It is evident that strongly increasing efficiency on maintenance level and substantially decreasing fuel consumption is not just an environmental band aid anymore but the necessary, and sometimes it seems the only cure to cutting operating expense.
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  • 1. T Comm<br /> Tracking and Tracing<br />‘Easy Intelligence’<br />
  • 2. T Comm Tracking and Tracing <br />Goodyear research shows that 68%of all trucks drive around with low tire pressure.(source: Goodyear)<br />40 % tire under-inflation increases braking distance by 10% <br />(source: Michelin) <br />Keeping the correct air pressure in your tires helps your tires last longer, helps your car handle better and safer, and helps you save money on fuel.<br />(source: Firestone)<br />
  • 3. T Comm Tracking and Tracing <br />If every vehicle in the United States had properly inflated tires, we’d realize a savings of 4 million gallons of fuel per day, every day (Source: U.S. Department of Transportation )<br />P-Eye<br />Saves up to<br /> 7% fuel<br />
  • 4. P-Eye<br />Reduces CO2- emission<br />Proper tire inflation reduces fuel consumption by 7% and with that its carbon footprint . <br />26 Billion tons of CO2 Yearly (source: EPA)<br />
  • 5. T Comm Tracking and Tracing <br />An estimated 23,000 accidents and 535 fatal accidents annually involve blowouts or flat tires. Testing shows that in 75 % low tire pressure had a significant impact on all of this (Source: NHTSA 49CFR part 571)<br />P-Eye<br /> Increases Road Safety<br />
  • 6. P-Eye<br /> Reduces<br /> traffic congestion<br />Recent research stated that 25% of the major causes in traffic congestion in the US is accidents. Mostly due to vehicle technical failures injury related accidents happen 45% of which is tire pressure related. (Source: American Highway Users Alliance, Unclogging America's Arteries).<br />
  • 7. T Comm Tracking and Tracing <br /><ul><li>P-Eye saves fuel
  • 8. P-Eye reduces CO2
  • 9. P-Eye saves money
  • 10. P-Eye notifies you of any dangerous change in tire pressure
  • 11. P-Eye can be secured with an anti-theft device
  • 12. P-Eye is easy to install, no car/truck dealers required
  • 13. P-Eye lights up which improves Fleet Ops efficiency</li></li></ul><li>Customers<br />
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