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pastel painting demo
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  Pastel Painting Demo Step by Step 37   6   1   1   1  Filed under  Landscape/Plein Air - Pastels    About Christine Kane Christine Kane is a pastel and watercolor artist who is inspired by the Midwest landscape and it’s seasons. To find new ideas for her paintings, she hikes in the forest preserves during all seasons. Christine began drawing at an early age. She focused her education on art and has a degree in Graphic Design. She is continuing her studies and is currently pursuing a degree in Natural Resources. Translating weather is also evident in her work. “Weather makes a landscape painting come to life. How I love to show leaves blowing in the Autumn time, snow falling in winter, or a beautiful thunderstorm approaching in my summer paintings.”   Christine finds God’s handwork in all aspects of nature and tries to translate her awe and reverence in her artwork. Never disappointed, she relies on His creation for inspiration. To learn more about Christine and to view more of her work, please visit her site by following the link below:   ==>   Chris tine’s work can be viewed at the  LaGrange Art Gallery   Let’s Paint Winter Grasses!   Pastel Painting Demo by Christine Kane There’s something wonderful about winter grasses. Could it be that bright warm golden glow? Could it be the way they sound bending in the wind? Could it be the way they poke out of the snow? Yes,  all of these above make winter grasses so special. This picture was taken on a hike last winter in Spears Woods. Let’s get going and paint winter grasses in pastels with a watercolor underwash.   Step 1:  I am using an 8×10 Ampersand Pastelbord. Take a charcoal pencil and make a quick sketch. Step 2 : Turn the board upside-down. We are going to paint the background with watercolors and we want the colors to blend. Gravity is going to pull the paint down, so use the lightest color first. Starting with the horizon line, paint manganese blue. In the middle paint with french ultramarine and at the bottom paint a mauve color.    Step 3: While the board is still wet, paint the distant trees by mixing burnt umber and french ultramarine blue watercolor paints. Start at the horizon line and paint downward making flicking stoke s at the end. Don’t paint straight across, make a scalloped edge to represent various tree sizes. Dry the board with a hair dryer. Step 4:  After the board is dry turn it right side up. Now paint the bottom. I like to add color under my snow, so I used some blue on my palette and also alizarin crimson. Where the patches of grass will be, take your background tree color and paint spots in the snow. We are done with watercolors. Moving on to pastels….      Step 5:  POW POW POW! Look how the pastel color almost jumps off the page! Awesome! I am using Rembrandt pastels; take a dark sky blue and start at the top. Don’t cover every little inch, let some of the purple watercolor wash show through. In the middle of the sky use a medium sky blue pastel and closer to the horizon, use a very light sky blue. Where the sky touches the top of the distant trees, go in and out, suggesting some branches. Step 6: Now, I could have stopped at just a blue sky (the easy way out), but my picture has terrific altocumulus clouds and those clouds typically mean changing weather within a day and I want to capture that! Altocumulus clouds are not the easiest thing in the world to paint, but is easy going to move you up to the next level? Is easy going to challenge you? Will it make you a stronger artist? No way, it will not. We will always move forward no matter what challenges we face. We will not slide backwards. If we fail, we will learn what not to do next time and because we learned something, we can not fail. Do you see!?! You can not fail.
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