p1.03.07 Performance Measurement and Monitoring

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  Issued Org.:PVD PVD Doc Ref: P1.03.07Orig. Issue Date: 31 Jan 07Issued No.:03 Issued Date:01 Aug 11Distribution: Public PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MONITORING Pages:1/3 1.   PURPOSE The purpose of this procedure is to provide a system with instructions and responsibilities to monitor and measure performances in the HSE Management System. 2.   SCOPE. This procedure shall apply for all the performance criteria contained in the PV Drilling HSE Management System. 3.   DEFINITIONS AND ABBREVIATIONS HSE : Health, Safety and Environment 4.   REFERENCES -   ISO 14001:2004 Clause 4.5.1 -   OHSAS 18001:2007 Clause 4.5.1 -   OHSAS 18002 :2000 5.   CONTENTS 5.1   Monitoring program. 5.1.1   Based on the risk significant environmental aspects identified, criteria or legal and other requirements, the Management Representative shall establish or assign others to establish a monitoring program for activity, process or project. The frequency, methods or techniques to monitor depends on the criteria and levels of associated risks and significant environmental aspects. 5.1.2   Each monitoring program should include but not be limited to:    Scope : Which activities, processes, or substances need to be monitored or verified, including pertinent documents and records; and where.    Measurement method or technique : How the monitoring or verification is to be carried out. This can be by: measuring, inspection, evaluation, analysis, audits, document and record reviews, etc.    Frequency : How often are the monitoring or verification activities carried out including routine monitoring and periodical inspection?    Acceptance Criteria : When relevant, what is the maximum or minimum value for the measured or analyzed parameter?    Record : How are the results recorded? This can be by logs, monitoring sheets, certificates of analysis, audit reports, document review checklists, memos, etc.    Responsibility : Who is responsible for carrying out the monitoring or verification activities?  Issued Org.:PVD PVD Doc Ref: P1.03.07Orig. Issue Date: 31 Jan 07Issued No.:03 Issued Date:01 Aug 11Distribution: Public PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MONITORING Pages:2/3 5.2   Monitoring requirements.    All measuring and testing equipment used for HSE performance monitoring or verification purposes shall be calibrated and otherwise controlled in accordance with Procedure - Control of monitoring and measuring devices.    Personnel carrying out the monitoring and verification activities shall be provided with written instructions and/or are trained; or are otherwise qualified based on their education and experience.    In the event Contractor measuring equipment is utilized, Contractors shall give assurance that their equipment and operators conform to the requirements contained in this procedure. Prior to initiating the works, the Contractors shall provide a copy of the test record for the equipment that requires such record. If any task requires special training, the corresponding training records shall be provided for review. In case no service provider can qualify these requirements, the selected Contractor must be licensed by the governmental authority.    As appropriate, some elements of the monitoring program may be combined with internal audits (refer to Procedure P1.03.10 HSE Audit ). In this case, the relevant audit questions shall be documented in checklists and be identified as being related to the significant aspect of the monitoring program. 5.3   Corrective and Preventive Actions    When data or other information indicates that the HSE is being seriously impacted, or that risk has increased in any activity or process, or non-conformity exists in the HSE Management System, the Management Representative shall request an appropriate corrective or preventive action, in accordance with Form No. PVD DD/HSE/006/R01 or Incident report form No. P1.06.01/R01.    In cases when the required correction cannot be achieved with simple measures and within a short period of time, the Management Representative should propose specific objectives and targets to improve performance, and establish appropriate management  programs to achieve these objectives 5.4   Review of program At least once a year, the Management Representative shall evaluate the information and data generated by the HSE monitoring program and present the results at the Management Review (See Procedure No. DD/HSE/009 - Management Review). The evaluation shall include:    Elements such as trends in performance related to HSE (form Employee Performance Assessment No. PVD DD/HCNS/06))    Summary of corrective/preventive action results    Management Programs initiated in response to decreasing non-conformances    Results of internal and external audits;  Issued Org.:PVD PVD Doc Ref: P1.03.07Orig. Issue Date: 31 Jan 07Issued No.:03 Issued Date:01 Aug 11Distribution: Public PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT AND MONITORING Pages:3/3    Recommendations for new objectives and targets, or changes in the HSE Management System in order to improve the control and/or performance with respect to HSE  performance. 5.5   Measurement record and analysis. Records of measurements shall be maintained at individual Departments, Subsidiary Divisions and HSEQ Department for review and analysis. The Management Representative shall decide the appropriate scientific method to analyze the measurement records as appropriate.

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