaven. He never at one time Changed His Body . He changed what was IN His Body! When Jesus was made into Sin itself and the darkness was there at Calvary and also on Mount Sinai, then that was the darkness we was told not to touch, yet God knew it would awaken in us our own desires to know and we would partake, thus when we partook of Calvary
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