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  PARTNERSHIP DEED THIS DEED OF PARTNERSHIP IS MADE on this 1 st  day of October, 2014  by andbetween - 175015 . Himachal Pradesh , India  hereinafter referred to as Party of the FIRSTPART (which expression shall deem and include his heirs, executors, administrators,representatives, assigns and agents),  AND Party of the SECOND PART (which expression shall deem and include his heirs,executors, administrators, representatives, assigns), WHEREAS the above named partners have decided to start the partnership business of Trading both in India and Overseas of food grains and other food items in the nameand style of M/s Mubasher Trading Co. with effect from 1 st   day of October, 2014 on theterms and conditions hereinafter mentioned and have desired to reduce the terms andconditions into writing.  NOW THIS INDENTURE IS WITNESSETH AS FOLLOWS: 1. THAT the PARTIES referred above shall carry on the business of Trading both in Indiaand Overseas of food grains and other food items  the PARTNERSHIP FIRMunder the name and style of M/s. hereinafter referred to as the FIRM). 2. THAT the business of the PARTNERSHIP pursuant to this DEED of PARTNERSHIPshall be deemed to have commenced with effect from …1 st  day of October, 2014. 3. THAT the registered office of the firm will be situated in Jalandhar at VPO Khambra ,Tehsil ,District Jalandhar . 4. That the capital required for the business of Partnership shall be contributed time to timeby the PARTIES in such manner in all respect as may be agreed to between them andsuch capital may be paid interest as may be mutually agreed from time to time at therate of interest not exceeding 12% (Twelve Percent) per annum. 5. That all the PARTIES referred above shall be Working Partners and shall attenddiligently to the business of the Partnership and carry on the same for the greatestadvantage of the Firm. 6. That all business expenses shall be borne by the FIRM. 7. That the Profits or Losses, as the case may be, of the Partnership business shall be dividedamong the Partners as follows :-First Party : 33%Second Party : 67% 8. That the duration of the PARTNERSHIP shall be at WILL subject to Clause ‘9’ & ‘10’. 9. That any Partner may retire from Partnership after giving a notice to the other Partner (s)of not less than one month in writing and at the expiry of such notice period he shall bedeemed to have retired. 10. On the death of any partner, during the continuance of the partnership, the firm shallnot be dissolved, the surviving partners shall have the option to purchase the share ofthe deceased partner, in the partnership business and the property and goodwillthereof. The purchase price of the share of deceased partner shall be the amount atwhich such share shall stand in the last balance sheet which shall have been preparedprior to the death of the deceased or in the event of the death of either, partner beforethe preparation of the first balance sheet the sum credited to him as his share ofcapital, and interest at the rate of 12 % p.a. thereon in lieu of profit from the date of the  last preceding annual account up to the date of death of the deceased. The partner,purchasing the share of the deceased partner, shall also enter, into a covenant toindemnify the personal representatives of the deceased partner from the existing andfuture debts, obligations and liabilities of the partnership. 11. Upon mutual understanding, each Partner or his duly authorized agent shall have freeaccess to the books of accounts of the Partnership and shall be entitled to take copies orextracts from any or all such books and records of the Partnership Business. 12. That no Partner shall have the right to sell, mortgage or transfer his share of interest inthe FIRM to any one else except to his heir or heirs or any one of the existing Partnersor to their heir (s). In the event of heir (s) selling his/her share to any one else, theexisting Partners shall have a right or pre-emotion in respect of such share (s) sold. 13. That the Partners shall keep or cause to be kept the books of account of the FIRM at theprincipal places of its business and make all entries therein, and that all such books ofaccount kept shall be closed on 31 st  March every year or in the case of any necessity onany other date as the Partners may mutually decide. 14. That no Partner shall do any act or thing whereby FIRM or the FIRM property maybe prejudicially effected. 15. That the terms of the Partnership Deed may be altered, added to or cancelled by thewritten consent of the Parties to this DEED. 16. That the partners can open the bank account of the firm, in any bank and bank accountshall be operated by the partners jointly or individually, as the case may be. 17. That the partners shall not take any loan from any person/Financing Company,bank or any other Govt./Pvt. Department in any case, in the name of the FIRMwithout the written consent of each other. 17.That in the case of any dispute arising out of this DEED between the Parties of thisDEED, it shall be decided by Arbitration as provided for under the Indian Arbitration Act.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Parties hereto have set and subscribed their respectivehands to these presents the day, month and year first written above. WITNESSES : 1. ( Party of the First Part )2. ( Party of the Second Part )
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