P613 05A Lec 08 WT Historical Perspectives (050408)

historical perspectives of well testing
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  Well Testing — Historical Perspectives PETE 613(2005A) Slide — 1 T.A. Blasingame, Texas A&M U.Department of Petroleum EngineeringTexas A&M UniversityCollege Station, TX 77843-3116+1.979.845.2292 — t-blasingame@tamu.eduPetroleum Engineering 613 Natural Gas Engineering Texas A&M UniversityLecture 08: Well Testing — Historical Perspectives  Well Testing — Historical Perspectives PETE 613(2005A) Slide — 2 Well Testing — Historical Perspectives  Origin of the Deliverability (or Backpressure) Relation  Empirical.  Used to assess open flow potential of gas wells.  Does not provide a time-dependent behavior.  Multi-Rate T   esting  Historically, VERY popular — still used quite often, especially on new wells to estimate deliverability and non-Darcy flow effects.  Keep it simple — a 4-point test is appropriate.  Isochronal testing is very difficult to implement.  Pressure Transient Analysis  Expected Results: Pressure Transient Analysis ( PTA ).  Example Data Sets: PTA and Production data.  Basic Plots: Lee Text Example 2.2 (Pressure Buildup).  Well Testing — Historical Perspectives PETE 613(2005A) Slide — 3 Well Testing — Historical PerspectivesOrigin of the Deliverability   ( or Backpressure ) Relation Origin of the Deliverability Relation  Well Testing — Historical Perspectives PETE 613(2005A) Slide — 4 Gas Well Deliverability:  The srcinal well deliverability relation was completely empiri-cal (derived from observations), and is given as:  This relationship is rigorous ( i.e., it can be derived  )  for low pres- sure gas reservoirs , ( n =1 for lami- nar flow).  From: Back-Pressure Data on Natural-Gas Wells and Their Application to Production Practices — Rawlins and Schellhardt (USBM Monograph, 1935). History of the Deliverability Equation nwf    p pC  g q )( 22 


Aug 4, 2018


Aug 4, 2018
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