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  PASSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM VB Projects Wednesday, 21 January 2015 0 comments ABSTRACT:  The main aim of the project is to design innovative software, which deals with the passport authority management. The motto of the project is to simplify the jo of the administrative people and to render a user!friendly pac age. The system provides information regarding the passport application and its status #en$uiry%. The tedious  jos such as verifying all the records of the applicant, confirming that allthe personal details are furnished, sumission of emigration chec documents, passing of police en$uiry, positive report from the previous applied section, etc., are done in the most convenient way to the administrator. &lso security is eing provided in the most proficient way.&ll the intermediate stages starting from receiving of the application form to revealing the passport numer along with the dispatch of the  passport are eing dealt . The passport management system project is developed in v as front end and ms access as ac end. This project is developed to manage the  passport applications, passport renewals, complaints, processing and issue of passports. This project has main login system. The administrator will enter the username and password to login to the system. if the username and password are correct, it will open the ne't form. (f the entered details are not correct, it will show the error message.The memer)s passport applications will e entered y the administrator.The administrator will chec entered details and accept or reject the application. The status can e viewed y the administrator.The memers can ma e complaint to the administrator through complaint form. The administrator can view all complaints process the solution. The memers renewal application to the administrator through the renew application portal. The administrator can renew or reject the renewal re$uest. The status of the renewal updated in the dataase. PASSPORT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMPROBLEMS WITH EXISTING SYSTEM * +ac of security of data.  * ore man power.* Time consuming.* -onsumes large volume of pare wor .* eeds manual calculations.* o direct role for the higher officials.* /amage of machines due to lac of attention.To avoid all these limitations and ma e the wor ing more accurately the system needs to e computeried. PROPOSED SYSTEM The aim of proposed system is to develop a system of improved facilities. The proposed system can overcome all the limitations of the e'isting system. The system provides proper security and reduces the manual wor . ADVANTAGES OF THE PROPOSED SYSTEM The system is very simple in design and to implement. The system re$uires very low system resources and the system will wor in almost all configurations. (t has got following features* ecurity of data.* nsure data accuracy)s.* 3roper control of the higher officials.* 4educe the damages of the machines.* inimie manual data entry.* inimum time needed for the various processing.* reater efficiency.* 6etter service.* 7ser friendliness and interactive.* inimum time re$uired. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONHARDWARE SPECIFICATION PROCESSOR: -+4893T(7 2:: ;<4& =:2 6 ;&4/ /(> =2.16?+833@ /4(A = 1.BB 6  SOFTWARE SPECIFICATION 834&T( @T = (-488?T W(/8W (++(76&-> / =  &-- C.0?48T / =A(7&+ 6&(- D.04384T = /&T& 4384T Cateor!es = v projects 2 O ject!#e: The ideal structure of online passport registration provides security to the passports to e registered where in we canfill all the details in an efficient and easy manner. & passport is a document, issued y a national overnment. Thiscertifies, for the purpose of international travel, the identity and nationality of its holder. The lements of identityare name, date!of!irth, se' and place of irth most often, most often nationality and citienship are congruent. & passport does not of itself entitle the passport holder entry into another country, nor to consular protection whilearoad or any other privileges it does. ;owever normally entitle the passport holder to return to his country thatissued the passport. 4ights to consular protection arise from international agreements, and the right to return arisesfrom the laws of issuing country. &n individual can register for a passport irrespective of his9her age. Theregistration of passport is a major step for issuing of a passport. (t is system or process in which an individual has to provide e'act details of his 9her personal information and residential information. 3roper registration of a passport isvery vital as all the detail filled y the individual are depicted on the passport that is issued. Scope:The system provides the online interface to the user where we can fill their form and personal detailwith necessary proof.The authority concerned with the issue of passport can use this system to reduce is workload and process it speedy manner.It provides communication platform between administrator and applicant.To transfer the data between passport authority and local police verifying the applicant’s information.3.Proect description:!y proect title is passport automation system. In this proect we can develop the modules such as login# fill the form with necessary proof# verifying the applicant’s information# validity checking and issue the passport for that particular applicant.In this login module# we can perform that that perform that enters into the login website for the different actors# and then fill for the can be done by the primary and verification# validation checkingand issuing the passport can be done for the supporting actor.  $.%e&uirements:'(unctional re&uirements:It is defined as how the should react in the particular input and how the system should react in the particular situations and what the system do not do.In my proect# login as functional re&uirement. In that functional re&uirement we may check the username and password is correct or not. )fter checking entity of login# we can show the detail based on the type of actor.  )nalysis:In this place# the proect re&uirement is analy*ed and availability of re&uirement is seen.  +esign:Proect manager makes the design of the proect.  Implementation:The construction of proect is done and coding is developed.  !aintenance:In this the software maintenance and the ways to avoid the draw back of software is made.',on-(unctional re&uirements:This system can load at the speed of .$/0*-3.1/0*.!emory $/2 %)!Transferring data speed  !bps in time.It is high portability# reliability# accepting failure rates and user friendly.  0ardware re&uirements:Processor: Pentium 4I50ard drive: 3 /2%)!: $/2+5+-+rive: 6  Software re&uirements:7perating system: 8indows 9P(ront-end: %ational %ose nterprise dition2ack-end: 7racle ;i .!odule description:In this proect consists of modules# namely# login# fill the form# verifying applicant details# validity check.  <ogin:In this module# we can perform operation such as enter the user name and password. If the user name and password is correct then it can be entered into the specific web page. 7therwise re-enter the user name and password at the particular time’s only.  (ill the application:8hen we are go to fill the application form before you can tell either apply for new passport or renewal the old passport. 8e can fill the application form with corresponding I+ proof and address proof and then submit the form.  5erification of the form:)fter submission of the form# to the responsible authority are verified that given information is true or not and they are forwarded to local police. <ocal police en&uiry that corresponding information is true or not. )fter collecting the information it will forwarded to higher authority.  5alidation checking:8hen the customer# go to apply for the airline ticket. The passport must be checked if it is valid or not. very passport as valid up to years only. The applicant’s must renewal the passport for every five years.  Issue the passport:

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Apr 16, 2018
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