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P5R13 ACCA P5 Question Priority

Attempting the P5 Exam? These are the question priorities.
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   ACCA Paper P5 –  Advanced Performance Management in a Day 24 hours of questions June 2013 The time allowed is not the time to complete the question (that’s 1.8 mins per mark) but is the time to do the question and review it! The checklist column is for you to use to mark questions as done. There is an emphasis on the questions set by the new examiner. Question number Question name Purpose of question/ area examined Time allowed High priority questions 91 Robust Laptops  ABC and beyond budgeting 100 mins 22 FGH Telecom Data analysis in the context of environmental management accounting. 50 mins 97 JHK Coffee Machines Divisional performance & transfer pricing 100 mins Mock Exam 3 Q3 Pharmaceutical Technologies  Application and discussion of the balanced scorecard 50 mins 65 APX Accountancy  Application & discussion of the building blocks model 50 mins 72 LOL Cards Value based management / EVA. 50 mins 81 RM Batteries Corporate failure with data analysis and z scores. 50 mins   Mock Exam 3 Q4 PLX Refinery Environmental management accounting - plan only 30 mins Medium priority 94 Film Productions Co CSFs and KPIs – an unusual Q1 with no numbers  – plan only 60 mins 92 RRR Beyond budgeting with numbers 100 mins 35 CFD Strategic models & CSFs factors. Plan only. 20 mins   7 Ganymede Benchmarking and the use of league tables 50 mins 73 BEG  Application of the performance pyramid 50 mins Mock exam 3 Q1 Mackerel Uncertainty & risk (i-iii) 70 mins 67 Amal  Application of the performance prism 50 mins 34 Bluefin School Information controls over processing and reporting  – plan only 30 mins Mock exam 3 Q2  Albacore Performance measurement & reward 50 mins  Low priority 19 F4U NPV & risk 50 mins   95 Metis Financial performance measurement; importance of short and long term performance 100 mins Mock Exam 2 Q3 SS EVA calculations and discussion with stakeholders 50 mins 100 HFG Financial performance measures & benchmarking. 100 mins 43 SSA Transfer pricing 50 mins   45 LGHD Value for money issues. Plan only. 30 mins 51 T4UC  A question on Six Sigma – plan only 30 mins   71 SFS  Activity based management. 50 mins 80 BPC Porters 5 Forces & performance indicators – plan only 20 mins   Total hours   24 What to expect on your Question Day  A Question Day is very different to a revision course. It is the final step in ensuring you are as prepared as possible for exam success. The objectives are two-fold: - ã  To experience real exam conditions and truly test how well prepared you are ã  To pinpoint specific improvement areas through 1:1 feedback from your tutor/marker During the day you will: - ã  Be reminded of the key exam skills  you need to pass your exam. ã  Attempt a full mock exam without a ‘helping hand’ from your tutor - so you experience the real pressures  you’ll face in the real exam. ã  Get a true understanding of how good you are at time management  and what you need to do differently on exam day. ã  Receive a mark per question/in total along with specific feedback  on practical steps you can take to improve your performance. ã  Be taken through a full debrief   of the exam, where you will be shown where the easy marks were, pitfalls to avoid, how to interpret the requirements, and how best to plan and layout your answers. ã  Have the opportunity to discuss your script on a 1:1 basis  with your tutor/marker You should come to your Question Day as if it were the real exam. At this late stage in your studies your aim must be to fine tune your exam technique and how you apply your knowledge – so come to your Question Day as prepared as possible. This is the best way to ensure success in the real exam.  
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