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   Nama : Muhammad Hidayatullah  NIM : 16512369 Kelas : CR-19 Previewing The Reading Connection Front Matter    A writer gives a title of this book is the reading connection.    From the title we can find out that the book tell us about reading.    Cover of the book is very colourful.    From the cover we can see some pictures which describe the contents of the book.    This book is written by Pamela Murray.    Pamela Murray is a melbourne educationalist with very wide experience in helping children and adults of all ability levels aquire literacy skills.    She hold a graduate diploma in Special Education, and a degree in Education majoring in learning disabilities.    First edition of this book was published in 1991 and second edition of this book was  published in 1999.    This book was published by Australian Scholarly Publishing, a book publishing company from Australia.    The company was established in 1991. The company has published a variety of  books, both fiction and non fiction.    In the beginning of the book, there is a preface that telling the material that contain in this book .    In the preface, there are also the reason why this book made and what the purpose of the book. Body    The book was written in English.    Vocabulary used by the writer is not too difficult, although there are some difficult vocabulary.    This book is quite easy to understand, because this book is for anyone who wants to make reading a more important part of his or her life, either adults or children.    The writing style is easy to understand.    I think the writer use easy pattern.     The writer begins with graphic, sometimes deeply moving case history that illustrate common reading and concerns.    The writer use mixture of the methods of development such as narattion, definition and classification.    The writer use the system chapter in this book.    I think the writer summarizes her ideas at the and of the selection.    There is no aid that use by the writer.    There is a list of references for further reading.    In this book, the writer tells all about reading, how does reading work? How does one know when some one has a reading problem? How can one help a reluctant reader? Is reading important in a high-tech world? Does televisio inhibit reading? Is literature the backbone of reading?    These questions are among many that are answeres informatively in an extensive guide to more effective reading.    Many easily understood and used ways of boosting reading, comprehension and word-power are outlined, and the secrets of succesful study are explored in this book. Back matter    There is a list of selected references in this book.    The references fit the subject of the selection.    I think we can trust them.    There is an appendix with more information.    The appendix contains a list of common word and a list of homophones in English.
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