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P1 Syllabus Semester 2

syllabus for grade 1
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  BCC Intensive English Program – Grade 1Course Syllabus for Semester 2 / 201!201 Course Objectives: This course is an outcomes-based, English language enrichment course designed todevelop and consolidate students’ skills in the areas of Listening, Speaking, Readingand Writing. Specific course obectives include! ♦ To encourage children to be active and constructive in their o n learning, using English as a tool to do things and to create personall# significant meaning. ♦ To integrate learning English ith other areas of learning at primar# school. ♦ To help children $learn ho to learn’ and to encourage them to begin to become responsible, independent, reflective learners. ♦ To promote an atmosphere of co-operation and collaboration in class. Courseboo#  English World % $ea%hing!&earning 'aterials and (esour%es) Student book, orkbook, audio &'s, flashcards, supplementar# '('s, materials to complete proects and activities) scissors, construction paper, card, coloured pencils, markers, glue, active hite board, television, video, &' pla#er. Course S%hedule)*ee#s$o+i%$e,t1 ! 2-%t. 2!ov. nit  – *here is ing $ub3 *n this unit students ill be learning to identif# rooms in a house and household obects and use  prepositions to ask and ans er about the locations of obects and people in a house. nit  Student book p.+-Workbook p./0-%    4 ! ov. 10 – ov. 21nit 5 – $his is my family Through activities in this unit students ill learnto identif# famil# members, use * have got to talk about possession, ask about possession using the present simple tense of have and use  possessive pronouns m# and #our. nit 5 Student book p.1-2%Workbook p. +0-% !6ov. 2!7e%. nit 8 – 'iss Silver *n this unit students ill be learning to use and identif# numbers %%-03, ask and ans er using has got and talk about likes and dislikes of food. (eading C9$!*ee# 6nit 8 Student book p.20-22Workbook p.0-2%  !87e%. 5 – 7e%. 2nit 10! $he s+a%e ro%#et *n this unit students ill be learning action verbs, describing and asking and ans ering about abilit# ith can and can’t, imperative verbs and describing the Earth and sk#. *riting C9$!*ee# nit 10 Student book p. %30-%32Workbook p. 20-%3% 107e%. 28!:an. 2Christmas and e; <ear =olidays11 – 12:an. !:an. 16nit 11!+ in s+a%e Through activities in this unit students ill learnto ask and ans er about the eather, to ask and ans er using present continuous verbs using  pronouns *’m and #ou’re and to rite a descriptive stor# revie ing language structures taught though the #ear. &istening C9$!*ee# 12nit 11 Student book p.%%3-%%+Workbook p.%30-%%% 14!1:an. 18!:an. 40nit 12!*el%ome home> *n this unit students ill be learning actions verbs, food and activities during a part#, ask andans er using the present continuous tense using all pronouns and to use adverbs to modif# verbs. S+ea#ing C9$!*ee# 14nits 12 Student book p.%%-%0/Workbook p.%%0-%0% 1 ?eb. 2!?eb. 6IEP E,am (evie; *ee# nits  ! 12  16?eb. 8!?eb. 14IEP E,am *ee# 1?eb. 16!?eb. 20End of <ear Student Pro@e%ts15?eb.24!?eb. 2'ain S%hool ?inal E,ams
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