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  MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY(PART - 28)HE, ME AND SHE (2) Next day morning, I took permission of Anju's in laws to take her to visit of ourfarm house along with us. We left for farm house in our car immediately afterlunch and have planned to come ack in the evening. !y husand was driving and I was sitting on the ack seat with Anju. here wassome traffic on the road and I was little disappointed that we could not do muchsexy in the running car. #owever, I kissed Anju many a times, pumped her oos,rued her pussy from outside of her $unjai dress. !y husand was enjoying oursexy game while driving the car. We reached our farm house within half an hour. It was little warm. We entered inthe hall and rested there for some time. I suggested going to swimming pool,ehind the farm house. Anju told me that she is not having any ikini and have towear same ra and panty on way ack to home. If her inner wears get wet, she willnot e ale to wear them. I told her that I will provide her my ikini and sheagreed to this. !y husand was also not having his swimming trunk ut he decidedto swim in his underwear. I ordered the staff there to change water in the pooland we went to the first floor to change our cloths. %wimming pool is located ehind the farm house with high wall covering so that noone see from outside. he only door to swimming pool is from the hall at groundfloor which we have locked from pool side. Now, three sexy, one male and twofemales were there to play a sex game in and around the swimming pool. &n one side of the pool, near the entry, half a doen recliners was lying on whichwe were sitting and chatting. I got up from my recliner and dove into the pool. Anju followed me in and we othswam to the opposite side of the pool from him. We egan swimming ack andforth. #e too jumped in to the pool after some time.I moved my hands ehind and untied my top of ikini and threw it on the deck. Istarted to ack float letting my naked tits rise from the water. hey oth ogledover my tits as I floated. We swam around for a while just trying to let things  flow. %oon we found ourselves playing a little pool game. I started out y sneakingup ehind Anju and (uickly untied her ikini top and reaching around the front andripping it top off. Anju's huge tits were in full view now and I enjoyed every it ofit. I hugged her tight while she tried to take me under the water with her. Ipressed my naked tits against his ack. %he was enjoying pressure of my tightoos on her ack. We came out of water and I removed my ikini ottom too. NowI was completely naked, she and my husand were top less. I could see Anju graing my husand tight under the water. hey were swimmingtoward me with her tits swaying against the water. Anju tagged him just as heswam away. When Anju and he came up for air they saw me getting out of the pool.)#ey, where are you going*) #e asked. )I'm cooled off and I want some more sun.)I answered as I walked naked toward the recliner. !y hair was dripping wet andhanging tight against my ack. I turned around and faced them as Anju reachedaround her head to gather up her long hair to wring out the water. #er tits were inthe open for all of us to see. I knew that cock of my huy must have egun to gethard. %he threw her hair around her ack again and then she reached down andpulled on the ties on oth sides of her ikini ottoms and gave them a tug. In oneswift move, she peeled them off of her hips revealing her sparse, light mound. Isaw that we were watching her every move and she said, )What's the matter+ulee* on't you like the show*) )&h I don't mind at all. #mmmm, I like the viewfrom here so far.) I replied. ) hanks ut there's a good view for you in the pool too.) Anju pointed out down ofherself. #e looked at Anju and she shied a little as his eyes went down to look ather are tits.#e suddenly realised that Anju's hands gra his underwear y the leg openings andgive a hard pull. #e was purposely too slow to swim away from Anju. he more hekicked to get away from her the more his underwear pulled off of his hips. %oonenough his underwear was off left him naked. Now, oth are naked in the pool and Itoo was naked out of the pool. All of a sudden he realised Anju's arms wrap aroundhis waist from ehind him. %he (uickly wrapped her legs around his so he had nochance in hell to swim away. %he was completely under the water so there was noway he could get a good hold of her. #er hand graed his growing cock. #erfingers wrap around his shaft and then she suddenly let go and came up for air. #iscock was rock hard now. he cool water around his aching cock must have made hiscock harder. Anju looked down at the water to see his cock.  