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  DISSERTATION REPORT On “MARKETING SURVEY OFPARLE REGARDING SALES IN INSTITUTES”Parle biscuits !t Lt# Sub$itte# i% artial &ul&ill$e%t &'r t(e re)uire$e%t '& t(e a*ar# '& #e+ree i%MASTERS IN ,USINESS ADMINISTRATION -M,A.  Sub$itte# t'/ Sub$itte# b0/Pr'& Pita$bar D*i!e#i Pra#ee Gar+     S(ar#a U%i!ersit01 Greater N'i#aA2KNO3LEDGEMENT I thank all those people who helped me in this summer training project. First of all Iwould like to express my profound gratitude to who gave me this opportunity to dothis project. He always remained a wonderful guide and supporter throughout this project.I sincerely thank Operations who have been the constant source of guidance andencouragement.I would like to thank my institute also where I got all the knowledge and skill requiredfor this project. I also thank for his intellect stimulation moral support and constantinspiration throughout the project. !nder his guidance my project has attained the goalreality and success.In the end I wish to acknowledge my thanks to all the staff members of the arle ariwar for providing all necessary assistance when required. 2    DE2LARATION I hereby declare that the project report entitled # TRAINING 4DEVELOPMENT AT EUROT5ERM 5EMA RADIATORS LTD -AN INDOGERMAN 6OINT VENTURE. $ %ubmitted in partial fulfillment of therequirements for the degree of &asters of business 'dministration to !ttar  radesh (echnical !niversity India is my srcinal work and not submittedfor the award of any other degree fellowship or any other similar title or  pri)es. I would like to category mention that all the information that have been collected analy)ed and known for the project is entirely authentic possession of mine.  lace* +,-'(-, OI/' 0%angeeta ,ana1 /ate* ,oll o* 2345462273  3     Preface T(ese #a07s i%stitutes (a!e starte# +i!i%+ $'re stress '% t(e researc( as it is t(e i%ter&ace '& $a%a+e$e%t stu#e%t *it( t(e culture '& t(e c'r'rate *'rl# a%# it als' +i!es t(e &irst (a%# e8erie%cet' use t(e 9%'*le#+e ac)uire# b0 t(e$ T(r'u+( t(eir &acult0 i% c'r'rate *'rl# T' c'!er t(e ractical asect '& $0 c'urse1 I (a!e t' +' t' c'$lete $0 su$$er r':ect '& ; *ee9s at“Relia%ce 2'$$u%icati'%” Or+a%i<ati'% is %'t(i%+ *it('ut its (u$a% res'urce 5 R is c'%cer%e# *it(t(e =e'le7 #i$e%si'% '& t(e 'r+a%i<ati'% T(e 'r+a%i<ati'% 'b:ecti!es ca% be best attai%e# b0 ac)uiri%+ (u$a% res'urce1 #e!el'i%+ t(eir s9ills1$'ti!ate t(e$ &'r (i+( er&'r$a%ce a%# e%sure t(at t(e0 c'%ti%ue t' $ai%tai% t(eir c'$$it$e%t a%#l'0alt0 t'*ar#s t(e 'r+a%i<ati'% T(is r':ect i%clu#es #etails ab'ut 5 R I S -5u$a% Res'urce I%&'r$ati'% S0ste$. Tra#iti'%all01 5 R I S ic'%si#ere# as aut'$ate# rec'r# 9eei%+ '& e$l'0ees a%# c'$uteri<ati'% '& t(eir a0r'll 5'*e!er1 it i%'* establis(e# t(at 5R $a%a+ers *it( i%&'r$ati'% s0ste$ ca% la0 a +reater r'le be0'%# t(eia#$i%istrati!e r'le Deali%+ *it( 5u$a% Res'urce I%&'r$ati'% $a%uall0 (ar#l0 all'*s a%0 &le8ibilit0 t' 5R r'&essi'%al t'a##ress $a%a+erial issues '& 5RM Suc( $a%a+erial issues %'t '%l0 li$ite# t' 'ti$al utili<ati'% '& $a%'*er but e&&ecti!e la%%i%+1 #e!el'$e%t a%# $a%a+e$e%t 4
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