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  MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHYPART - 54Surprise on the high! It was a beautiful evening. I was driving on the highway alone, dressed incomfortable clothes of short skirt, low cut, and body tight, top. I wasreturning after a business meeting with a buyer of farm products. (My father exports farm products mainly to Switzerland and I still help my father inmarketing. I did not meet my father!s client in the clothing which I was wearing whiledriving the car on my way back to home. I was wearing my business suit while in the meeting. ow my meeting suit was lying on the back seat of thecar, which I removed after the meeting.I pulled over on a side road rest area to freshen up and have some co#ee onthe way. I located the restaurant and I was sitting at the table there sippingmy co#ee.I could see a very attractive girl of about twenties across the table from me.She was a fresh and great looking, sexy looking girl, having blond hair, blueeyes. She was dressed in very sexy revealing clothes like me. She waswearing a short $u#y skirt, tank top, seemed a bit chunky.She was a owner of %rm and sexy tits. She gave me a few smiles when I waslooking at her. I somehow %gured that she seems a bisexual girl. &he reasonof my thinking this about her because of her obvious looks at my body,staring at my legs under the table and closer looks at my tits as I lean over or so. 'fter %nishing my co#ee, I went to the bathroom to freshen up. I could not see her at her table when I came back from bathroom. I shook my head andtook little hand bag, paid the bill and headed towards my car.hen I was about to start my car, I saw the same girl with a back pack hitch)hiking. I pulled the car closer to her and she smiled seeing me.*I am looking for a lift.* She said. I asked about her destination and coincidently it was on the same directionof my +ourney.I felt lonely anyway. I knew I could use the company which felt safe, besides,she attracted me. I decided to oblige her by giving her a lift, and why not, for a nice chat with her on the long boring road.  n my signal for her to hub in, she gladly placed her bag on the back seat and got in the car. She thanked me with a seductive wide smile on her face.She sat by my side and I drove.I could obviously see parts of her legs which were very attractive and sexy.-or a few moments there was no much talking except of some uestions andanswers, with lots of admiring looks from both of us all over each other. Shetold me that her name is /abiba and she is a &urkish 0irl. I looked at her faceagain. She was not looking like a Muslim girl from &urkey. /er complexionswere giving a impression of an open minded girl from western 1urope. Shetold me that she is working in a 2ank here. I knew that I was interested in this sexy girl. I was attracted towards her andhad no doubts she was too. I noticed this from her looks, smiles, and the way she was moving around and was trying her best to show me as much as shecould of her legs, her thighs and her tits as well.I could even see her nipples under the top she was wearing, as she wasbraless. She was acting brave by obvious $irting, and admiring my body,telling me I have sexy attractive looks.She was obviously $irting with me3 I was $irting back, as the admiring wasmutual between both of us. I told her clearly how sexy she was, and almost made it clear that I was attracted to her body looks.I believe all of that gave her the courage to start, as I felt her placing a handon my thigh smiling and saying, 4It looks so soft, does it feel as soft56 I smiled saying, 4well, your hand is on there, what you think5 4She moaned by closing her eyes and said, 4h god, soft as silk andmmmmmm6. *h56 I said in a sexy seductive voice. She looked in my eyes, giving me her sexy looks nodding her head.She said, 47es, I love what I am touching. I hope I am not o#ending you, aswe are both women6. I smiled saying, 4 o honey you are not, I like yours as well, I am bisexual by the way6.She closed her eyes bringing out a high sound of moaning saying, 4hthanks god6, but this time bringing her hand higher under my skirt rubbingmy inner thigh, almost touching my pussy.  I laughed saying 4you like that ha56 I spread my legs apart, giving her handroom to get deeper between my legs and she grabbed the %rst chancemoving her hand over my pussy./er hand was over the sheer material of my undies. She was rubbing her hand on my pussy above my panty and was smiling. I moaned a bit and shegot braver by leaning over me and said, 47ou drive safely, I will do the rest6.She placed a couple of kisses over the top part of my tits, on my barecleavage saying, 4I love this type of body6.I said, 4So do I and your body and your assets are lovely and great too6.She leaned back bringing her tits higher up front shaking them, saying, 47oulike them ha56 4I am sure, I do.6 I said and I touched her tit while driving, by extending my hand.She grabbed my hand and placed it under her loose top, placing it right over her tit. I cubed it sueezing it, pinching her nipple.She put her hand between my legs again by spreading them apart lifting my skirt all the way up. She was leaned over and placed a uick kiss on my  pussy, over my panties material which was showing wetness already.She moved my panties aside and placed her hand there. She started rubbingmy pussy as I was moaning and shaking. 2ut I noticed something kind of strange in her act, which did not bother me at %rst. 1ach time I reach to place my hand over her pussy, she tenses up andstopped me by placing my same hand over her tits, on her thighs or evenholding it and sucking on my %ngers.It was some kind of slow tra8c hour, the highway was almost empty except for few cars, and I was cruising in slow speed, on the slow right lane, whileshe was massaging my pussy and my tits in a very sexy way.She almost got me naked by lifting my skirt all the way to my waist. She pulled over my top showing my tits. She moved my panties aside showingmy fully balled pussy.She was playing and touching all over my body giving me lots of pleasure. Iwas using my free hand for rubbing her tits. I was pinching her soft lovely nipples while she kept moaning louder and louder.2y this time she had the chance to pass her tongue almost all over my body,even licked my pussy as much as she could without disturbing my driving.  -inally I was disturbed by her not letting me touch her pussy. She was tryingto use some excuses like I should concentrate on my driving and touchingher pussy would be unsafe while driving.hen I insisted and tried using force to get my hand under her tight andthick material of her panties, she was really tensed, and lost her smile. 's of a sudden, she stopped all of her movements. She took her hands back,looked at me in my eyes and said, 49ook, I know you may hate me for this, but I will be honest with you6. Shecontinued,6 I know you are bisexual and seems very open minded, but I donot know if you will accept this surprise of mines or not56 I was shocked to hear her unusual answer. I got lots of thought in my head.hat could that be5 :oes she have her period5 r what else would it be5&he moments of silence between us got me thinking deeper.She looked at me again and said 49ook, sooner or later you will %nd out. Sowhy don;t you pull the car over there, where there is an emergency parking.<sually, emergency parking on the highway is used for uick rest or $at tirechange or so. I pulled over and turned the car o# the highway and parked it in the emergency parking. &here was not any other car in the parking. My car was the alone in the parking.&hen I looked at her saying, 4now what56 She spread her legs wide a part, put her hands under the waist band of her  panties saying, 4're you ready for this56 I said 47es I am6. She pulled down her panties in one shot revealingsomething which I have never expected, even in my dreams.It was a very hard cock of around =)> inches long, fairly thick, balled, no hair.My +aw dropped down and I was speechless. She was looking at me and wasnot smiling at all. 2ut she looked afraid and guilty.She broke the silence by saying, 4Should I take my stu# and get o# your car now5 I am so sorry if I o#ended you or cheated you, in any way, while I didnot mean any of that at all. I swear6. /onestly, I admit here that I was having a fair, clear and every chance to pullmyself out from that situation. I could have avoided that encounter with alady boy if I wished the same. 'ctually, I was excited to %nd a real lady boy next to me, who was open for me and she was interested in me. Somewherein my heart, I was interested in her too. I have an open mind and a big heart for the sex in my life. I did not want to miss that fortunate opportunity in lifeby my good luck to have a sexual encounter with a sexy lady boy.
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