I noticed that her nipples were very hard as I watched her reath. #e slowlyreached out to cover her right nipple with the palm of his hand. Anju moved herhand and reached for his hard shaft. #e must have felt the warmth from herfingers as she wrapped them around his hot, hard, long and thick cock. %he tookher other hand and cradled his alls in the palm. I set down on my recliner with mylegs straddling each side. !y pussy was in full view to them. Neither one of us saida word. #e cupped Anju's reast with his hand. Anju egan to fondle his alls and s(ueeehis shaft. Anju looked up at him and then up to me and said, )&h god......... it's sohard........'s so lovely-) I knew that the way she said that to me was clearlyindicating her feelings eing an unsatisfied lady. he fact was that she wastouching any hard cock after a long long time. #e moved his hands down in thewater and put them on her hips and slowly moved his right hand to the front of hergroin. I could clearly see through clean water that he moved his fingers down toetween her legs. %he closed her eyes as his fingers traced ackward over herswollen pussy lips. Anju spread her legs a little. When his finger tips were past heropening he moved them forward slowly and placed his fingers so that his middlefinger slid over her opening, parting her lips with his other fingers. #is fingerswere on outside of her pussy lips. #e kept moving forward until he found her largeclit under his middle finger tip.. Anju gave a little shuttered as he touched it. )&hgod-) she moaned. )I think it's time for you two to come out of the water and get some sun.) Idemanded. Anju suddenly released his cock and swam over to the ladder of thepool. #e stood there to get my earings again efore he headed for the ladder.Anju climed the ladder to get out of the pool. I watched her naked ass and sawher pussy lips as she stepped out of the pool. Anju walked over to her reclinerpicked up a towel and egan to dry off. #e climed the ladder and headed towardhis recliner with his cock showing him the way. Anju's eyes were glued to his cock #er tits were firm even laying on her ack. !y eyes traveled past her tits to herflat tummy and then downward to her hairless crotch. #er knees were ent a littleand her legs were slightly parted. I leaned over to the tale and graed theottle of sunning oil. )I etter put some of this on you otherwise you may get anasty urn.) I suggested to Anju as she folded a towel and placed it on the deck sothat she could kneel eside me. I opened the ottle and s(ueeed a line of oil onto  Anju's skin and started just elow her neck, etween her tits and down to herelly utton. Anju s(uirmed as she felt the oil land on her skin. #er nipplesresponded to the light touch. I set the ottle on the deck and rought my hands upand placed them on her tummy and egan ruing in small circular motions.Instantly Anju's skin egan to glisten as I spread the oil all around. %oon my handsmoved up to Anju's tits and I slowly rued her large gloes and hard nipples untilthey were slick with the oil. !y husand remained seated on his recliner facing usand watching us. #is cock was still pointing to the sky. I rued Anju's tits for(uite a while until I saw that Anju's reathing started to ecome (uick and shallow.Anju rought her hands up and placed them on my oos while I rued her tits.Anju's eyes remained closed the entire time. I reached down on the deck andretrieved the ottle of oil. I driled a line from Anju's waist down her right legand then ack up over her shaved pussy and then ack down the other leg. Anjumoved her legs flat on the recliner ut they were still slightly parted. I eganruing Anju's lower legs and slowly worked her way up to her thighs. !y handswere slowly working their way etween Anju's thighs as they inched higher andhigher. I looked up at my husand and then down to his hard cock and smiled. )&h, are you feeling left out*) I teasingly asked him. %he too looked at him and sawhis hard throing cock and continued to stare at it. )No, not at all) #e said.) I am enjoying your massage on her.) )ont you like to massage her tits*) I suggested. Anju's eyes got wider. #e knelt on the deck eside Anju's recliner and reached outand graed her large tits. #e s(ueeed them and started to lightly pull on herhard nipples. Anju responded with a small gasp. #er stare returned to his cock. Ilooked up and watched as my hands reached Anju's pussy. I was closer now andcould see Anju's hard clit sticking out as her pussy lips apart. I rued oil all overthe outside of Anju's pussy.Anju's hips egan to move. #e continued to play with her tits. Anju reached outand took hold of his throing cock. I looked down as she touched the ig wet dropthat was on his cock head. %he smeared it around the head of his cock with herthum. )&h /od-) %he whispered as she arched her ack a little. I had slid a fingerinside Anju's pussy and my other hand was slowly ruing her clit. Anju removedher hand from his cock and slid her hands to ru her own tits. I egan to fingerfuck Anju with two fingers while the palm of my hand umped into Anju's clit. Ispread my own legs wider and used my left hand and egan playing with my own
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